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🤡 Press Secretary and MSM: Joe Biden and ""Cheap Fakes"!
#KarineJeanPierre #FakeNews #CNN

Steve Bannon Full Speech at Turning Point Action Detroit! 6-16-24
#TurningPointAction #Trump #SteveBannon #CharlieKirk

Alex Jones Gives Powerful Speech At Turning Point Action In Detroit! 6-16-24
#TurningPointAction #TurningPointUSA #AlexJones #JackPosobiec #CharlieKirk #Infowars #Detroit

Jeff Rense with Wolfgang Halbig on Questions about Sandy Hook! (The Truth is hard to swallow!)

Wolfgang Halbig: Revisiting Sandy Hook! (The Truth is hard to swallow!)

A Tribute to the Unvaccinated!

Alex Jones' Interview with Tucker Carlson! 6-13-24 (Anyone who Thumbs down this video is Anti-American!)
#NuclearWar #Russia #Ukraine #Democrats #Globalists #Uniparty

🚨 American Farmer Blowing The Whistle On US Government! 6-9-24

My Prophetic Dream about Alex Jones! If you give this a thumbs down, then you must be a Stupid Brainwashed Sheeple! In that case, watch this video:

#Infowars #AlexJones

🤡 Miss Alabama: It's BULLSHIT!

🤡 Joe Biden's Secret Service Agents!
#WhiteHouse #President #Dementia

Alex Jones' DIRE WARNING About Nuclear War with Russia! (6-5-24) (Anyone who thumbs down this video wants Nuclear War!)
#Apocalypse #NATO #WW3 #Russia #Ukraine #NuclearWar

💩 GENUINE OBIDEN BULLSHIT: Joe Biden's New Border Executive Actions! (If you support Biden, you're either a Traitor or a Brainwashed Sheeple!)
#BorderCrisis #Invasion #Illegals #JoeDementia #Antichrist #NuclearWar

BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Fauci Found Guilty of Mass Murder! (Anybody who Thumbs Down this video is an Idiot and a Brainwashed Sheeple!)

Message from Native Patriot about Trump Verdict! @LaNativePatriot
To anyone who Thumbs Down this, you're a fucking Traitor!

🤡 Robert DeNiro vs New Yorkers!
#TrumpDerangementSyndrome #TDS #Democrats

Alex Jones Vows to go "Full War Path" on Robert Kennedy Jr Starting Monday 5/27/24 after the Rubber Chicken Libtard Convention!
#LibertarianConvention #Trump #AlexJonesWasRight #RFKJr

😵‍ I had no idea Libertarians were as ignorant as Dummycrats until I saw them boo and heckle #DonaldTrump at the #LibertarianConvention! Trump courageously tried to get them on board to Save America, but they're too STUPID to figure that out #RobertKennedyJr is a Democrat!
#Trump #PresidentTrump

5 Things People Claim Kill Cancer! (I do not give medical advice. I don't know if any of these work. I'm just sharing videos that I found on the internet.)

Ivermectin is an Anti-Cancer Agent! (I do not give medical advice. I don't know if this works. I'm sharing a video that I found on the internet.)

Apricot Seeds to Fight Cancer (I do not give medical advice. I don't know if this works. I'm sharing a video that I found on the internet.)

🔥 Reactions to King Charles' Portrait!
#KingCharles #Portrait

MANDELA EFFECT: The Death of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's Assassination!
#JohnWilkesBooth #MandelaEffect #AbrahamLincoln #LindberghBabyKidnapping

A Theory on How a CERN Accident Caused The MANDELA EFFECT!
Original video posted on December 24, 2023 here:
To see my extensive research, personal experiences, and theories on the Mandela Effect, visit my website at! Use the Drop-down Menu on the Toolbar at the top of the page to access.
#CERN #LargeHadronCollider #MandelaEffect

Whistleblower Scott Carbajal Former Project Scientist : Testimony that the Mandela Effect is real! I found this video here posted by "UfoGuy SpaceMan" on November 1, 2022: "Mandela Effect Evidence" A post on X/Twitter by the @mandela_imec said that the original was posted in 2017. If anyone has any more information on Scott Carbajal or any more videos posted by him, please share it here! I appreciate this Whistleblower. I'm Mad as Hell at the f*ckers at #CERN who caused the #MandelaEffect! Most of my loved ones are on Alternate Timelines!
#ParallelTimelines #AlternateUniverse #ShiftingTimelines #TimeTravel #JohnTitor


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