listen carefully, he has to keep on reinforcing the idea they are "reallt" on Mars (dont be deceived it looks just like Devon Island, in Canada)

evil Google

You cannot have blue light without atmosphere

No other country has successfully landed on mars, not even a probe, never mind a car.

The New Church is here


sped up version


Mass depopulation 2025


If you think this is real the Left control you via emotion

Communist/Jesuit preplanned bio weapon

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Very important, please share.

Video "OPUS 168 Boris Badenov Johnson" explains that the CIA gains "intelligence operatives" at the World Bank. So Johnson went from Oxford spy to CIA spy.
Boris, Gates and Schwab are all from the same tribe.

If they love depopulation so much, then they should lead by example.

The vaccine making our bodies overreact will be called the more deadly new strain.
This is how they killed the young with Spanish flu to stop them from rising up and overthrowing the political class after WW1.

The vaccine also killing elderly in Germany

Very important and rare info.
My father was head of security for the pope's first overseas visit since the assassination attempt. The 1982 uk visit. This video is an introduction to what I need to tell you next.

The MSM is running a depopulation agenda via deception

then forever

cause and effect error

The Oxford boys want to save the next generation from religious extremism, the Eton and Yale boys fake the religious extremism/terror attacks.

The world just needs saving from them.

More here -

The volunteers reported: World they killed God i can’t feel God anymore my soul is dead‼️

Globalist politicians prefer and admire Chinese authoritarianism.
Resist now or it is too late!

The Great Reset is a Bolshevik Communist totalitarian dystopian nightmare.

An important compilation by R Brown. Please share. Watch to end.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud
Request for expedited federal investigation into scientific fraud in COVID‑19 public health policies
The CCP's Global Lockdown Fraud
The CCP's Global Lockdown Fraud
Jan 10·69 min read

Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20535
U.K. Security Service (MI5);
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation;
Canadian Security Intelligence Service;
U.S. Department of Justice
Michael P. Senger, Attorney
Stacey A. Rudin, Attorney
Dr. Clare Craig, FRCPath
Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding
Randy Hillier, MPP Lanark, Frontenac & Kingston
Francis Hoar, Barrister at Law
Sanjeev Sabhlok, PhD
Brian O’Shea
Maajid Nawaz
Simon Dolan
This open letter is available for download in PDF format at Scribd.

Full letter here -

The Left taking the piss



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This was banned from youtube but i have no idea why. Everything that is happening now is scripted and planned, if you bite then you are playing into their hands. Covid 19 is a hoax.