I showed some vinyl albums I bought on 4/7/2020. In the U.S.A. 7/4/200

I showed vinyl and CDs I picked up at Bookman's, Zia's, Goodwill and Dessert thrift store

I commented on current situations in the USA

I showed a DVD,a bunch of CDs and vinyl I picked up on the last week of May.

A rant about busybodies on the bus

I received vclt of The Rolling Stones Beggar's banquet. I shot this video during a power outage.

I went vinyl/CDs shopping with Robert Zee from the VC YouTube. I barely knew I bought let alone his purchases

Showing albums and CDs I bought on the first day.

Self explanatory

Actually I think have only about 10 kinda albums including grindcore and stuff
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Tucson was hurting economically before the lockdown started.
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I showed some of my recent vinyl records I picked up.

Self explanatory

I showed what I picked up when I returned my copy of KNOCKED UP.

some of my personal reflections on Kirk Douglas films

I picked up some records a couple of days ago.

Month 2 in my pick an artist for the month.

I concluded my 60 albums challenge finally.

Basically this is my contest entry video.

I showed the CDs and albums that I picked up on Friday January 17th 2020.

I filmed my reaction to an annoying moron. This might be a series.

I done a correction on my snack bag rant.

I done a combination of my Neil Peart memorial and a collection of my RUSH far

I done a comedy rant about KIDS playing video games online.

A quick skit


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I believe in freedom of speech. I banned in the 90's from public access in new Orleans after growing a national following for 6 years. I'm a spoken word artist/ex-comedian. I do rants,reviews and various other things. Hope you enjoy but with my old hardcore punk/black metal attitude, I could less.