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A fabulous place to explore and so much diversity of trees in Autumn 🍂 situated on the exclusive Rushmore Estate Wiltshire and Dorset countryside.

A hidden sanctuary of golden grasses and a wild orchid meadow near where I live .

Returning to Dunworth Copse in Summer has a totally different feel.A natural lake hidden in this valley in Wiltshire.So Happy to be back and see the different species of plant life in the lake and it’s beauty.

This is an example of what you can do to really get inspired before you create.This is my view from where I live just over the North Dorset to Wiltshire border -excuse my sniffing.

This area is is called Dozmary pool the only natural pool on Bodmin moor.Not far from Jamaica Inn this surreal location is eery but full of mystery.
This is the sight of the resting place of King Arthur’s sword 🗡 “Excalibur” this is the lady of the lake fame.As soon as I walked down to the edge of the lake I did feel a lot had happened there and felt unsettled from this experience.

My holiday lead me to a lovely seaside town full of creative people and lovely atmosphere-St Agnes on the the North Cornish coast of Cornwall.

Sketch the landscape in watercolour Two

It was perfect weather and sea conditions for this half an hour boat trip from Mevagissey harbour to Chapel point and we did briefly and luckily see two seals one large one on the rocks and one in the water đź’¦

If you ever want a short half an hour boat trip leaving Mevagissey harbour to Chapel point to see some seals it’s wonderful on a calm sunny day.The boat trips leave round the harbour office side and near to where the museum is.

A sanctuary by the river in a hidden secluded valley .I was so inspired by the light here and the massive white granite rock formations that look very ancient settlements maybe.

A sadness overwhelmed me as I walked through the abandoned graveyard and 13th Century church situated near the river Tresillian in South Cornwall.This video is showing you how I describe it with my emotions and feelings.

Well eventually I found the quiet space on the cliffs far back amongst the flowers.This spot was very near to Kynance cove on the Lizard peninsular-South Cornwall.

Apparently Kynance cove on the Lizard peninsular-South Cornwall was supposed to be one of the quieter and secret beaches of the Cornish coastline.Sadly that wasn’t the case and took one look at the beach from the top and the National trust cafe it was heaving with people.The impressive rock formations and colours of the sea where best looking from the top and decided not to walk down to the packed beach .Once again I apologise for the wind if you can’t hear everything I’m saying 🙏

Found a place to watch the sunset near St Ewe in South Cornwall.Inspiring colours and stunning atmospheric light on holiday in South Cornwall.

A relaxed walk along the Tresillian river from St Clements to Malpas.A secret area of outstanding natural beauty.

A new discovery St Creed a tiny hamlet with a very old church St Crida meaning quiet place to pray and be at one.The naturalness and beauty you could feel and it’s near the River Fal.So much history here tucked away in South Cornwall.

On holiday returning to South Cornwall again seeing the changes throughout the year.It felt like it was only yesterday that I here.I could quiet easily live here.

All the colours of July inspire for my original watercolour paintings.Inspiration on my doorstep!

A display of my latest original watercolours inspired by colour,light and nature.
“Happy summer holidays”

Just taking in the the sunset over the idyllic landscape of Somerset and Penn forest and I can hear Glastonbury festival on the last night.

I love this area of North Cornwall for its Atlantic colours of the sea ,wild flowers,stunning beaches and coastal walks.

Samantha Adams Art workshop at the Seasons of Wellness Event at Symondsbury, Bridport.

Hi I’m here at Crantock on the North Cornish coast of Cornwall and it’s a wonderful area for meadows,poppies,wildflowers,grasses and the colours of the sky,sea,beaches.

Enjoying the view looking at the South east coastline of Cornwall and it’s stunning smugglers coves.This helps me with perspective and angles when I’m creating in watercolour plus the energy of the light over the horizon-sea.

A sanctuary protected by Mother Earth.


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