Saintly Oswald

It looks like it rhymes, but in truth it does not.

The murderers planned to produce their photography of events so that they could control your perceptions of what they did.

The hearse left Parkland Hospital with an empty casket methinks.

Don't do it, girl. Those Russian bots are chomping at the bit.

Roger Craig & Gerald Hill both point to conspiracy.

I think I've found another one of THEM.

At 1.37 in the video I mistakenly say "Love Field" when I mean to say "Parkland Hospital."

I have worked out the explanation. McLain was at the theater "undercover."

Here I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with geometric logic that Jackson (and McLain) escorted JFK's corpse to the airport.

Faked double exposure obscures the identity of HB McLain.

Strange but true, methinks.

Conspiracy tool Jackson tells his pals that JFK is dead.

He wasn't there. HB McLain is a hoax put out by JFK's murderers.

I think Baker's WC description of the scene means that he was still on his motor when Hargis was crossing the street back to his, meaning that Baker entered the TSBD later than you might think.

I see now, 12/7/2018, that Meyers has recently, 11/22/2018, posted a piece where he does mention the Tatum Deviation, though he seems to think it means that Tatum is telling the truth. Quite bizarre doublethink, methinks.

The official story says "no," but photography suggests otherwise.

And he looks cold without his leather jacket.

Is this too arcane for you?

I made this in July 2018, while it was still alive.

We know he's in hell now, but where was he on November 22, 1963? Ancient 2012 video.

Where was Hillary? And why is she still a contender for the top job?

A photograph of officer Valentine on the 6th floor was faked to make you think that the Dallas cops were not driving Oswald around town.

The photography shows that the officer running in thee Darnell film wear gloves, DL Jackson wears gloves, and Marrion Baker does not.

Lone Nutter propaganda garbage from the Great Satan's sidekick to the north. Typical of Lone Nutterism, it avoids the evidence and tries to win you over with psychological tricks.

I think Jean Hill might have been one of THEM. He fake explanation of the Moorman photo is just the sort of thing the coverup would like.


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