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This is happening now and has been for many years.
Is it to late to stop it ?

Dr. Jailed for exposing truths about the current CV-19 and other Flu vaccine issues.
26 minutes and well worth the time to see.

Dr. Wickstrom Teachings
March 4 2006

Teachings from Dr. Wickstrom
Feb 16 2008
Part 2 of 2

Teachings from Dr. Wickstrom
Feb 16 2008
File was to large so I split it into 2 parts.

Teachings from Dr. Wickstrom

Teachings from Dr. Wickstrom

More teachings by Dr. Wickstrom

Dr. Wickstrom Teachings

Level 1 Video 4 -- More from this Course of Dr. James P Wickstrom

I had to split this Video into 2 parts. This is Part 1 of 2

Level 1 Video 2 - A course he taught with 7 Levels

All of his teaching presented here were to teach us things not found in most churches today.
I will be uploading all videos of his that were a part of this course he taught.

There is only one true name for our "God" of the books we call the "Bible" and Dr. Wickstrom (may he rest in peace) teaches us the real name and why it was changed or removed out of our Bible or "The Books".


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I apologize for the delays in getting more videos up. Most all these are coming from a DVD set, and the size of each file is 1 to 2 GB.
I am having difficulty shrinking them down to a small enough size to upload here. I have emailed support here and get no response. If anyone can tell me how to shrink them, please let me know.
Thank You!

Dr. James Paul Wickstrom (1942 – March 24, 2018) taught a 7 Level course with truth's he acquired through countless hours and many years of research.

I am loading all 7 Levels. Each level holds many individual videos where Dr. Wickstrom teaches truth's about the Bible and things not found in the Bible that support the contents of the Bible ( The Books, Scriptures, Holy Ancient or Paleo Scrolls, archaeological findings, etc...).

The Bible has been changed, altered and rewritten over many centuries with many new versions and translations. Some things have been added or deleted.
Why? There are those who seek to kill and destroy and do the works of the devil, even today...Especially today!

Dr. Wickstrom is missed by those who knew him, but his teachings need to continue to be available for all who desire to know the TRUTH.....YHVH's Truth.

May YHVH Bless all those that are his and those seeking to find truth about YHVH, his people and creations.

So Be It

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