This is the first part of me installing an LED headlight, which is a very worthwhile update in my opinion, especially if your doing nighttime riding.

In this video I step thru rebuilding the stock Showa air shocks on my 1987 Honda GL1200 Aspencade. The cost of parts was under $100 while a new set of air shocks was $500. The actual rebuild time for the shocks was about 5hrs but if I had to do again I'm sure it would be closer to 2hrs since I spend much time studying the parts and making sure I was doing things right.

My 32 year old Aspencade's rear shocks were sagging under two up loads. And since my wife an I are planning a long tour new rear springs were called needed. This was a much bigger, not harder, but longer project then I expected :)

One of my first projects on my new to me Goldwing was a timing belt change.

The right Bing CV(Constant Velocity) carburetor was leaking on to my boot. The float seemed to be a bit saturated with fuel. A new set from Capital BMW in Virginia was installed.

The rear brake lever it kinda tricky. I hope this vid will help out.

Installing an LED headlight in my 1981 BMW motorcycle has really improved night time visibility.


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