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My continuing fitness Journey using Tru Niagen to feel younger more active aging better. $15 off first order

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Mitochondria use NAD+ to convert sugars, fats, and proteins into the cellular energy we know as adenosine triphosphate or ATP. Muscles use ATP to power voluntary and involuntary movement within the body.

As a first time customer/user of XERO SHOES/Model HFS Highly Functional Soles- i wanted to share my opinions and experiences over the last four weeks. Spoiler i enjoy them and....Please come check out my journey rediscovering my feet freedom. #LiveFeetFree


Documented my first 30 days taking Tru Niagen. $15 off first order


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Nutrition review. Living at middle age in the modern age. #getoutside #neverstopexploring #livefeetfirst #weekendadventures #endofsummer