Saintly Oswald

Some people have trouble hearing this, so, as a public service I am providing this video which simply repeats the speech heard on the DPD Dictabelt recording 25 times. I think it sounds like Goldwater Girl, Hillary Clinton!

Dan Rather has worked for the CIA against the American people since before the JFK assassination.

I just have to blab about how McLain and his SS boyfriend look so shy at Parkland Hospital.

On a sunny day, Umbrella Man had his umbrella, and Raincoat Man had his raincoat.

Don't worry, kids. It's just a conspiracy...a conspiracy that murdered your president and took over the government and the mass media and brainwashed you and will murder you after they get you to build their robot armies to replace you! Bwahahahahahahahaha! Just a conspiracy.

Adams' testimony is relevant to the actions of Bill Shelley, Billy Lovelady, Oswald, Welcome Eugene Barnett, the Throwing Man, Joe Molina, the Warren Commission, and the elevator power shut-offs.

Try not to laugh. Try not to cry. Just remember that the media is the enemy of the people.

He's easy to spot. He's the only Dallas cop wearing a leather jacket!

The Darnell film was altered to hide Marrion Baker so that we would think the running motorcycle officer is Marrion Baker. But, no, he's somebody else, up to no good.

Video display of me refining my understanding of the timing of the elevator power shut-offs in the Texas School Book Depository Building after JFK was shot.

Signals were given at the corners of Harwood & Main, and Main & Houston, and I let Beethoven and the Amadeus Quartet do the yapping.

The transition out of the "faked" portion of the film shows a changing perspective which indicates multiple camera positions.

The power was shut off to one of the elevators shortly after JFK was shot, and the Official Storytellers have no explanation.

She's either doped up or she doesn't give a fuck. Probably both.

A Bitchute exclusive. I don't don't think I'll put it on YouTube. Here, I fantasize about who the Zapruder film photographers were, and give the names.

I have previously identified the positions of the 3 photographers. Here I say what the job of each of them was.

There was something funny going on with Alvarez, and I just have hunch that he was the mastermind of the Zapruder film.

A Muchmore frame out of the 1964 Book, Four Days, shows a very strange-looking rear end on the presidential limo, which is the result of alteration.

Just a little video showing the photographer in the pergola behind Zapruder. From the Moorman photo.

Roy Truly hollered up the elevator shaft, alerting anybody above that the law was coming up.

I think there were three photographers producing material for the Zapruder film, and I show their locations here.

I think the tell-tale signs are there of a CIA-Bush_Saudi hoax, presumably timed to meddle with the 2018 US elections.

Allowing Harvard to use her as a fake minority highlights the suspicion that her greatest appeal is really fake.

A photo I've never seen anywhere else but in the Boston Herald newspaper from November 29, 1963.

Part 2? Yes. It is that important. The "dog" was made of flowers. I think somebody told me this story a couple of years ago, and actually knew the name of the person who made the dog.


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