the J.O.G's( jewish occupation government's) laws target the White man and give a free pass to the muds and kikes

the jew represents entropy/chaos; it is the duty of the Aryan to introduce Order

the jew's modus operandi: confuse, use and abuse the White man

How the jews use non-whites to Genocide Whites over time:
1) make them appealing (the 'noble savage')
2) portray them as downtrodden (elicit pity response from Whites)
3) empower them in the name of fighting against 'oppression' ('sins of the White fathers')
4) demoralize/demonize Whites via jew media
5) incite non-whites to kill Whites=Genocide

the jews and their puppets seek to shut down the purity spiral

the jew conditions their goyim through classical conditioning: shutting down higher intuition and activating the lower mind

the mentality of the jew: the malignant psychopath

Nature's law

how the jewish occupation government uses the hegemonic discourse of psychiatry and (((mental health))) to legitimate incarceration and poisoning of 'dissidents'

thought forms condition the mind: choose wisely, the jew's use them to enslave, the Aryan to achieve

the bourgeois allows his arrogance to blind him to the existential threat of the plebs--Wake up or cease to exist


The True meaning...and the false conception of the alt-kike

J.O.G.(jewish occupation government) mandates:
i) jewish supremacism [a) no criticism of jews; b) veneration of jews]
2) anti-white advocacy [a) no pro-white discourse; b) anti-white antagonism]

"The Origins of Christianity", Revilo P Oliver; "The Great Jewish Mask", author unknown; "Nature's Eternal Religion" and "The White man's Bible", Ben Klassen

the jew: an inborn sociopath with malignant intent infecting White society with his chaotic nature

the condition of the jew world order. Ride the Tiger or be rent asunder

the jew is governed by the death drive that is Jehovah

"I don't Give a Damn!" -Italian Fascist motto

"First They Came for The Arabs"-Sam Francis

being chosen by the dark lord is an inferior choice

the jew exploits the stupidity and self-interest of the goyim to achieve his ends

the golem of the jew, the United States Corporation

spread this meme to oppose White genocide-You're life depends on it:

the jew claims that Truth is (((discredited))) by his lies


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an amplification of the concepts of the Creativity Movement of Ben Klassen: