Terry Brimecombe - Lead Vocals
Johnny Miller - Guitar
Dan Sadler - Bass and Harmony Vocals
Mark Hamilton - Drums

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Terry Brimecombe - Lead Vocals
Johnny Miller - Guitar
Dan Sadler - Bass Guitar and Harmony Vocals
Mark Hamilton - Drums

Do humans need to eat organ meats for health? I say NO! It's has never been proven. Certainly they are not bad for you, but there is no real evidence whatsoever they are necessary for human health.

Dr Vilhjalmur Stefansson destroying the organ meat myth:

It works, the weight keeps coming off. Lighter than I have been in years! I might go up to 50k IU soon...

We rocked the house with guest guitarist Bob sitting in with us.

Our version of the Herman's Hermits Hit played at Salute to Veterans at El MIrage, AZ

In my opinion their most underrated song.
Off their album Wild Eyed Southern Boys released in 1981.

Bass note accuracy: 95 percent.
Difficulty to learn correctly 6/10.

From the album Head Games in 1979

Bass Note Accuracy 96 percent
Difficulty to learn correctly 5.5/10

Off their album Head First in 1979
Bass note accuracy: 97 percent
Difficulty to learn correctly 5/10

Filmed at our gig on August 13th at Surprise Eagles Aerie #4534 in Surprise AZ

I give you my thoughts about the power of evolutionary thinking and how to stay healthy by following your instincts, like all animals in nature do to achieve perfect health.

This is my common sense, evolutionary based approach to avoid cancer. Prevent cancer the natural way!

Vitamin D deficiency kills millions, toxicity kills nobody, yet we are warned not to take too much?
The medical industry is lying to you so they can keep you sick. It's obvious to me...

Want to lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently? I'll show you how to do it. This is exactly what worked for me!

I got unexpected results from my high dose vitamin D experiment so far. Weight loss! Feeling great, and losing weight! What a combination!

Performed at The Copper Penny in Sun City AZ Friday July 16th

Our version of "We're an American Band by Grand Funk Railroad.
Filmed July 17th, 2021 at The 44 Sports Grill and Nightlife in Glendale AZ on the big stage.

Terry Brimecombe - Lead Vocals
Bob Entz - Lead Guitar
Johnny Miller - Lead Guitar
Dan Sadler - Bass and Harmony Vocals
Mark Hamilton - Drums

From their album Sports released in 1983, released as a single in 1984

Bass note accuracy: 98 percent
Difficulty to learn correctly 4/10

I'm going to up my vitamin D intake to 25,000 IU per day as an experiment to see if I can relieve my chronic pain and low energy over the next couple of months. Update coming in 2 weeks.

Brad Wallace singing lead on this one at our show in Florence AZ at Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch

Filmed at Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, AZ

These are my opinions on what people need to do to obtain maximum health benefits. This common sense advice.

Our version of Sugar Pie Honey Bunch played at the Copper Penny in Sun City, AZ

Song by Neil Young
Bass Note Accuracy: 99 percent
Difficulty to learn correctly 3-10

Some of our 60's Tribute band video clips


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