I'm showing what I picked up for RSD on the list and sales on the other albums and CDs. I just had a great day.

Here's part two. I decided to talk more about the Peter Frampton album and review Diana Ross greatest hits quickly.
#5. Peter Frampton- I'm in You
#6. Diana Ross-Greatest Hits
#7.April Wine-Harder.....Faster
#8.Eyehategod- Southern Discomfort
#9.Bastard of the Skies/Catatomic- Split
#10.Waylon Jennings-Heartaches By the Numbers
#11.Molly Hatchet-Flirting with Disaster
#12.Times Squares Soundtrack

Here's part one of my 50 Albums challenge
#1. Jefferson Airplane-Volunteers
#2. Gato Barbieri- Ruby,Ruby
#3.J.Geils Band- Sanctuary
#4.Black Sabbath-the Eternal Idol
#5.Peter Frampton-I'm in You
#6.Diana Ross- Greatest hits

I doing Albums #13-#20 of my 50 Albums challenge. Pts 1 & 2 will be uploaded later. Dan Fogelberg was worse to me than Captain and Tennille. I didn't fall asleep like the Fogelberg album.
#14- Dan Fogelberg- Souvenirs
#15- The Fuckin' Boneshakers-
MCMXCV Masterbation Sessions
(I didn't misspelled. That's how it was written)
#16- Foghat-LIVE
#17- Attitude- Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland
#18- Billy Joel- 52nd Street
#19- Sounds by various artists
#20- KISS Alive 2 LPs

This is a combination between starting a 50 albums challenge and a contest entry I use to say hello to different VC channels how don't know me.

This is my thread response to Tony Tainted Lord 87 on YouTube. Show physical music cover with skulls on them

It's my second take of this VCLT video. The first one has too many mistakes and took forever to get the records out of the package. If you want to see it... Let me know.

Sorry for misspelling your YouTube channel name wrong on the end of the video,check out
B Side Records.

My opinion or commentary on what I saw on the thinkery about Macron cracked down on the yellow jackets protesters.
Check out the Thinkery

I showed my Genesis CDs and Records collection.

Looks like I'm not able to watch my own YouTube channel. Because of my comment of the day journalistic integrity died. The thought police are out in force,folks.

What albums I got in the mail
From my friend Steve

A little video

Silly comedy sketch with paper bag reindeer


Self explanatory


My CD review of #Eagles 1976 #HotelCalifornia #JoeWalsh

My CD review of #Pantera 1996 #theGreatSouthernTrendkill #groovemetal #Dimebag #vinniePaul

My video response to bobby zee thread question no.4
What is my process of a new CDs /albums?

A rant on my real feelings about John McCain.

This is my contest entry for the Get vinylizer to 1000 subs contest

My CD review of #GarthBrooks #theChase

My CD review of #GarthBrooks 1991 #RopinTheWind

This is my contest entry to Flash Gordon contest on YouTube


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