Taking a look at and shooting the Walther PPS 9mm

Paul Laup 3rd prize
Chase Knot 2nd prize
Qdog1911 1st prize

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3rd prize Qdog1911
2nd prize DMN
1st prize Steve Roborts

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3rd prize: camo pouch and SACo. facewrap
2nd prize: camo pouch, SACo facewrap, and paracord bracelet
1st Prize: Phaze5 ambi battle latch AR15 charging handle

Basic tips for beginners and those who struggle with adjusting iron sights and finding zero on a gun

Youtube to start banning gun channels

Having a simple basic discussion on bullets

Taking a look at and shooting the Beretta 92SB

Junior is back talking about the problem with kids today and hippie parents.

Quick discussion on if your gun is a POS. Customer loyalty, Gun reviews, and Gun forums will be just some of the highlights.

Discussing some gun movie myths and facts

Are 22's good for self defense? Do they have penetrating power?

Saying sorry to a subscriber on the 100 GAW


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