World is run by these globalists WEF, WHO, Bilderberg, Davos etc....secret societies

Paul Hellyer's :
Loads of stuff from this man still out there.
2020 was so crazy this never went viral:

How Fake news fools the sheep

This evil supremacists have been controlling the world for a long time. They started all wars, funded both sides and made a literally killing. This "tribe" of jews doesn't mean all of them, same as We the people are not all Cabal/deep state.
I've research the Asian connection, as far as I could find they came from India and worshipped Kali Ma
Research this name change group...look who has jewish parents today, look who has Israeli double passports, they where in charge of the slave ships
They infiltrated Royal houses:
Still think the protocols of Zion are not real?

Besides being in all kinds of food, it's also in vaccines. (In vaccines there are also cells from other species like calves and chicken dna) Now since I'm no doctor but I still believe 1+1=2 is this the cause of auto-immune disease? If there are other dna sequences being put in your body is the body trying to eliminate them?
Another thing is the elites taste for cannibalism. Look up partners of celebs, cannibal clubs and who's behind them. baby foreskin used in beauty creams etc. Now do you understand the push for abortions? It serves multi purposes. We are being rules by satanists

This is some history of's important to connect the dots of:
Operation paperclip, founders of the UN, The praise of Margaret Sanger by Hillary, Vaccine pushers, Rockefellers at the founding of #BigPharma.
These Eugenicists are targeting everyone. This is not about black/white, we have to see past these dividing tools they use, at some point we have all been targeted, and we have to stop playing their dividing games. Stop calling out blacks/whites or any other color, we are all human ! On the point of over population: We all fit inside the state of Texas !
Testimony of Mr.Vaccine
Thread about some connections

Update by Reiner Fuellmich on Neurenberg 2.0

Normally I don't post others shows, but I found this one very informative.
You can find them here:

In the #EU people were being told this new British "second wave" was to be so much more dangerous. And just like a year ago when it started empty hospitals globally #filmyourhospital

Someone send me this, didn't do a check, but interesting none the less

Lots of tech people have no idea of. They can put voices in your head, torture at distance, etc. This is also one way of creating mass shooters trough MK ultra and trigger words,drug and "therapy"
A good interview about this:

Some info in my pdf. map

This occasion represent all the narratives they like to spread (the timing was during #RussiaGate) white supremacy, immigrants are victim, gun control and distraction from inconvenient truths. That makes this imo a false flag. The pictures at the end are screenshots from a video I sadly don't have. In that video were lots of things not adding up.
Here are some articles about the thing

They had their first anniversary yesterday 10-4-21

Libya's Ghadaffi who was killed by the Cabal, had his own bank, water system and a outspoken opinion. By killing him they created mayhem in Libya and opened the floodgate of immigration to EU. Which was also planned as layed out in the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. It all ties together with Benghazi and seal team 6 and all the catastrophe which followed..
Obama is a Muslim brotherhood asset born in Kenya and therefor a Manchurian candidate.

what is laid out here is figured out by relentless digging into Trump, Nixon, Tesla etc. All this info was gathered from open source. Whether you believe Abel or Juan or not. Thousands off anonymous people online gathered it the same way exactly.

Gen. Flynn his answer.
All countries are corporations instead of free and independent countries, and you are in it by your birth certificate

All these so called leaders and fake ass stars are taking their shot, trying to convince you to take yours because muh safe and effective

WTC 7 being reported down while still standing. Silverstein making big profit over the "terrorism attack".

Reiner Fullmich is the lawyer who sued VW and Deutsch bank and he has in cooperation globally lawsuits on #PcrGate and Corona hoax

To establish any virus you need to be able to isolate it Koch postulates

Again another medical branch which has been more detrimental than beneficial.

They have to tell you what is going on. Serie from 2006 onward
Evergreen ......
Killary/ HRC SS name= evergreen. Connect Laura Silsby to Clinton foundation....Clinton foundation laundering system


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