Millennials make up the overwhelming majority of protestors - seeking to make the world a "better" place; but, if they don't know much of anything, how could they expect to do this?

I'm pretty tired of friends and family pretending they care about something they know nothing about.

G Edward Griffin discusses the communist plot to use black communists and guilty white Liberals to spark a race-war, in service of igniting a revolution.

This does discuss many of the tactics used by the communists, and so I consider this to be required viewing.

Communism is critical to the NWO, because it provides a pretext to bring in full authoritarianism.

The Crusader Magazine:!/SugahData/Journals/Crusader.S.pdf

As Youtube censorship tightens, I've found Epperson's works rapidly disappearing; so, I figured I should back them up here.

Dr. Carroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope

Harry Vox walks us through The Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 Lock Step Scenario Narrative.

Vox assumes that the illness is Ebola. Beyond that, the strategies we are witnessing are the same.

As always, here are the relevant links

Rockefeller Foundation - Lock Step (Page 18):

Recorded in 1988, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan recalls a convention he attended in 1969, where Dr. Richard L. Day, former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood revealed an overwhelming amount of predictions too accurate to be mere coincidence. Many of the predictions had come true by 1988, but many had not. They have now, so it appears Dr. Dunegan was telling us the truth. More important is that some of the predictions have not yet come to pass, so it is very much worth listening to.


A letter from the Nova Scotia government sent out to residents to warn about a pack of wolves on the loose in the province was forged by Canadian military personnel as part of a propaganda training mission that went off the rails.

The letter told residents to be wary of wolves that had been reintroduced into the area by the provincial and federal governments and warned the animals were now roaming the Annapolis Valley. The letter, which later became public, sparked concern and questions among residents but was later branded as “fake” by the Nova Scotia government which didn’t know the military was behind the deception.

Here is a vision of the future after the GREAT RESET from the World Economic Forum. Enjoy, you plebes!

Gay Marriage and Normalized Beastiality (1:18:35)
Eating Meat to be abolished (1:21:06),
The denial of gender (1:21:37)
Rapid fire predictions (1:27:28)
No more Private Property (1:46:00)
All religions to disappear, in favor of "The New Age Religion" (1:50:50)
The Planned Economic Collapse and Subsequent Famine happening now (2:08:00)
9/11: (2:10:00)

Albert Pike:
Morals and Dogma:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky:
ISIS unveiled:
The Secret Doctrine:

Manley P Hall
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry:
The Secret Teachings of All Ages:
The Secret Destiny of America:
Lectures on Ancient Philosophy:

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Paul Netti:
Mozart and Masonry:

Is it possible that Women's Liberation could have had negative consequences for women? Of course not, you misogynist.

The article, which contains all the links, can be found on my very amateurish website:

At this time of great division, I thought it would be a good idea to share something unifying. What could be more unifying than blood?

As I continue with my series on the most bizarre things you'll ever hear, a 12-year-old girl managed to prove that yes, all US presidents are related to each other and to King John of England, with the exception of Van Buren, though he is still related to others like FDR. It's worse than that, though. Those who they were running against were also related. A freeman showed this to me a few years ago, but I couldn't find the original, so I recreated what I remembered as best I could.

Here’s something for you to consider, when reflecting on the Afghan War. In the early ’00s, the Taliban had all but entirely eradicated the opium trade, eradicating about 90% of the world’s supply.

They did it because drug use is Haram (a sin), in their view.

Grown from poppies, Opium, of course, is the active ingredient in street drugs like heroin and pharmaceuticals like oxycontin.

Once in Afghanistan, troops began immediately guarding the poppy fields and the Opium trade went back into full swing.

The League of Women Voters Announces They Have Been Approached By The Heads of Both Parties to "Hoodwink The American Public". These Women would not let their integrity be called into question, and they held a press release to tell the NWO where they can stick it. Basically, all US elections are rigged.

Boy, it's a great thing I live in Canada, where we truly value free--- hang on there's a knock at my door.

Let's see what the Satan-worshipping scumbags have in store for us.

Gender Bending, Rampant Homosexuality, The Global Financial Collapse, Inflation Leading to A New Reserve Currency, High Cost of Housing, Euthanasia, Diseases with no cure, Rise of Atheism and Rewriting The Bible, Music To Get Worse, Weather Control, Food Shortages, World Government and more!

In 1994 A. Ralph Epperson recorded a 13hr lecture revealing his conversation with Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding his tape: The New Order of Barbians, circa 1989.

Conspiracy Theorist A. Ralph Epperson discusses the coming calamity to begin at the start of the 21st century. In his 13 hour presentation, he reveals that the 21st century will be the thousand years under The Lightbringer, The Son of The Morning. More to follow.

I'm making short clips to awaken my friends and family before it is too late for us - which it almost certainly already is. I'm putting them here in hopes that you shit-heads will add to my knowledge and understanding of these topics.

In this video, conspiracy theorist G Edward Griffin discusses the violent portion of the communist plot to use blacks to help overthrow America.

The issues of The Crusader he's quoting from can be found here:!/SugahData/Journals/Crusader.S.pdf

Let's take a look at George Floyd's autopsy.

Get the document here:

I couldn't stand listening to criticism about Donald Trump from friends and family who thought Obama was the GOAT, so I put together a list of the worst policies and war crimes to shut them up. Enjoy.


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Take that, communists.

And that's pretty well what I'm all about. Am I being too subtle?

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