The dude that did this should be put to death

Downtown Austin shooting

They killed a innocent kid

Get out the way

People are annoying

Fuck everyone responsible for this fuckery

Idiots wanting to defund the police

Fuck these looters and antifa, RIP David Dorm

Fuck off antifa and paid protesters

This man was killed, I am sure the cop will get off

Such a shitty world we live in

Forgot to mention this

Just sharing my thoughts

Been gone a min

It's been awhile here's a video

Thoughts on tekashi69

Just stfu

Kinda crazy, who's watching that boring shit? lol

South Austin fire, Houston flood

Much respect to people who mind their business

More vape fear mongering

I am so sick of this

Use goduckgo

The app itself is a bit glitchy I can't upload

Not cool


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