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Enjoying the view looking at the South east coastline of Cornwall and it’s stunning smugglers coves.This helps me with perspective and angles when I’m creating in watercolour plus the energy of the light over the horizon-sea.

A sanctuary protected by Mother Earth.

A sanctuary I have found hidden and nestled in the Deer park forest of South East Cornwall-enjoy my experience!

Using your observation skills just a simple guide to looking for compositions in watercolour.

How to look for compositions in nature.

Set on the outskirts of an idyllic village called Maiden Bradley just over the border of Wiltshire into Somerset lies a stunning copper beech avenue of trees and the striking yellow rapeseed behind them.I will explore this area more this summer so look out for that.

Not far from Penn hill nature reserve is Aaron hill this is all part of the Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Going back to this wonderful place which has inspired me for creating my Watercolours 🌿

Describing my joy of this time of year the fresh greens,crab apple blossom and a spring into summer meadow.This is the view of Melbury hill looking from Shaftesbury hill near Cann in North Dorset.This is where I live.

Isn’t it amazing what you find if you just explore what’s around you.

A new discovery on my art journey.I came across a medieval fishpond in a rustic location on the border of North Dorset -Kington Magna.

A wonderful discovery in the heart of these woods grows a huge copper beech tree in its radiant glory.

The sunset appeared over the three countries in its radiant glow.The view from Castle hill -Shaftesbury- North Dorset.

An atmospheric view looking over the Penselwood valley from the high tops of Penn hill nature reserve -enjoy my art journey experience in a new area of discovery.

Just walked down through the pine forest of Stourhead Estate into a tranquil setting with a gentle stream running through the wilderness.Im breathing in the goodness and observing all the vegetation ,water and trees 🌲🌿🌱🙌

Sketch the landscape in wet in wet watercolour technique
In north Dorset

An atmospheric morning it’s 7.25 and I’m totally inspired to paint my room with a view where I live.

I’m back at Dunworth Copse in Wiltshire.A hidden place full of nature showing you what I love and it’s on my doorstep !

Observing the River Stour at Blandford in North Dorset this is where it starts to widen its waters and banks.

The snowdrops are at there best now.February is a wonderful month for snowdrops and this is my local town where I live.Im very lucky as I can just step out of the Art garden studio and immerse myself in these wild winter flowers.

A wonderful composition to create I find myself in a place that I live just over the border of a North Dorset into Wiltshire-Enjoy.

Studio fast Demo

Atmospheric morning created this scene before me which is what makes me inspired as soon as I wake up.

I’m here today by the River Stour in Blandford-North Dorset.It is a great place to watch nature and find many compositions that I will store in my visual memory.Feeling the movement of the water ,reflections and earthy ,muted colours perfect for a waterscape in watercolour.

Describing this scene before me on a walk in the countryside near where I live just over the border of North Dorset into Wiltshire.


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