Muslim children in Philadelphia Muslim Society singing a disturbing song that they do not even comprehend.

Youtube sensation (now censored) Soph is interviewed by Alex Jones.

Not a full video yet but serves for the starters.

If vaccination is so good and real, what are they afraid of? -The discrediting of their theory and paradigm. It's no wonder it received wide criticism.

Wikileaks released unused footage of Moon landing showing it was REALLY filmed in Nevada desert...?

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Soph's PATREON: +please consider switching to a Linux operating system such as Ubuntu, away from the oppression by Microsoft / Windows.

...and a puppet.

OB: "After several comments told me I was way off on Bono, given my personality, I had no other choice than to do a bunch of research on him and dedicate an entire episode to further prove my point that he is vile.

The pope, harvey weinstein, bill clinton, ONE charity, tax evasion, hypocrisy, theft, fake enviornmentalism, weird album covers, and much much more!"

"Can someone give me a number of how many celebrities or democrats said F***K Obama when he shut down the government?"

Expresses his disgust with Colin Kaepernick.


Source (The Beatles Youtube Channel)

Music video by The Beatles performing Strawberry Fields Forever. © 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Subafilms Ltd.


Source (The Beatles Youtube Channel)

Music video by The Beatles performing Strawberry Fields Forever. © 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Subafilms Ltd.

This seemingly flaky professor is everything wrong with education in the USA today? Blindly "left wing" with no connection to the original working class values at all. SJW snowflake poisoning young minds with a twisted rhetoric.

This kind of "professors" should be fired.

People blame criminals on guns, then they want to take away the freedom of the Americans by taking civilians guns.

Is it logical to be pro-choice on abortion but not for vaccines? The future doctors but mere puppets?

Music video by Midnight Oil performing Put Down That Weapon. (C) 1997 Midnight Oil

Turvapaikkajärjestelmän hyväksikäyttö ja todelliset vainotut.
Sebastian Tynkkynen kuuntelee ja haastattelee.


"As long as the concept of money exists we'll never move forward as a species. Imagine if everyone worked for the advancement of the species instead of the advancement of a select few people's money & power in exchange for breadcrumbs?

Technologies & medicines that could change the world are routinely withheld from public knowledge because it's not good for the elite. For instance I know for a FACT the technology to build car engines that get 90 MPH & give off 90% less carbon emissions has existed for 40+ years.

I know for a FACT that pretty much every machine, tool, or structure available to us is actually built to eventually fail & could last lifetimes if done to our full ability."

Olli Heikkilä (Pirkanmaa) ehdokas nro. 116

"99% of every person of Christian faith does not know what Roman emperor Constantine did at the council of Nicea in 325 A.D. when the Catholic Church was created. How they decided what books in the Bible would and would not contain. How Y'shua would be presented.

How many times translators have left out, changed or just added what supported what they were trying to push. How many tens of millions were killed during the inquistion and crusades if they didn't convert. Probably not what Y'shua had in mind.

He wanted none of what the world was given in his name. Have faith. It's good. But: learn the history and the truth about it. Seems that most of the "thumpers" that posted all the negative "satan stuff" know about how the religion of Christianity was actually created. GOD gave us brains. So use it."

In this video, David Icke presents a brilliant lecture that answers, in astounding detail, this one vitally important question: what is consciousness? David shares his incredible knowledge about what consciousness really is. David also shows us who we really are and the way out of crisis.

Consciousness is so essential to our experience and yet remains one of the greatest mysteries of modern times. Mind, as defined by the ancients, is consciousness itself, more than just logic, reason, or mind chatter, it is also an order-maker, bringing coherence to chaos, and life to the unliving.

Your pineal gland can connect you to higher states of consciousness. These governments are keeping the knowledge away from you to control you.


Taken from the upcoming film 'Renegade' being released on Tuesday 4th June.
Tickets to the Premiere's available here



David Icke exposes a man so powerfull that none dare speak his name. Visit WRC MAIN SITE for more breaking news



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