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Music by Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Matt Guitar' Murphy, & Booker T. A.K.A. "Green Onions" by Booker T. & The MG's 1965. All Inductees of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame You might know them better as the Blues Brothers' Rythmn & Blues Review ...
,,,Here for one night only at the Pallace Ballroom..."

Traditional Italian dish with just five ingredients.
Peter Rowan’s new album in background “The Light in Carter Stanley’s Eyes” (2018)

Featuring Ringo's "Beaucoups of Blues" (1970;) and RHCP
Californication (2005.)
This is perhaps one of the most ambitious recipes and if taken to the level of Escoffier would be an all day event. I however opted for a more simplistic approach relying on English (French born and trained) Marco Pierre White who is so arrogant he returned his Michelin Stars. The wilted watercress is from Julia’s Art of French Cooking edition 2. Her preparation and original recipe is a bit too haphazard for me so I went with Marco’s variation.

My elders taught me how to cook with cheap ingredients, in the classic traditional way. i've added to their recipies and techniques over time but always come back to them, as in this elaborate, yet "simplified" version of the french classic; I point out that neither julia nor Marco know how to make a proper "gravy" and revert back to my Irish Grandma's way. (..add flour, butter and milk to make a "roux")...just a thought about this five hour event condensed into half an hour....


"The Voice With A Heart", aka. Mack Wiseman entertained audiences wide and far on televison, radio, and in person for more than 80 years. An original member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys (1947-54), a member of both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, was born in 1925, and began performing on radio in the early 1940's. His last album was released in 2019. I have uploaded several of his 78 rom singles from the early 50's and an album he recorded in 1978 on this channel if you feel like scrolling that far.

Recorded by Laws (N42) and numerous other folk song collectors on both sides of the ocean this 200 year old ballad is one I have always treasured very much. The new addition to the household, "Lucky Luciano" provides additional entertainment at the 6:00 minute mark.

Vintage Banjo autographed by the late Mike Seeger & Dr. Ralph Stanley

This is a 'Longwall' mine which is entirely different from a 'block & pillar' mine. Basically there is a 'movable machine' that consists of a bi-directional continuous mining apparattus with linked system of supporting ajustsble jackstandsl which can remove an entire block of coal the size of a football field. Unlike a traditional block and pillar mine, in a longwall there is nothing left to support the roof, which is allowed to collapse after the machine advances. These mines are responsible for what the industry calls "subsidence", where soils, streams, and buildings above ground collapse as a result, and naturally the company has no liability for the destruction.
Footage is extremely rare; courtesy of my cousin, a union man who provided it for a documentary about the collapse of the United Mine Workers I made in 2005. not long after this was filmed, an expolsion occurred killing the first female miner in history. During the entire time the mine was open it averaged at least one fatality per year according to the Washington Post. The mine would briefly reopen before exploding a second time and being scuttled forever....if this was a 'union mine' where conditions were 'good' I can only imagine what the 'other' mines must have been like.

Shady Grove credits: Marion Sexton - Cumberland Mountain Sawmill Tuning FDGCD, Bascolmb Lamar Lansford credits for Red Wing/Mole in the Ground (1927). Both in Open C Tuning.

(He is playing a 1927 Gibson Mastertone ( same model as Uncle Dave Macon) with a 1950 head and resonator.)
Lee’s infamous cousin Roscoe recorded this for John Cohen in 1963. On the Grand Old Opry back in its heyday they were sponsored by Martha White Self-Rising Flour, and Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs perfomed this commercial hundreds of times. Lee first began playing professionally on radio in 1941, and had grown up listening to his heroes on the opry as well as learning from his realatives such as his famous uncle Morgan Sexton ( A documentary film was made about him by Apple shop Inc.)

The last place that still (as recently as 2016) performed the historic dance from the 18th century on a bi-monthly basis. You may recognize some members of the band.

Playing a 1926 Belmont with cat skin head.


Lita like my grandmother and AP Carter were eye witnesses to the "Cyclone of Rye Cove", the only F-5 tornado to ever land in Virginia - that hit the school house killing Teacher Polly Carter and 29 children May 2nd, 1929. A.P. wrote a ballad to memorialize the event on a napkin that became a gold record in 1929.

An ancient tune from the Shenandoah Sacred Harp.

An ancient tune from the Shenandoah Sacred Harp. Recorded by Sara Olgan Gunning in 1936.Filmed at the ancient cemetary on Dingus Bluff near Dungannon, Virginia in 2004; where rest Nancy McConnel & Phillip Dingus (1774-1830) their parents, and 21 other souls marked only by ancient stones, and a recent marker placed in 2001; who first settled the clinch river valley around 1803 after the Indian War (1793-1801) was concluded.

the lady that taught me the Sacred Harp, my dear cousin Lita Faye at 79 years old.


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Some say I live in a museum. I suppose that is true, but unlike most museums-everything works! I like to experiment with culinary arts and play rare vintage records, and instruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly. I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, folklore. traditional lifeways, and a host of other lost traditions. I plant by the signs that my grandparents used. I was once a certified organic farmer. I hope you learn something useful or just enjoy watching an autistic person go about their daily routines in their living museum. In another life I was a post-graduate level educator. In another life before that I was a consultant for historic preservation, In another life before that I was an ethnomusicologist and folklorist collecting regional banjo, fiddle tunes and unaccompanied ballads that my ancestors knew. I hold degrees in Philosophy with minors in Anthropology & Classical History and Graduate and Post-Graduate degrees in Educational Leadership & Curriculum Instruction with minors in History & Content Literacy.