There it is


The Shadow Master in action


Put speed to 2x for realistic Zed combat play

The Shadow Master VS The Hand of Noxus

Sea of Thieves

The Crusaders were good people

Ave Maria

Deus Vult

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP Game Tribute

In the previous chads-video Millenialthinker showed us what happened with atheist "chads".

In this video we will show you what happens with Catholics = Chads = Chatholics.


How Vladimir Putin was changing by 20 years of Power on videos

Channel updated: Russian_Hitman

PUTIN: From Agent To President. VERY RARE Videos and Photos.

Channel now: Russian_Hitman

30 year old boomers at the gym

For The Motherland


From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin

Tony Montana Tribute (Scarface)

SCARFACE TRIBUTE ( Push It To The Limit)


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