It looks as though items were dropped out the west side of the TSBD from 5th, 6th and 7th floor windows.

Somebody wearing McLains jacket, but a 3-wheeler's hat, is walking towards the TSBD at approximately 12:45. I think it's McLain. McLain is all over this assassination thing.

A photo which I had thought was taken around 2pm actually was taken much earlier, and it is full of implications.

I have finally seen film showing ambulance 606, the Dealey Plaza epileptic ambulance, leaving Parkland Hospital after the hearse.

I think TF Bowley and Helen "Bugsy" Markham were two more mistaken Tippit witnesses.

Callaway and Guinyard and Benavides and Scoggins supply no credible evidence against Oswald.

Forrest Sorrels planted stories to implicate Eddie Piper because he wanted Eddie to do him a favor.

Another conspiracy varmint! His original purpose was to support the running motorcycle cop, but when that purpose became obsolete, he was tied to Bald Spot Man and torpedoed.

In her 11/23/1963 statement to the Dallas police, Virgie made dark suggestions about Joe Molina, but by the next day when she talked to the FBI, this suggestions had disappeared. And her father helped to discredit the account of James Worrell, but who would know he was her father?

Apparently, Oswald was thinking about buying a new Comet Caliente in cash, just before JFK was murdered.

With Billy Lovelady at 5'8", 6th Floor Man must be Jack Dougherty.

I have been suspicious that Greer took JFK's body for a ride in 606, but apparently he did not.

Fritz told the Warren Commission that he had planned to be in the motorcade, but that at 10PM on the night before Chief Stevenson called him at home and reassigned him to the Trade Mart.

Considering the timing issue, I now think it is more likely that JM Lewis brought Oswald to Oak Cliff, and that car 207 picked him up there.

Oswald got a ride in a Dallas police car, and JFK assassination "researchers" don't seem to care.

Owens was a key character at the TSBD & for the Tippit shooting, but I think he was an innocent pawn.

The evidence of testimony and radio transcripts implies that Westbrook & Croy do their wallet dance AFTER McLain meets the unmarked car, and that would seem to mean that Westbrook could not have been giving that wallet to McLain, As I say in this video. But not necessarily. The wallet scene could have been acted out for the TV camera man at 10th & Patton to insure against the possibility that Oswald might not have a wallet when arrested. That way they could claim it was found at 10th & Patton and have the film to "prove" it. And if Oswald is arrested with his wallet, as the way it did happen, then they can just forget about the film, as they did.

Myers has presented a proof that the wallet held by Sgt. Croy and fingered by Captain Westbrook cannot be the "Oswald wallet" in the national archives, but I think he got this wrong.

There was somebody on the floor with Hill, George Lumpkin I think, when Hill did his hollering, whenever that was.

Deputy Luke Mooney was hollering out the sniper's nest window when the Kimbrough2 photo was taken, but the photo was altered to support Sgt. Gerald Hill's Tippit shooting alibi.

I don't know the answer, but Karen Westbrook said he worked in the TSBD warehouse.

If Clemons is the only accurate witness, then Tippit's killers could be Sgt. Gerald Hill and Patrolman RC Nelson, the two men who created alibis.

Curious and curiouser! Apparently, crime lab dude Sgt. Barnes also was impersonated on the Dallas police radio traffic.

McLain seen in TV footage of the police search for Tippit's shooter.

Because Deputy Mooney found the sniper's nest earlier than expected, the conspirators impersonated Sgt. Harkness in order to make it seem as though Mooney's discovery was later.

The evidence documents 2 discoveries of the sniper's nest in the Texas School Book Depository building, one at 12:58PM, and another at 1:15PM.


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