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Are you sick and tired of government and all the tyranny, then I'm sure you will love this song! I held no punches when I wrote this song and quite frankly, I don't care!

I have come off all social media, due to the censorship, so please do subscribe to my Bitchute channel as I need to grow my following again.

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I am a Christian Alternative Rock singer/songwriter.

About 2 months ago, I deleted all my social media accounts because quite frankly I had had enough of the censorship and being compliant to tech giants. Yes, this meant I lost a large following, but if I'm honest, the people who were following me were not of the same mindset and I felt I could no longer be myself in expression as they didn't seem to understand.

I decided I'd had enough with writing music and deleted all my songs from streaming platforms and closed down my website. Yes, you could say I had a mini meltdown, but in a way it helped me to let go of the past and start again being true to myself.

However, God wasn't done with me and one day I thought I would re-write a song I had previously released called 'God Give Me Patience, But Give It Now!'

The song is now called 'God Give Us Patience, but Give It Now!' because WWG1WGA right! I have to say, it is even better than the original, because I no longer feel I have to censor my thoughts and I don't hold back any punches in this song! 😁

Needless to say, I started writing again and I haven't stopped because I feel free to write what is in my heart and what is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I am now back to the drawing board and need to start gaining followers for all my channels and would be so grateful for your help! You won't be disappointed as I have many songs in the pipeline which I'm currently working on and I will keep you updated on these channels. You can find them here:

I thank you all in advance and really look forward to getting to know some of you!