Saintly Oswald

The Dallas cops were dirty and they helped to murder JFK,

The Zapruder film proves that the fake head shot of frame 313 was accompanied by a device "shooting" from inside the car.

Long old video about the scanner radio traffic. I think they planned to have us hear the scanner recording, but that the event did not go as planned, so the recording is interesting.

This is what got me banned from YouTube, or the final straw, anyway. I don't think it was actually a 3rd strike. I forget the exact details. But it was this one and a Charlottesville video that got them riled.

The only way to lose a frame "here and there" is to remove them.

Motorcycle Officer Chaney passed JFK's limo, but was hidden by alteration of the photography, but he has be seen in the Bell film, hiding in the shadows of the overpass.

The Zapruder film does not let us see the hole in the back of JFK's head, but it lets us see Jackie seeing it.

Here I deal with the possibility that Chaney could have passed the limo after the Nix film ends. By comparing the Nix to the Zapruder this possibility is eliminated.

I know it can't be true, but it seems that I am the only person in the whole wide world who understands this Officer Chaney Problem. In this video, I state the problem so that now the whole world can understand it.

I make errors. I correct errors. Life goes on. Citibank gets more money.

The governor of Texas scored the first hit on JFK.

I think Danny Arce is the man that JC Price saw running from the overpass to the Texas School Book Depository Building, and that he was probably operating the walkie-talkie for the railroad detective while he, the railroad detective, was shooting

All of the times are stated as one minute later than they should be.

The assassins were talking on DPD police channel 1 in Dealey Plaza, and I've been deciphering the speech in the noise. This is my latest update.

The "Are we all set?" voice makes me think "Frazier."

The Dictabelt recording did not record the shots, but it did record two signalling events for two of the shots, and I use those events to re-time the Zapruder film to match the Dictabelt for the time between those two events inclusive.

Photographic evidence all over the place that a railroad detective shot JFK, but nobody knows his name.

The Dallas Police intentionally sabotaged their channel 1 radio frequency so that the assassins in Dealey Plaza could communicate with each other, and in this video I explain how they did it.

Can you believe it? The assassins in Dealey Plaza were using the Dallas Police channel 1 and were recorded on the Dictabelt. Lots of people must know this, but they don't say anything.

Hey, that's what's there. During the open mic noise, which just coincidentally occurs while the president is being murdered, Some clown says this.

I've been deciphering the "open mic" noise, and finding speech in there. This is my latest one.


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