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This suggestion came from Jef Costello on yt!

Dave had not heard of Calibro 35 prior to this but I think he enjoyed both the music and the really fun video.

Thanks Jef!

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Wooo! It’s our one hundredth episode and we’re celebrating with the eighth installment of our Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets series!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Lina Morgana []This week’s conspiracy is about a lovely young lady who was tragically taken from us way too early. Meet Lina Morgana, a very talented young lady who was definitely on the fast track to fame and fortune.

The official story — if you can find it — is that Lina jumped to her death in 2008.

The official conspiracy, however, hints that Lady Gaga may have been involved. You see, Lady Gaga was Lina’s back up vocalist. The rumor is they recorded 12 songs together before Lina’s untimely death. Some have stated that Gaga’s interesting style choices were ripped off from Lina. Does this all sound too crazy to you? Perhaps it is, but there seems to have been a concerted effort to scrub Lina’s death from the internet. To me that screams “Streisand Effect.”

In the song “Wunderland” (which we play in this episode) Lina sings the word “can’t” as “c-c-c-can’t” and one can’t help but wonder if “p-p-p-poker face” wasn’t a direct bite from that. Or is it an homage? We can only speculate.

Regardless of the cause of her death, the world would be a much better place with Lina still in it. Her family has put together a lovely website honoring Lina, and many of her songs and television appearances can still be found on youtube (including songs featuring Gaga).


The Rendlesham Forest Incident, also known as ‘Britain’s Roswell’, is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a Craft of Unknown Origin or UFO. It is also a case that involved very credible witnesses, trained (USAF) United States Air Force observers and security police.

The incident spanned three days in 1980. Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest, east of Ipswich, in Suffolk, England. Nearby are the twin NATO air bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge; at the time both bases were being leased to the United States Air Force. Several UFO incidents, including multiple-witness sightings by military personnel, ground traces, and radioactive anomalies were reported from Rendlesham forest.

In this segment we go through some of the evidence from Lt. Col. Charles Halt’s micro-recorder as well as some testimony we found in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Personally, I believe these guys 100% saw something unexplainable — Dave’s not entirely sure.

This Deep Dark Secret comes courtesy of, one of the best places for Hollywood gossip.

I am calling it Old Hollywood, but the subject of the blind is still alive. Very old, but alive. I always say the first rule of Hollywood is to never leave a hit show. This actor/singer was one of the first to do it and when he left, the show didn’t have a chance, and crashed and burned the next year. He will say he left the show because he was sick. Yes, sick from drinking too much, but that isn’t the reason. The reason was that he knew, that despite him being the second lead, he was the star of the show. People watched because of him. He wanted a raise that would have made him the highest paid actor of the time, whether in movies or television. The name of the show is also memorialized in song. The producers of the show thought he was bluffing. He wasn’t. They thought they could be a hit without him. They were wrong. It limped through the one season without him. They tried to get him to come back during that final season, but he asked for even more money than before, because he knew they were desperate. Not desperate enough to pay him his fee though. So, what happened to our actor? He never had another hit. He worked and worked, but no hits.

The cracker jack super sleuths in the comments identified George Maharis as being the subject of this old Hollywood Blind item. George was the second lead in the show “Route 66” which aired from 1960 to 1964. George was ballsy enough to walk away from the show and Hollywood made an example out of him. Dave and I go over this story and do some speculating!

Welp, that’s it for our 100th episode! To those of you who have actually listened to all of our episodes, thank you so much for that! It’s much appreciated!

Don’t forget to check out it’s so much fun, great music, great overnight programming and some special music blocks scheduled in.

And if you have been having a hankering to get your own show or you want us to air your podcast, then just email us through the site and let us know what you’d like to submit.

Alrighty, that’s it from me, for now.

Thanks again for listening!



Hi everyone! This suggestion came from John Woodberry on yt.

Dave was really enjoying it UNTIL! something so terrible happened in the video, I thought he may never be able to truly embrace Muse again.

You'll just have to watch to see what it was that triggered Dave so completely. Hint: Dave is a drummer.

Thanks so much for this great suggestion John!

This suggestion came from both John Woodberry and SheRa17!

There was a live version but I was afraid it may be too long for Dave to sit through and I went with the animated video version. Remind me not to do that any more. He really does prefer live versions BUT he did say he very much appreciated listening to this recorded version because it sounded so great.

Thanks John Woodberry (AGAIN!) and SheRa17 for this truly great suggestion.

Today's Jamiroquai reaction was suggested by rayno rashid from yt!

Who do you think Dave would like to see up on stage singing this alongside JK? What band does Dave think Jamiroquai sounds like on this number?

All will be revealed!

Thanks again rayno for this excellent suggestion!

This reaction was suggested by our pal Mark Levitt (@wiggybloogy on twitter).

Dave had zero idea as to what he was actually watching in terms of where everyone was from and what genre of music this was classified as.

The video is stunningly beautiful and although this isn't Dave's regular listening fare he did like the song!

Thanks for the suggestion Mark!

I don't think Dave was familiar with this particular post-Cream Baker band.

The bassist couldn't be any more 70s even if his life depended on it. I personally will always have a place in my heart for big hair and fringe.

Hey there everyone! Today's reaction was a suggestion from
Edoardo Alves on yt!

Dave spent quite a bit of time trying to guess the name of the band and that eventually switched to him suggesting names for the band. #ViolinGuyOrchestra

He was pretty sure the band was comprised of music school students. Was he right? Yes, of course.

He absolutely loved the drumming BUT was disappointed by the lack of a solo by one of the other members.

Thanks so much for your suggestion Edoardo!

Happy New Year friends!

Today's request came from Dindu Muffin on yt!

About 45 seconds in Dave starts to get a little suspicious. Truth be told he likes this song . . . BUT! You'll just have to watch it to find out what Dave's "but" is.

Thanks again for the suggestion Dindu!

Hi everyone! This reaction was suggested by castle07dw on yt!

Dave thinks he recognizes the singer and manages to guess who it is eventually, although he's not *that* familiar with the band.

"These guys have a lot of hair and a lot of energy!"

Thanks for the suggestion castle07dw, Dave really liked this one!

This wasn't easy, and the results aren't perfect, but the "After" is a thousand times better than the "Before."

00:29 Step 1: Rust Removal
01:33 Step 2: Rust Converter
01:57 Step 3: Rubberized Undercoating
02:30 Step 4: A lot of Bondo Glass, Bondo Mesh And Sanding
13:47 Step 5: More Sanding
15:06 Step 6: Gold Body Filler and Sanding Round 1
18:41 Step 7: Gold Body Filler and Sanding Round 2
20:12 Step 8: Glazing & Spot Putty and Sanding
22:02 Step 9: Gray Filler Primer
23:50 Step 10: Color Match Paint
25:17 Step 11: Clear Coat

Here are ChrisFix's product links:

Glass Filler:
Gold Filler:
Adhesive Remover:
Spot Putty:
Body Patch Mesh:
Dust Mask:
Sanding Block:

Rust Converter:
Rubberized Undercoating:
Filler Primer:
Color Matching Paint:

Duplicolor Clear Coat:

Also here is the link to the respirator I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get before getting into the sanding marathon that is rust repair.

Respirator Filters:

We recently purchased a 2001 Toyota 4Runner for yours truly.

Other than being a little dirty on the inside, there are some significant rust issues. A nearby autoshop was going to charge nearly what we paid for the 4Runner to fix the rust. There's a lot of work involved in doing rust repair the right way. So, it was off to yt for me, where I found the holy grail of all amateur rust repair videos.

How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed) — ChrisFix

I watched ChrisFix's rust repair video a whole bunch of times before I finally felt like I might be able to do the repair myself.

I ordered the products he has listed in his description box plus a few more and I got to work.

If you feel like rust repair is something you can't do yourself, take it from me — with a little patience you absolutely can do it. Because I did. And I am not good at these things.

Here are ChrisFix's product links:

Glass Filler:
Gold Filler:
Adhesive Remover:
Spot Putty:
Body Patch Mesh:
Dust Mask:
Sanding Block:

Rust Converter:
Rubberized Undercoating:
Filler Primer:
Color Matching Paint:

Also here is the link to the respirator I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get before getting into the sanding marathon that is rust repair.

Respirator Filters:

I thought I'd try to trick Dave this week with this performer that was pointed out to me by @MrBillyboyroge.

Truth be told, Dave was a bit confused at first but then, out of nowhere, he guessed what he was watching. I don't know how he does it, but this time he even surprised himself.

Talent is clearly in the Kay family DNA.

We'd love to see a Karen and Jay collab!

This one wreaks of @wiggybloogy!

Dave has declared this MAN ROCK! And he means that in a good way. Actually I don't think he has anything negative at all to say about anybody on this stage. Though he is a bit sus of the girls in the audience.

Thanks for the suggestion!

This one was suggested by Carvalho Diablo on youtube!

As you can imagine, Dave very much enjoyed this one . . . BUT! He has questions. Fretless? Not fretless? If you know the answer, please tell us down below!

Thanks again Carvalho, great suggestion!

Usually Dave is not a fan of the longer videos BUT today's video was certainly an exception!

This particular performance definitely put the "jazz" in "acid jazz" for Dave.

I think he forgot he was supposed to talk for the first minute or so, he was too busy listening.

Subscribe, like and leave a suggestion for a song you'd like to see Dave react to!

This suggestion came for long time friend and suggester, @wiggybloogy on twitter aka Mark Levitt.

At first Dave wasn't sure what he was listening to but he does come around pretty quickly. Drums, vocals and keyboards are all stand outs to him. Sorry Joe.

Hiho! It's us again!

This week we decided to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music so you don't have to!

This movie is not good and on top of that it's chock full of woke shit. I for one would rather be entertained with out someone pushing an agenda down my throat.

It's a Bill and Ted movie for God's sake.

So we discuss the movie and discuss woke culture and how it is ruining everything.

It has been sneaking into everything for the past decade and it's nothing short of propaganda and I'm fairly sick of it.

Most recently it's been snuck right into the newest Spiderman game. This gamer was not amused. If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the comment section.

So we have [] the Chinese changing Hollywood to make sure they're always put in a good light and we have the [] socialists trying to force their version of morals on us in movies and video games and commercials and everywhere else they can.

They can all go fuck themselves.

The good news is Alex Winter has directed a Zappa documentary that looks very promising.

The even better news is that we finally got fast internet here in the middle of the woods and with that comes an exciting announcement!

Love you guys!

Finally, a Jamiroquai song Dave just can't get behind. . . is something I probably won't ever say.

Enjoy! Dave sure did!

I know some of you have been asking for Dave to react to a Brand New Heavies song for a while now and truth be told I've played him a few of your suggestions and he hasn't loved them for whatever reason.

I knew you all were on to something though and I refused to give up! So today I put this song on for him and I think he kind of fell in love with this lead singer. If you look really hard you can see cartoon hearts coming out of his eyes while he watches.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

It’s October! So that means it is time for some spooky shit! Woooo!

This week’s spooky shit is none other than Aleister Crowley. Aleister is spooky for a few reasons.

Of course most people know him as some sort of dark magic sex maniac who started his own religion. All of that is true, and all of that is spooky. But! You know what’s even spookier? How much influence he had on some of western culture’s biggest icons. John Lennon, Jimmy Page, Timothy Leary, David Bowie, the list goes on and on. [Sidenote — Jimmy Page is fucking bananas.]

Want to know something else? There seems to be a shit ton of pro-Crowley videos on youtube. Go ahead and search them for yourself. God forbid you are a free speech and second amendment loving conservative on youtube though. They have zero tolerance for that, but Crowley and his band of misfit followers are A fucking O.K.

That’s pretty insane to me.

Anywhoo, I digress. In this week’s podcast Dave and I discuss Crowley’s beginnings and some of his bat shit insane philosophies. We also play some clips from a documentary I recommend you watch if you are looking for more info on Aleister.

https://www youtube com/watch?v=oXGKhnfaK88

Fair warning! There seems to be no end of documentaries about him, but for quite a few of them on youtube, you realize pretty quickly that they aren’t so much a documentary as much as they are a propaganda piece on how amazing Aleister Crowley was. Fucking weird.

After we’re done discussin’ we turn to a list [from] of songs by bands who were inspired by Crowley. Sorry if some of your heroes are on this list. Maybe it’s time to rethink your heroes.

We’ll be sticking with spooky for the rest of the month! I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you next time!




PS If you read this whole thing, consider yourself a VIP in the Long Ass Description Gang! #LADG

Hiyo! We’re back with another exciting episode! This week we discuss each of our Top Five Bill Murray Movies.

I, of course, came prepared with a list while Dave had a list in his head that he may or may not have shifted the order around as the podcast progressed.

One of the movies on his list I’ve never seen. And, quite frankly, after reading up on it, I think it will stay in my “Not Seen” column.

Other than these Bill Murray movies, Dave tries to talk about “Tex” but it sparks such a giggle fit from him, he is unable to finish what he started to say.

Maybe you’ll be surprised by some of the movies on our lists, or perhaps by the movies that aren’t on our lists.

Take a listen and find out!

As always, thanks for tuning in!



[If you read this post on our website — all the clickable links are there!]

Hey hey hey! Here we are with the last episode of our spooky October episodes for 2020!

We saved the best for last. This week we have for you our seventh Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets episode!

If you’re new to these episodes, Dave gets to choose which category we go with first and this time he chose —

The Unsolved Mystery
We personally have been hearing about the Loch Ness monster since we were little kids. For me it was a lot less scary than Big Foot, but just as front and center in my mind. People have poo-poo’d the existence of Nessie for decades, BUT this month there was something very large caught on some extremely sophisticated sonar equipment out on Loch Ness. Dave and I play some clips and discuss what it is that could be down in the depths of the loch.

And then we switch gears and chat about —

The Deep Dark Secret
This episode’s Deep Dark Secret is one Dave just refuses to even entertain for a second. And truth be told, it is pretty way out there. There are rumors galore that the late Chester Bennington was actually the illegitimate son of John Podesta. Other than these two looking exactly alike, a fairly vague Clinton Foundation connection, and the somewhat weirdly coincidental fact that Linkin Park’s logo looks like the artwork that the FBI deems to be pedophilia code just like the sort of code words Podesta’s emails had in them — there’s absolutely nothing to this rumor. I’m not as convinced there’s nothing there as Dave is, but I definitely would need more good info.

And that leaves us with —

The Conspiracy
Flat earth, y’all. Are you down with this one? Seems like there are quite a few people out there who are. Even our own Dave makes a startling confession during this segment. We play some clips from people who believe we are in fact not living on a sphere and discuss the reason some think the powers that be are hiding the truth from us.

In between and during these segments we stray from the subject at hand because that’s just the way of it with us. Dave gets fixated on MungoJerry and demands I look into the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Other than that, he says stuff I have to bleep out more than once.

So, that’s it for this episode! I hope you enjoy it! If you have not yet listened to all of our conspiracy based episodes, perhaps you should click HERE and see if there’s anything that catches your eye!

We’ll see you next time, friends!




Heyooo and booooooo! It’s our second spooky-themed podcast for this October!

If you were around for the last time we did this, you may remember that once we started doing spooky stuff, we started having all sorts of technical glitches. Welp, it’s happened again. Garageband decided it could no longer see one of our microphones right as we sat down to record. The Halloween Goblins really like to mess with us here.

Anywhooo, this week’s episode is all about the Top Ten Highest Grossing Horror Films WORLDWIDE. Why the caps for “worldwide,” you ask? Well, because an international audience plays a huge part in some of these movies’ chart positions. A HUGE PART.

This list comes from Wikipedia, but don’t peek until after you’ve listened to the show, dagnabbit.

There are some movies that we are pretty shocked make it onto the list. Also movies that we are pretty shocked didn’t. Dave, of course, is chock full of opinions and fun facts which makes this episode even more fun.

So, sit back and relax, or get up and go with your earbuds. Whatever you want to do, really. Either way, enjoy listening to our take on the Top Ten Highest Grossing Horror Films WORLDWIDE.

And, if you are in the mood for more spooky stuff from us, check out our Halloween themed episodes from the last time we had Halloween themed episodes. Lots of fun stuff to go through there!

Finally, if you enjoy hearing Dave’s opinions, please do stop by our youtube channel and check out his reaction videos!

Thanks again for listening!

Here we are with our 3rd spooky episode for October 2020!

This one is all about Lorraine & Ed Warren, paranormal investigation pioneers.

This couple devoted their entire lives to investigating claims of all things supernatural. Some of their more famous cases have even been turned into blockbuster movies. The Amityville Horror (and all of the sequels and prequels), The Conjuring, Annabelle, etc all come from the case files of The Warrens.

Recently the Travel Channel (which no longer has anything to do with travel in any way) released a documentary about Ed and Lorraine. The Devil’s Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren is available on demand on the Travel Channel.

The documentary takes you through some of Ed and Lorraine’s cases and also goes into their history a bit as well. There is also a bunch of new audio recordings that have never been heard before that make their debut in the documentary.

Dave and I do a deep dive into the Bridgeport, Connecticut haunting on Lindley Street. We play some interesting clips from the documentary regarding that particular case. We also revisit The Amityville Horror and its background story — which is just as frightening as any movie about the house.

The Warrens influenced many paranormal investigators who followed in their footsteps. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State and I’m sure countless others. There are some that try to paint them as hoaxters but I don’t buy it. They never got rich off of their investigations and it seems as if they never turned down anyone who asked for their help.

Their son-in-law, Tony Spera, has a put together a website and a youtube channel chock full of interesting information about some of their cases. I definitely recommend checking out both.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

We’ll see you back here very soon for our 4th and final spooky October 2020 episode! In the meantime be sure to check out any of our other 93 episodes that you have missed, or head to our youtube channel and binge watch Dave’s reaction videos!


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