One of the prisoners of war who surrendered from Azovstal turned out to be an Azov man who threatened to kill Kadyrov and “let his daughters go around”

The name of the "fearless Ukrainian warrior" is David Georgievich Kasatkin. At the beginning of the special operation, a native of Mariupol, born in 1996 was already listed in the Azov regiment.

In the first days of hostilities, he came across a colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was responsible for the defense of the coast - Kasatkin shot him. Later, while sitting in the cellars of Azovstal, David wrote an appeal to “Kadyrov and his dogs”, in which he promised to kill the head of Chechnya and “his litter of piglets”, and “let his daughters go around”.

5/21/2022 Machine translation: The result of a missile strike on an industrial enterprise in the port of Odessa region, where fuel intended for the AFU armored vehicles was stored. As a result of the hit, a crater with a diameter of 12 meters and a depth of 3 meters was formed on the territory of the enterprise. The industrial facilities were destroyed.

5/21/2022 Machine translation: Sappers of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the DPR are looking for minefields.

5/21/2022 It seems to me that all of his advisers are total delusional nutjobs. No wonder they're losing so badly and will lose the whole country if they continue down this path.
Machine translation:
Podolyak dreams of a mythical counterattack by the AFU and prepares Ukrainians for a "bloody phase" with countless casualties

Advisor to the head of the Ukrainian OP Podolyak is sure that the counteroffensive of the AFU will soon begin. In his opinion, Russia wants to enter a protracted phase of the war, which is extremely disadvantageous to Ukraine. Therefore, the military confrontation moves into the final phase:

"Ukraine needs to unblock all of our regions, including Donetsk and Luhansk. Ukraine needs to kick all these "strange guys" out. This phase of the war, which will be called the counteroffensive phase, will be tough enough for us, and unfortunately, we will lose our people... But we will have to live through this bloody phase of liberating our territories anyway.

5/21/2022 You reap what you sow...
Machine translation:
Artillerymen of the "O" group struck at the base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The few militants who survived try to escape by car, but are blown up by their own mine.

5/21/2022 Damn that was a beautiful descent.
Machine translation:
High precision strike by a 'Kalibr' cruise missile.
Video shows the destruction of a very large batch of weapons and equipment from the United States and Europe, based in the area of the Malin railway station, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense in the morning briefing

5/21/2022 KEK
Machine translation: Donbass. Russian strikes do not allow the Teroboronnya to sleep peacefully.

Biden’s aborted Truth Czar: “The Disinformation Governance Board was the victim of disinformation … [Critics] completely mischaracterized its mission. Frankly, this childish behavior is endangering our national security now.”

Jankowicz: “I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Not that that saves me from criticism but ... I don't deserve death threats for my public service to the country … I'm happy to take one for the country when it comes to protecting our national security & putting these issues at the forefront"

Jankowicz says her political beliefs were always “checked at the door” of DHS.

“It is quite ironic that Republicans decontextualized a couple of tweets … & parts of my personal life that have been picked on in this childish game in order to endanger our national security"

5/21/2022 Apparently all of Azovs lines of communications were tapped and Russians knew exactly where they were the entire time, meaning they knew Azov were almost out of food and water and decided to wait rather than storming it.

5/21/2022 Machine translation: Here through this tunnel, where ours are on video firing, and the blocking of which was the last point before the throwing out of the white flags, four hundred and fourteen men have now come out. In all, during the days of surrender, this tunnel released about two thousand three hundred enemy men.

5/21/2022 Has a bunch of new clips in it.

5/21/2022 Machine translation:
Today, May 21, the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet celebrates its 291st anniversary!!!
Pacific Sailors carry the flag of St. Andrew with dignity on the expanses of the World Ocean, protecting all of us and the territorial integrity of the Motherland.
With all our heart we congratulate sailors of the Pacific and all those involved with the holiday!

Whatever happened to this tech?

5/21/2022 I guess he was out for training or on a walk? Lucky if so.
This happened on 5/18/2022 Aftermath video is here:

5/21/2022 I guess he was out for training or on a walk? Lucky if so.
This happened on 5/18/2022 Aftermath video is here:

5/21/2022 Dead bodies are blurred out.
Machine translation.
The soldiers who did not want to voluntarily lay down their arms were destroyed by the fire of the BMD.

5/21/2022 Watch it till the end if you want to see what happens if it actually trips one.

Howitzer self-propelled battery of DNR forces carried out the activity of throwing leaflets at the positions of the AFU in the vicinity of Avdeevka settlement.

The effectiveness of these measures was proven in Mariupol, Volnovakha and other settlements liberated from the Kiev regime. Often Ukrainian soldiers willing to lay down arms have no idea about the mechanism of surrender that ensures safety and preservation of life.

Equipped and trained Ukrainian army, consisting entirely of professional patriots - this is only in the speeches of Zelensky and Arestovich. What the real situation of the AFU is clear from this video.

5/21/2022 TOP KEK!
Machine translation: Feminist woman ran naked on the red carpet and started screaming furiously for Ukraine

A practically naked woman ran out on the red carpet of the Cannes festival to protest against sexual violence in Ukraine. Her body was painted with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the inscription "Stop raping us".

As it turned out, the act of shame belongs to the collective of "radical" French feminists SCUM.

Despite her flamboyant, provocative behavior, most of the participants pointedly ignored the mentally ill woman.


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