Almost the same recipe as in the movie/tv show "CHEF" featuring John Favreau. If only I had some orange juice and John Leguizimo to do the rub.... ( I later decided it was a bit dry so I added 2 cups of beef stock and braised it some more). It was so tender and tasty- I'll be making sandwiches from it for several days.....

I've shown them several times as a side dish but never explained how I do them so here's that. I am serving them with a marinated Mexican flank steak, Foul Mandamas (Kurdish fava beans)and house salad with French dijion dressing later tonight.

Another take on the French Tomato Tart- instead of a pie its more like a pizza or calzone.

it is best served over a bed of chiffonaided spinach.

Tried to follow Gordon Ramsay the first try but it produced a raw interior.(he just sears it and bastes it) ...I followed the Escoffier recipe for a second try, still using Gordon's method for the first few steps. ( It is not a simple one or for amateurs -it's a $25 piece of meat....so take great care.) It needs to be poached in beef stock after browning (I also marinated it briefly) and heated in a very hot oven to get it done. It tastes amazing, and it is a bit tricky to get the temp right so have fun!

Served with Pico de Gallo, Sour Crème, Lettuce, Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions, and Roasted Corn.

I made a few modifications to suit what I had on hand. A cheap cut of meat done in the French style with great results.

I've been watching this fruit grow from seed I planted in March. Oh Baby, this is the most tasty squash gifted to us by the First Nations People of Massachusetts over 240 years ago!

He actually learned it from Sam Chaptman who recorded it in 1929 for Paramount records.

I should've used coconut milk for the eggplant. The "Scalloped Oysters are tasty though...mmm

The old 1940's r/p started dragging but I will fix it otherwise I used all the right spices this time. It tastes good, but it smells incredible:). Last time I didn't have any mint growing. Now I have several types and I just happened to get a jar of rose petal water recently from my mother so why not try a Persian Lamb again?

I added pictures since the camera cuts off most fruits while I am videoing.

Apple Mint, 1 AnteBellum Red Tomato, 1 Lemon Cuke, 2 Sicilian Olives, 1/8th White Onion, 1 Tblsp Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, Sea salt, Black pepper.

Amazing how he can sleep through my rattling the ole '88...I know I messed up the words a bit.. I hope you guys appreciate how difficult it is to play with both hands and feet and sing at the same time-I'm just having fun. Nothing else.

If the characteristic buzzing on the 'D' run sounds familiar-it's because the original song was recorded with this exact model of guitar made of Spruce and Maple. In fact it was Bob Dylan's guitar that George Harrison had borrowed for this recording session in early 1968. Mine isn't that old but still replicates the distinctive buzz on the 'D' run of one of my favorite Beatles songs.

Look at the playlists or scroll down for the tabbouleh recipe.

AKA "The Voice with a Heart" Mack Wiseman had a career that spanned eight decades. R.I.P. (March 23,1925-Feb 24 2019).

Merle's slide guitar on this record is astounding.


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