I showed some of the cds I got from Zia's buy 2 get one free.

What I picked up for black friday rsd 11292019

I done a fast and loose musical review on Led Zeppelin. Bitchute exclusive.
#LedZeppelin #JimmyPage #JohnBonham

I showed some vinyl finds and a few free warped records.

the story of Lemmy. wish I could it on Bitchute.

an uncompromising look at Denis Leary second comedy cd

This is the 666th video on YouTube.

I showed off my current AC/DC collection of CDs,Vinyl and DVD.
#ACDC #metal #80s

This is my contest entry video for Jimmy the Saint.
1) what is your first or oldest Record?
2) If there's a fire , What record would you grab?
3) tell a story about an album
4) what was the last record you bought?
The original video

I showed my recent Vinyl and CDs haul I bought today from Zia's Records exchange and Midtown Bookmans in Tucson.
#October31 #Triumph #BisonBC

I showed my recent CDs and DVDs purchases. As well as promoted two of my favorite YouTube channels. Wish they wised up and move to Bitchute.
#PeterTosh #GnarlsBarkley #BobMarley

This is my contest entry video for thegreyman's AirForce (UK) contest to win their Black Box EPs. They're a NWOBHM like Band with an ex-Iron Maiden drummer Doug Sampson in it.
For the interview and the contest info
Check out thegreyman on YouTube.
#HumblePie #BlueOysterCult #Blasphemy

I showed my recent Vinyl haul
#MorbidAngel #BillyJoel #Y&T

I showed various artists on Vinyl Albums and CDS

I done my thoughts and reviews of the JOKER. Plus Joker dance.
RIP Sid Haig
Original sociopathic clown

Today, arguably the best drummer of HARD Rock Died. Ginger Baker of Cream and Blind Faith plus other bands.

This is my contest entry video for Eric's show us your PINK contest to fight breast cancer.

I showed 2 Vinyl Albums and 5 CDs
#DaveBrubeck #RollingStones #TheCars

I showed a variety of different music on the Vinyl Albums I picked.

I did a contest entry about what album cover I wanted to be for Halloween. I ranted about Crazy Chicken Lady.

I showed some of the Albums I've been listening to lately.
#Santana #boomtownrats #johnnyWinter

I picked up some soul,country,latin and a lot of classical music.

I showed the second part of that crazy haul from the membership sale I thinking of not showing up for in December.
#CCR #BobSeger #HankSnow

I showed half of my Vinyl haul from 9/08
#country #rock #jazz

Just found out from Tonearm Tango
That Ric Ocasek is dead at 75.
The first Cars album

I wrote 1978-1983. I found out HEARTBREAK City came out in 1984. Hey, I drank a LOT in the 80's!

Basically, Bobby Zee and I went to Bookmans Ina Records shopping. I kept shopping in Midtown for my first and maybe only Eddie Money record.
#Eddie Money #PatBenatar #Lucifer'sFriend


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I believe in freedom of speech. I banned in the 90's from public access in new Orleans after growing a national following for 6 years. I'm a spoken word artist/ex-comedian. I do rants,reviews and various other things. Hope you enjoy but with my old hardcore punk/black metal attitude, I could less.