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Christmas comes early in Appalachia: The Santa Train runs in two weeks..,

Both this album and (harvest) were recorded in the barn at Neil's ranch in Laurel Canyon in the summer of 1970; and featured a number of uncredited players who were hanging out in the canyon: James Taylor, David Crosby etc.

A masterpiece only Norman and his 1933 Martin.
Flying Fish number 004; extremely rare.

The whirling sound i think is an owl. The opening shot is the breaks interstate park. The recent award makes this the only old growth forest in the western half of the state, one of only five private owned in the commonwealth.

This is a temporary solution until I can find some movable fencing. Neither one will protect them from hawks, but you can never eliminate all threats. It was nice when I could have them follow me around the yard, and they sure did help reduce the ticks next year I will have some guineas. It will serve that purpose, and hopefully develop some type of system to let them free range with a little bit more security.
They were fine for a year but about a month ago they started disappearing during the daytime without a trace. I don't know what the predator is- probably a wolf or fox - what else could haul off fully grown birds- I believe it was a hawk that got the little ones.

A better view of the remaining gardens and the solar system. The flower beds are gladiolus, irises, red hot pokers, day lilies, sweet peas, tiger lilies, rock lilies, daffodils, and the Star of Persia.

One of the first videos I posted and one of the most watched it is of a 17 year old cat drinking eggnog so don't fault me for posting a video of my precious little Jerry playing with a piece of fabric. I know the Internet is flooded with videos of adorable, cats and kittens. I'm not playing to stereotype. I just thought it was hilarious.

We lost Jesse McReynolds just a few days ago at the age of 93. They grew up about 12 miles north of where I'm sitting at my family had a lot of respect for them.

I actually just sat down and picked up the guitar for the first time in over a month and recorded this for a friend of mine, who needs inspiration, because he is a better guitarist than I am, and I wanted to inspire him to play something - I played an Am chord and this was the first song that came to mind..


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I like to experiment with culinary arts and play rare vintaginstruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly- unfortunately living off the grid most of those things are not available to me anymore. They just don't seem to like alternative power sources-I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, folklore. traditional lifeways, and a host of other lost traditions. I plant by the signs that my grandparents used. I was once a certified organic farmer. I recently moved back to the 225 year old family farm. Not surprisingly, I've been met with quite a bit of opposition from people who are genetically related to me, but have an alternative version of history. I think they tend to be members of the republican party, but I could be mistaken.
I support Robert F Kennedy Junior for president. He's probably the only person who could unite the country again and restore some type of dignity and respect for traditions and opinions. I apologize to anybody that I offend by these videos that are actual pictures of my life here on the mountain I thought it might entertain some people or bring some people a feeling of being back home again, evidently it just pisses people off so it is what it is