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original air 21 feb 2015

SCVoTBW vault classic. Originally aired 15 Jun 2015
Underground Eye Review: Best of Computer Comics (1984)
BSC/BigShot selection, assimilation and compilation of Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici's Computer Comics (1984).

30 mar 2013
25-year+ old box of unconventionally stored ratty comics unearthed in 2013, part two

16 feb 2013
25-year+ old box of unconventionally stored ratty comics unearthed in 2013, part one

[Defunct (original) site credited: bigshotcomics]
29 Apr 2013
1953's Wall of Flesh by Bob Powell, digitally translated by BSC in 2013.

[Defunct (original) site credited: bigshotcomics]
BSC: Love is Born (with Dick and Jane) (HD Digi-comic)

Will Jane find love in Country Hills? Will Dick have his way? Will Dick stay true? Find out in this thrilling new adaptation (updated writing for 2014 by Loverboy Smith) of the Golden Age tale of love, Love is Born from St. John. Featuring artwork by Matt Baker.
Originally aired 28 May 2013

Found in the lost-and-found 18 dec 2014
previously un-aired little short, unearthed from the crusty vault of 2014
featuring a bunch of pixels and mobile media before the fiasco that has always been

original airdate: feb 26 2013

Previously broadcasted version [feb 23 2013] of Detroit's first comic book A+Plus (1977-78) and a true underground classic.

Previously un-aired draft version [feb 22 2013], featuring mixed audio by the more famous group Heldon, of Detroit's first comic book A+Plus (1977-78) and a true underground classic.


New digital-golden age horror-style freakshow explosion in pioneering 2.0D (updated form of alternate 3D specifically for digital video and large projection units across the globe). Hated and shunned by the comic fandom masses, she what the no-fuss is all about! Another modern classic by the "Les Paul of Comics...BigShotavius!"
Originally Published on Apr 24, 2014

Another classic BSC comic art review on British comics in psychedelic full-color.

Video collage of a style i made up and call "animangietti" mache'd together from some ancient bondage art (akin to early fumetti or comic illustration) + a copy of a sleazy horror-chicks-and-exploitation 90s magazine, Cleetus found curled up behind the toilet.

First published computer art print comic book series (First Comics) from 1985. Recommended series.
BSC/MRA review from 12/15/2013.

Review of the 1986 underground title, Avenue D, from Glenn Head/Zango! The title was also released in 1991 by Fantagraphics.

Grim tidyings dear mugworts. Published in 1985 postmortem Gene Day, the Big One bringeth a fanciful tale outside of the Marvel universe, but what a marvel it is to behold! Presented in BSC's innovative new Pandavision. "Priest" by Charles Vess. The autumn equinox is nigh: September 23, 2:29AM!

"The autumn equinox is a mysterious time. It marks an essential passage in the process of enlightenment that is often overlooked, misunderstood, and mistaken as dark and heretical.

It is the time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings the coming winter, a time of darkness and death. This duality between light and dark exists within humanity, and in the work of spiritual transformation. All things must die before they can be born, all spiritual ascent requires descent first, and all those who long for light must firstly face their own inner darkness and overcome it. The autumn equinox symbolizes a stage of inner preparation in the process of enlightenment—to make way for the Son to be born within at the winter solstice." (extract taken from the eBook called The Path of the Spiritual Sun)

Video Review originally published on Sep 19, 2014 in a parallel media stream.


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