This is my Darkthrone Old Star CD review.

I did a review of Kenny Rogers Ten Years Of Gold album. There's no editing unlike the YouTube video.

I am speaking about the censorship of YouTube and how it will trickle down to creators with smaller subscribers. Bitchute and Minds still let the common man speaks his mind freely

Some Records and CDS I picked up from the thriftstore.

I received some Vinyl in the mail
From Groovy Lisa at YouTube

Here's part two of a haul I bought from Wooden Tooth Records,Zias and Bookmans yesterday.
#DrJohn #Darkthrone #progressiverock
I received a package of Vinyl from Beth at B Side Records in the mail.

This is my tribute to the music,life and times of a New Orleans original Dr.John

I reviewed the 2018 release of Stockholm Sweden old school death metal Unleashed. It focus less on gore and Viking lust for vengeances. A pretty asskicking album though I'm not sure about the subject matter exactly.
#Unleashed #DeathMetal

Here's 2 Bette Miller's Albums I love though they're almost polar opposites. The Rose I introduced me to Bette Midler. I stopped being a Midler fan after Outrageous Fortune/ Beaches late 80s/early 90s. I don't really know or care about her Twitter deal with President Trump. I'm too busy about talking about music.

Self explanatory

I'm reviewing Possessed Revelations of Oblivion which sounds great to my ears. Jeff Becerra is a remarkable vocalist. Do yourself a favorite,check it out and get a copy.
Revelations of Oblivion:

After a rough day I found this package that made me happy.

I showed Charlotte Church Prelude on CD.
EmmyLou Harris Profiles on Vinyl.
Grateful Dead
Wake of the Flood on Vinyl.
Stella Blue Live

Strangely enough George Harrison from the Beatles produced Black and Blue. And B.O.C. did Steppenwolf Born to be Wild.
I also got a Grateful Dead album. They had absolutely nothing to do with the other bands.

This was a contest entry on YouTube.
1. Show at least 3 Metal Classic Albums. I showed 7,8. I don't know.
2. 3 Albums to avoid
3. I showed 2 Grails I recently got!

I made some recent CDs/Vinyl pickup.
#JudasPriest #BlueOysterCult #JoeCocker

This was a contest entry on YouTube. But I'm thinking of making it a short series. Basically, artists who died and had an effect on me.
#LynyrdSkynyrd #TomPetty #JohnnyCash

This was a YouTube Contest I'm open it up to Bitchute as well.
1.Must be a subscriber,so subscribe now
2. Comments 1 entry
Videos 2 entries
3. What bands,artist or kinda music you like to
Hear in the summer.
4. Name a song or album with the words Hot,Summer,South,Heat,Hell,fire,flame,burning or in that nature.
5. Contest ends June 6,2019
6. PRIZE $25 in PayPal.

What I picked up today. Records and DVD player.#Kansas #Jazz #SoyBoys

This is my Sunday Mornin Chill out on YouTube. I discussed how the same Album can have two or more. And how older inner sleeves would promote Records sells.

Here's my albums I've listened to at this part of the 50 Albums challenge

Name 3 to 5 bands you dislike. And where you like to buy Records,tapes and CDS.

I'm showing what I picked up for RSD on the list and sales on the other albums and CDs. I just had a great day.

Here's part two. I decided to talk more about the Peter Frampton album and review Diana Ross greatest hits quickly.
#5. Peter Frampton- I'm in You
#6. Diana Ross-Greatest Hits
#7.April Wine-Harder.....Faster
#8.Eyehategod- Southern Discomfort
#9.Bastard of the Skies/Catatomic- Split
#10.Waylon Jennings-Heartaches By the Numbers
#11.Molly Hatchet-Flirting with Disaster
#12.Times Squares Soundtrack


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