I picked up 4 physical music formats. 2 CDs and 2 Vinyl albums of various genres.

Self-explanatory. I used the randomniser on Discogs till I got five Vinyl Albums. It's a fun game to play.
Buddy guy pretty baby

VCLT means Vinyl community love train. It's when one person of A Vinyl community channel sends physical music through the mail to another VC member.

Showed off my Vinyl albums

I showed a different CDs I've played in the last 2 months or so.

I showed off the physical Music pickups that I bought from Zia's and Bookman's.

This is my contest entry video for George Alan 200 subs contest. Pick your favorite band and albums of the 60s,70s and 80s.
Alice Cooper #DetroitStories

This is a contest entry video to Chris Propfe's Musically obsessed KISS contest since he hit over a 1000 subs.

This is a contest entry video to Swellheads network. The object is to pick bands you think you are the only fan.

I showed 3 CDs and a bunch of Vinyl albums finds

This is my contest entry for the WOODSTOCK BOXSET from Redrum Records.

You can take the man outta New Orleans,but you can't take the New Orleans outta the man. Celebrating my new Orleans Music collection on Vinyl

I showed off the vinyl albums I got from Goodwill and Wooden tooth records.

I got a prize in the mail. Shown off Hard Goods. And shout-out a new channel

I showed about 8 CDs of various musical styles.

I feel the best way to honor the man is to play the music that he left behind.

Return to Forever
Where have I known you before

I Showed off some of new music finds.

I talked about Elmore Leonard's book rum punch that was turned into Jackie Brown

Showed my recent vinyl and CDs haul from wooden tooth records shirtless again.

I finally got my Christmas gift from Bobby Zee.

This is an entry video for Ron Haggarty punkrock contest.

I did a kinda tame version of my last video but added Danko and the hippie. Enjoy, subscribe and laugh if you want to.

Got back from my hospitals and a hellish human warehouse.

How Quentin use claustrophobia in movies to have dialogue hold your action.

Showed off some of vinyl albums


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I believe in freedom of speech. I banned in the 90's from public access in new Orleans after growing a national following for 6 years. I'm a spoken word artist/ex-comedian. I do rants,reviews and various other things. Hope you enjoy but with my old hardcore punk/black metal attitude, I could less.