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An excerpt from the sermon, " We are too busy, we have too much, and we are too late." Delivered at the historic Buffalo Community Church in Carfax, Va. Feb. 2021.

I'm not a big fan of pork beyond bacon, but this is really good, almost better than beef fillet in many respects.

Reupload of the official song of the bluegrass state - since the 2 year old video won't play anymore...

Alton Dellmoore : Lead Vocal & Guitar
Grandpa Jones : Tenor Vocal
Ravon Dellmoore : Tenor Harmony and 4-string Tenor Guitar
Merle Travis : Baritone Vocal

Since the most popular video on my channel no longer plays! This was the first and second single recorded by the singing brakeman August 11, 1927 at an old hat factory on the Tennessee side of State Street in Bristol Tennessee by Ralph Peer, A talent scout and producer for Victor records. It became the first platinum record in US history selling over 1 1/2 million copies in less than six months after being released in early 1928...

The last time we had snow like this was when the Russians fired up the "Woodpecker" in 1983.

Learned this one from the National Treasure; Lee Sexton about 17 years ago.

It takes several hours but it is worth it. A traditional "Depression Era" Poor-Man's Meal. A cheap cut of pork with minimal basic ingredients that will feed you for several days. Music is Pet Sounds (1966) and All Things Must Pass(1970).

The earliest mention of this song is a 1917 newspaper article from a fishing village in Massachusetts.

Recorded in Camden New Jersey, Winter 1929.

I will repaint it tomorrow. I haven't used it in five or six years. I have several other unique parlor stoves all made in Tennessee :

Bought a 2nd copy - unopened in mint condition this time:)

I got the tensioner figured out, and oiled the machine, and played with some of the adjustments. The hard part is getting used to the foot pedal.

I think I have it almost hooked up right though the tensioner is a little out of whack(I fixed it in the second video-which is in typical bitchute limbo), and the leather belt is a bit loose and it needs oiling but it still works if you can figure out how to operate it properly.I will oil her up and use her tomorrow when its daylight so you can see a better view. I need to patch some of her quilts and some of my jeans.

Fifth try in five hours...who knows maybe it will publish this time?


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Some say I live in a museum. I suppose that is true, but unlike most museums-everything works! I like to experiment with culinary arts and play rare vintage records, and instruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly. I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, folklore. traditional lifeways, and a host of other lost traditions. I plant by the signs that my grandparents used. I was once a certified organic farmer. I hope you learn something useful or just enjoy watching an autistic person go about their daily routines in their living museum. In another life I was a post-graduate level educator. In another life before that I was a consultant for historic preservation, In another life before that I was an ethnomusicologist and folklorist collecting regional banjo, fiddle tunes and unaccompanied ballads that my ancestors knew. I had the priviledge of studying under the late Dr. Charles K. Wolfe, renowned music historian & Folklorist. I hold degrees in Philosophy with minors in Anthropology & Classical History and Graduate and Post-Graduate degrees in Educational Leadership & Curriculum Instruction with minors in History & Content Literacy.