Attack The Radical

I remember when I first heard about this dumbass he would openly admit he was a jew now I think they scrubbed all of that

Come on bored yaght ape where is your humor you gotta laugh at how stupid some of this degenercy really is and we do nothing to stop it

What will it take for us to rise up and eradicate the inbred jew ?
William Pierce's brother

was a cousin fucker also

come on who the fuck would believe this bs


why were we so stupid to not notice

At this point in the game the only chance we have of survival in near future is if some honorable Christian can invent some kind of race specific disease that can wipe out all the Jews and niggers

The inbred idiots actually think God gives it to them
Some truly ugly ass inbreds that have a psychopath way of thinking
If you wanna be enlightened for your day watch this it will make the dumbest of dumb feel like they can accomplish anything

complete eradication of the inbred jew is the only way.
And so you know I am blocked from comm,enting again they say I incite violence maybe I do but sometimes its needed in my opinion they are just mad because they know it is towards them this time

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anyone remember that caller that called in on alex jones that questioned that one host about the jewish problem we have I swear this is the same girl

for being such a small percentage of population one would have to think they have some psychopath brain disorder


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Personal insult leads to multi-injury all I’m trying to do is spread truth and hopefully wake someone up if I can do that I feel I tried to atleast do something . KILLING HURTS BUT HAS TO BE DONE