I took a trip up the Chesapeake from Harrington Harbor North to Hart-Miller Island, stopping overnight in West River. Most of the way was motoring. The same was true of the trip back. After 6 hours of motoring in the Sun I went to put away the main sail when the wind picked up and I got an hour and a half of a great sail. The wind was coming out of the south (which is the direction I was heading) so I made a couple of long tacks across the Chesapeake. This sail captures the reason that I moved my boat from the Potomac to the Chesapeake.

Furling the Genoa to head back to the marina. Shots of planes landing and taking off at Reagan Airport.

Continuing the journey toward the Washington Monument we head slightly west along the park at Haynes Point.

You can see the Washington Monument on the port side of the mast as we continue heading north.

In this clip you can begin to see the US Capitol, just to the starboard side of the mast.

Sailing wing on wing up the Potomac with views of the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the top of the Lincoln Memorial over the MetroRail bridge. The cover is of 21 members of the George Washington University sailing team practicing their starts on the Potomac.

I took this short video of a sail boat attempting to sail up the Potomac River against 6 kts of current with 5 kts of wind. The video was taken near Reagan Airport (at one point you can hear a plane taking off.)


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These are videos/pictures/discussions related to sailing my 27' Albin Vega, Rocinante. Currently Rocinante is in a slip at the Washington Sailing Marina, just below Reagan Airport in Washington DC. As such most of the videos/pictures will be of sailing in the Potomac. My hope is to someday sail down the Potomac to the Chesapeake and into the Atlantic Ocean. From there who knows....