I had to cut the c-clips out with a dremmel tool, if that weren't enough, I couldn't get the dummy gears out so I just removed the entire thing so I can finish it on a bench.

I don't know why the stupid 'smart phone' turns videos upside down sometimes for no reason. If you are watching it on a pc it may be annoying, but if you switch to your phone you can turn it over right.....

The oldest HBCU in the USA. Over 100 Years ago...


I had the privilege to live in the pictured 1790 log house covered in chestnut battons for three and a half years. It was the best time of my life. Picture is circa 1860. House is now a rock quarry to feed a 'hybrid-coal powerplant' located 300' from the largest high school in the county. But hey it created some temporary jobs outsourced out of state so it was a boon to the region right?.....I offered to buy the property for twice its appraisal but the owners opted for a quick cash payment for half. I hope they enjoy their time rotting in Hell.

The Carter Family recorded a cover of this song in 1929 with slightly different lyrics which is now a Bluegrass standard - "Cannonball Blues".

So rare it's not listed in the anthology of his recordings....according to the serial number it shouldn't exist-may be his last or one of his last recordings....

One of the many hits of Charlie Poole who was the first to join the "27 Club" drinking himself to death in 1929 - having sold over 1,500,000 records.....outselling every artist of the time except Pop' Earnest Stoneman. Four years before Earl Scruggs was born, Charlie had invented a new way to play banjo - with three fingers and metal finger picks....

A cover of Charlie Poole's hit from 1926. EG++ Very Rare.

Drop Thumb & Clawhammer

I was watching MasterChef Canada while cooking and was shocked none of these "best chefs in Canada" knew how to make this dish I do twice a week - what morans appear on international television cooking competitions having not read Julia Child & Jaques Peppin's "The Art of French Cooking 1956" or even Martha Stewart's "Cooking School"? ...In about a week I won't have to buy lettuce anymore. I picked some radish seed pods, two onions, a leek, some baby greens and some mustard flowers from the garden today...

Will be making some mulberry wine later this week.

I want to be able to drive on the street without having to drift at every turn and roast the tires to maneuver in a parking lot so I'm putting the original spider gears back in. I'm having a difficult time getting the C-clips out of the brass spool. I might end up cutting them out if I can't make any progress soon.


Recorded Aug 8, 1927 by the first Inter-Racial stringband in the USA. They only made (2) records (4 singles). This is one of them.

very worn reissue on a minor record label sold at long gone Montgomery Ward department stores.

Featuring Blind Guitarist Virtuoso Riley Pucket. Listen to his G-Runs @ 1:25 and at the end!


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Some say I live in a pre-1960 museum. I like to cook and play rare vintage records, and instruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly. I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, and a host of other lost traditions. I hope you learn something useful or just enjoy watching an autistic person go about their daily routines in their living museum.