Sometimes choices are more than just "right" or "wrong."

The personal experiences in our lives may not be meant just for us.

These photos seem to come alive... with creepiness.

Don't be a pushy.

Trusting yourself over others has its benefits.

Dad issues this clown worlds of hurt without words via an intimidating stare...

Please mark your calendars for what's coming next.

Apparently after I visited this insane asylum, it was used as Fort Defiance in the video game Fallout 76? Coincidence? Probably.
I've never played the game though.

A Real Life Insane Asylum:

Part 2: A Real Life Insane Asylum:

Join Mukbang Slug as he eats dog food...

...Or he at least seems to be trying to eat the dog food.

Yet again, I refuse to apologize.

You get it... right?

Changes for the better.

Not dah Mach 2, not dah Mach 3, not dah Mach 4...

Can you say "Juju" five times fast?

The Ghost of "The Lady in White":

The Bell Witch, Lady in White, & John Henry:

The Spirit of Mary Elizabeth & The Women in Red:

Dad talks about the DC-10 Aircraft and time he spent with my uncle Gary working in California.

This deleted scene is from the filming of the video linked here.:

Dad and I have been filming independently and together for decades now.

Years later, not too much has changed.

Dad talks about an experience that sounds like it's right out of "The Haunting of Hill House," as he discusses ghosts and dream interpretation.

This deleted scene is from the filming of the video linked here.:

"Embarrassing?" What? This?

Trevor Bragg featuring Trevor Bragg and Trevor Bragg.

Please be sure to share this with your friends (and enemies).

Some outtakes with Dad as he channels some David Caruso.

These bloopers are from the filming of the video linked here.:

Some outtakes from one of this channel's earliest videos.

These bloopers are from the filming of the video linked here.:

<Insert Name Here>, come on down!!!

Let's look at some raw footage of a pinball machine my aunt won from Bob Barker on "The Price is Right."

And please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do?

Movies like ""Miss Congeniality" and "Blank Check" were filmed in my home city of San Antonio, Texas, where I had an opportunity to work with The San Antonio Film Commission.

Fun Time vs. Business Time in a video about watching the band Staind live...

...Gollum vs. Gollum in a discussion that references 90 Day Fiance.

Even if it looks like a Pink Power Ranger and acts like a Pink Power Ranger, it might not be a Pink Power Ranger.

I bought some Unicorn Blood from

But where did the unicorn who donated the blood go?

Google is practically the industry standard in [sometimes skewed] search results. What happens when I use Google Image Search to find a mysterious castle pictured in an old photograph?

I went to a Books-A-Million for the first time, and these toys reminded me of something...


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