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An early one-sided recording of the Official Song of the Old dominion State. I Like A.P. Carter's version better, perhaps because I too am from the shadow of Clinch Mountain...From the mountaintop cemetary above the old homeplace you can see Clinch Mountain stretch from the East to the West in all its might almost a mile high almost saying, " ..Here you may go but no farther.." (Job 38:11).

They were known for de-tuning their instruments to sing in different keys - the "KAPO" had not been invented yet !

#2 of 4 singles featuring A.P.Carter on lead. "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia" is the official state song of the oldest state in the union. This is his rendition of the ancient African-American song that dates to the 18th century.

Along with Wildwood Flower, one of the most iconic early guitar solos in the pre-war era featured on Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music (1956).

In the mid-30's Sara learned flat-picking guitar and began to duel with Maybelle. It was some of the best stuff they ever did. They reunited in 1969 and recorded several fast-paced duets for John Cohen which are included in some of his films of the era.

Very early 1928 before Maybelle bought her iconic 1928 Gibson L-7 which is now in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

One of only four singles where Alvin Pleasant Carter sings lead recorded between 1927-1943. His voice trembled because his mother was struck by lightning while pregnant with him and prophesied her son would do something that changed the world....he did...recorded over 350 singles over 100 gold or platinum records and changed music forever...

The Carter Family Theme song that began and ended all public performances from 1928 till the death of Jeanette and Joe Carter a few years ago...

Clyde Lewis replayed this mysterious transmission that overtook a college jazz station in the late 90's heard here on the 32' RCA 12 Tube Hi-Fi

From Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

The First Gospel Quartet to go Gold was formed at King Records in 1946 when Grandpa Jones, Merle Travis and Alton & Ravon Dellmoore gathered around a piano in between recording sessions....

One of the most prolific and talented brother duets of the 1920's-1960's who wrote over a dozen country/Bluegrass/Gospel standards- originally were the backing band of Uncle Dave Macon, Fiddling Arthur Smith, Grandpa Jones, Molly O'Day and others.

(Laws P36, Round 15) Circa 1760. Though it has been recorded thousands of times, this is the third studio recording of the modern era done by Lillie Mae Ledford and the Coon Creek Girls circa 1936. The earliest well known recording was by Dock Boggs for Brunswick in 1927. This is what a Mint Condition Hi-Fidelity record from the 1930's sounds like- Played on the 1951 Zenith Tri-Mono 22-Watt Hi-Fi. Enjoy! Scroll down you will see I have almost every single featured in Part 1....


I have a lot more just a few to show her talents. Grandma didn't make the Star of David quilt-I Misspoke she made one identical to it that my mother sold when I was young-but it looked almost identical to that one which is probably from the mid-1800's.


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Some say I live in a museum. I suppose that is true, but unlike most museums-everything works! I like to experiment with culinary arts and play rare vintage records, and instruments, and listen to my antique radios, and modify my 50 year old drag racer and keep all the vintage appliances running smoothly. I have interest in heirloom seeds, organic gardening, folklore. traditional lifeways, and a host of other lost traditions. I plant by the signs that my grandparents used. I was once a certified organic farmer. I hope you learn something useful or just enjoy watching an autistic person go about their daily routines in their living museum. In another life I was a Doctorate level educator. In another life before that I was a consultant for historic preservation, In another life before that I was an ethnomusicologist and folklorist collecting regional banjo, fiddle tunes and unaccompanied ballads that my ancestors knew. Before that I was living "off the grid" ( before we even had internet, computers, or cell phones) on my family mountain farm carrying water from a spring half a mile away, cooking on a wood stove and exploring the mountains for ramps, morrels, ginseng, bloodroot, goldenseal and a host of wild plant foods. My first job was on a horse ranch, My second job was a machinist's apprentice to a very particularly mean old man that built 1940 Fords from pieces he collected or bought overseas. I am retired now, I try to find productive things to do like growing heirloom vegetables, crafts, music, etc. I seem to be drawn to the old ways - family traditions; which were entrusted to me by elders as I was the only one interested in learning them. One day, I hope to co-found a mountain academy of arts and culture with another educator who is my oldest friend.