Very Very Old Song in G minor.

I have a bunch of stuff outside just starting to come up-runner beans, fava beans, beets, swiss chard, mustard, radishes,lettuces, carrots, garlic, leeks, broccoli, kohlrabi, salsify, etc. Naked Ladies, Iris, Day Lillies, Daffodills and Cloleus blooming.


From their 3rd album Hazel & Alice (1973) on the '59 Magnovox thru the '59 Motorola ext cabinet. You can hear Hazel's beautiful guitar picking better on this earlier faster version.

Peter Rowan, the genius wrote this song; is playing a 1941 Martin D-18;. Acc. by David Grisman on a Gilcrest Mandolin; Jerry Garcia on a 1927 Gibson Mastertone; John Khan on a 18th cent. Double Bass; Vassar on his signature carved Fiddle....History.....

Jerry Garcia-Banjo/vocals, David Grisman-Mandolin/Vocals, Peter Rowan-Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar, Vassar Clemments-Fiddle, John Khan-Bass/Vocals.
The quintessential Most Popular Bluegrass Album ever recorded-Period. 1/3 Autographed by Peter rowan.....

The Dreadful Snakes included actress/singer Phyllis Boyans, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglass, among others. This album was released in 1982, but I believe this recording dates from '76 - 79'. There used to be a b&w video of them singing together circa 1979. I have the Dreadful Snakes lone album as well as Phyllis's one solo album both from 1983 with the Dreadful Snakes backing her up. Also Coal Mining Women and Harlan County USA soundtrack they all appeared on. I will upload them once I dig them out of the archives.

Marty Stuart currently owns Clarence's 1953 Telecaster w/ the Gene Parsons' B-Bender Mod.

The 53' Telecaster w/ B-Bender at it's best. Short lived Country-Rock group included Gib Guardieau, Willie Moore, Clarence White, Gene Parsons.

Acuff-Rose Publishing and LHI Records credits

Filled with Onions, Italian Sausage, Goat Cheese, Thyme, Oregano, Curry Powder, Bird's Eye Hot Sauce, topped with Cherry Tomatoes and Bread Crumbs.

This one has a lot more yeast in the pastry. It is stuffed with poblano peppers, portabella & shitake mushrooms, onions, heirloom yellow bell tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated Blue Cheese-stuffed Sicilian olives, Roasted-Red Peppers, bacon, pepperoni, provelone and queso cheeses. A little basil pesto inside too.
Mated with homemade (6 - Hour) marinara sauce.

From Harry Smith's Anthology Vol. 4. What can I say? It's the guy that sold his soul to the Devil at The Crossroads in 1938.........Eric Clapton only spent 4 decades trying to figure out how to get that sound and finally released an album of Robert Johnson songs.

From Harry Smith's Anthology Vol.3. One of the Blues Guitar Giants - Crank the volume!!! Only six known copies of the single exist. Thankfully Harry Smith got hold of one in the 1950's from Joe Bussard!

I am only missing mint. It hasn't sprouted yet. Once it does it takes over half the lettuce bed. Otherwise all seasonings are on point. Served with Tabouleh variation #3 w/ hummus and roasted red pepper in addition to the usual cucumber, parsley, tomato, onion, bulgar, lemon juice, and olive oil.


I will upload the fish and vegetables later. This is the marinade/rub I use. Very Hot!

also Clint Howard and Fred price. FA2355

Old Time Music At Clarence Ashley's Vol. 1. Folkways 2355

According to the late Pete Seeger, this is actually the melody from a Polish folk song which Dave reworked into a labor protest song shortly after the disaster at Coal Creek, Tn., the largest casualty mine explosion in US history.

From harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music Vol. 3

The only musician playing here is Uncle Dave. All the sound effects are created by him. Recorded at War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, Tn. 1925.

A remake of his masterpiece from 1927. Also known as jack of Diamonds, Rye Whiskey, The lover's Farewell, this ballad goes back 500+ years....

From Old Time Music at Clarence Ashley's Vol 1 (FA 2355) Clarence - Vocal; Doc - Guitar
sorry for the upside down


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Some say I live in a pre-1960 museum. I like to cook and play rare vintage records, and instruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly. I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, and a host of other lost traditions. I hope you learn something useful or just enjoy watching an autistic person go about their daily routines in their living museum.