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Kittens analyze the windshield of my camper van project. They found it impenetrable. Both safe and effective! Not to mention diverse and inclusive.....

Title says all

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Jeff here's what your site is doing, sure seems like your being fugged with!

Noisy hail

Aftermath of tornado I didn't even know hit until 20 minutes after from neighbor texting me. LOVIN my generator!

A tornado went by at 8:40 and I had NO clue. Trust in GOD works.

Iowa/Missouri line storms, Tornado warning for my local currently.

Homemade rocket stove. Have you thought about cooking and emergency off grid heat. What if it goes off tomorrow?

Tuesday March 5th

Working on the ECONOTANK today

Kisses looking healthy and well again after her second rehab from abusive neighbors who stole her after dumping her in the first place.

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The world is a scam and here I show the difference between fake Ford parts and sad knock offs that will leave you stranded when you need the

Lil of our skies NOT getting sprayed. Some views of my critters as well as my ramblings. Forgive the finger for a few minutes.

2nd blizzard in 4 days! Can you smell. What the global boiling is cooking?

2nd blizzard in 4 days! Can you smell what the global boiling is cooking?

As the video explains I can use my laptop and tablet just fine with no issues on anyone else's WiFi/hotspot. The problem has to lie in my phones settings. I am out of patience for this. Please help if you can!

We look for one thing to blame and focus on but in a transmission there are many gears, valves, and bits that make the transmission of power work well. This is satans kingdom. These cogs are used to control you and to divide the attention of the masses. satans devices are ALWAYS multi purpose! Ask GOD to lead you and NEVER forget this is satans kingdom- his rules, his plan, and his story.

Kisses is the roof ornament

My thoughts on blackpilledham video my poor boy how dare you

Without typing a novela here. In my 1931 Funk&Wagnals encyclopedia the Palestinians are a primary nation that formed the whole of Semites. Of this list of nations making up Semitic peoples jews were not listed. Jews were only listed toward the end as a group adopting the Semitic language much much later. So don't be anti Semitic The truthes are out there. They won't be found on mainstream! Beware they synagogue of Satan. Those who say they are jews but are not. Jesus was a jew in the meaning of G2453 belonging to Jehudah, udaeans.

Video says it all.....

No need for description......

No one rich, powerful, or influential will ever serve the LORD GOD in any way or much present more than a false facade of righteousness. Stop seeking earthly heroes and looking for a "good" master. You will never find one. Everything here in satans disgusting kingdom is put in front of you to pick from. There is no true organic choices offered. Seek the king of kings while you can. Enjoy the shit show everyone!


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Just a man trapped in satans kingdom doing his thing while waiting on the LORD GOD and seeking the leading of the Spirit.