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Small demo of the last boss fight.


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You dare bring light to my lair? YOU MUST DIE!!!

From officially released Sevendust DLC Pack for Rocksmith 2014

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Playing the best Zelda game ever made; Ocarina of Time got nothing on Wand of Gamelon. CD-i goodness. Stopping at Reesong Palace. Saving that for next time.

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Playing the best Zelda game ever made; Ocarina of Time got nothing on Wand of Gamelon. CD-i goodness. Messed up big time at Washubi Swamp. I wonder what's for dinner

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Don't mind my scrub gameplay. Also, you can see that I am not used to the ZL and ZR buttons. Would have preferred analog triggers on the Switch Pro rather than hooked buttons. The Switch Pro controller is nice except for that choice.

Testing mapping ideas using the Switch Pro controller as a target. Not sure how much will get done but basic XInput emulation is currently possible. Apart from this, Steam Input seems to offer the best support for the Switch Pro controller on Windows and Linux.


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Just a few notes from 90%. I planned to stop being so strict on the 90% threshold and just worry about my progression. https://customsforge.com/

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The final part of my Half-Life 2 playthrough played with a Wiimote. Looking back at the Touchmote Round 4 video made a couple of months ago, this video does show that some decent improvements have been made to Touchmote and my general config. I will have to get an updated Touchmote build out soon with some of the recent changes.


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Slightly off rhythm through a lot of the song. https://customsforge.com/

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Older video that I had not bothered to publish before. Recorded around 2018/09/18


Bought a wheel shell for my Wiimote recently so I figured I would try to play a racing game with it. Ended up playing through Star Wars Episode 1: Racer using a Wiimote. I didn't tweak the settings in Touchmote much but it actually handled better than I expected. This video has some buffer footage since it is unedited.


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1470 WMBD recording of the East Peoria Festival of Lights Parade

Playing Star Wars Episode 1: Racer using a DS4. 360 Steering Wheel mode is being used for the DS4 gyro. My profile is actually using a 270 degree range rather than 360 degrees. Big ups to mika-n for making the feature for DS4Windows. It definitely helps when playing driving games.


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Positive Twitch interaction

RIP Terry Davis

Original is gone so uploading a copy

Even better than the Guns Bad segment. Stadia will fix Global Warming, smash capitalism, and improve free software. Even rms should be on board.

0:08 Tons of server farms will fix global warming instead of doing community work outside.

0:58 Anti-capitalist and free software advocate. Throws money at the big money tech oligarchy rather than community driven projects. Wants big corporations to hold more power over people.

1:22 Tries to shame descent on game politics. Anti-capitalist that is a hypocrite corporate shill is fine though. Your account has been suspended. Lose access to your licenses. Thanks for the money dummy.

2:02 It is truly the next level. It will either make more people pirate or just stop playing modern games all together; I am in the later camp mostly. The Vidya industry needs to crash hard.

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