Jason Miller has provided some insight into what Donald Trump may do after a well earned break. He's hinting at electoral reform.

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Christine Lagarde is pushing for tougher measures against Bitcoin, whilst the globalist central banks get ready to pivot to their own digital currency.

Biden makes a token gesture to sure up future voters, now his health pick Rachel Levine wants to declare you with a mental illness if you mis gender trans people. You couldn't make it up!

Data mining has allowed A.I to know your political beliefs without uttering a single word, thanks to social media networks selling your data to third-party's. Welcome to the Biden Era!

Trump's farewell address also seemed to have a direct message towards the incoming administration over the word LUCK. It's use seemed to be direct, than a throwaway statement, some believe it is a signalling to his based. The gematria calculator threw up an interesting result.

Trump's presidency could have ended epically with pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. His reluctance to do this, not to upset the apple cart of the establishment will forever blemish his presidency. He should have done it!

Vijaya Gadde was filmed by a Twitter employee and recordings were sent to Project Veritas. Twitter will now be using it's grand use of power for further censorship. Will they come for lockdown skeptics next?

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Gerald Celente appeared on Kitco news with David Lim for his take on 2021. Can we expect a temporary Biden bounce? Gerald Celente is an impressive trends forecaster, one of the best in the business. I wanted to bring you his latest interview.

Whilst we've been told we will no longer own private property in the future. Bill Gates has been hoovering up land purchases all over the place. Why would he do this now? Perhaps because he knows the dollar crashing is only a matter of time.

Richard Grenell says we should keep a close eye on Susan Rice and her relations with the UN when it comes to policy under the Biden administration. He believes she'll be running the office, rather than Joe himself.

How Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a classified medical condition yet baffles me. Now the marxist's are frothing at the mouth to remove Donald Trump from existence. Next step: Home Alone 2 cameo.

If you feel your life is out of luck at the moment, spare a thought for this man who's lost £230 million in #Bitcoin. How gutted would you feel!

Project Veritas produces a leak from Twitters internal staff that shows that they've been planning on banning Trump supporters since January 8th. Since then over 60,000 accounts have been purged by the progressive big tech firm. A victory in transparency

UKIP has been in a mess for years and the latest in the ranks to join them is Katie Hopkins. With an electorate so soul destroyed by those in power at the moment, will they take a punt? Or are UKIP very much dead in the water?

Many of you have commented wondering when Alex Belfield will be back, so I thought I'd post a quick video update for you on this.

China has increased it's military alert level to prepare for a potential immanent ground war. We've seen increased operations from them since 2018, with preparations gathering further pace. All at the time the west is suffering from the impacts of the pandemic.

Despite government ministers only saying weeks ago that a vaccine passport will not be necessary in the UK, they've now resorted to trialling one anyway. You can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths in Westminster. Shameless.

The MAGA movement is a powerful force, a collective of 75,000,000 people can be an epic but you need to stay united, you cannot rest on your laurels and you need to take meaningful action that is legal and peaceful in order to show you are not to be messed with. Then toke on all the hopium you want

Seb Gorka was absolutely animated when callers started to mention Lin Wood and the Italy Affidavit. Pretty intense stuff.

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Quite easily one of the most boring press conferences for a party Rebrand that I've ever watched. If Reform UK want to be successful they need personality, go on the attack and whip up some excitement for politics. This was a complete abject failure.

Adel Abdel-Bary has been granted mercy release from prison on the grounds of an obesity risk to COVID. Now living in a £1 million house whilst law abiding citizens are queuing up at food banks. Are you surprised? 2021 personified.

We're expecting to see even more draconian lockdown rules being laid upon the UK imminently, here's what some of them could look like according to leaky government sources.

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