Documentary on Lyme disease which is done with a objective viewpoint.
Dr. Bergman on healing and the immunsystem:
Wikileaks email with healing tips and the possibility of warfare:
A Sott article on Lyme:
A doctor who calls it bio-warfare:

If you want to have a reasonable search engine I recommend Yandex or better still Tor

False flags are mostly terror inciting events to deflect from a breaking story they want silenced, or for political reasons.
This video explains it well. The list below I haven't vetted personal, but the latest I know are FF.
Look for actors who appear on multiple occassions playing victims.
People do die in these FF. The perpetator is often a "lone wolf" , often on some drugs and or psychiatric help


Barry Soetoro, America's gay manchurian candidate.

Satanist in power.....the fight good vs evil is real

Well, we haven't even finished supporting Nazi's in Ukraine, now we have to be ready to be locked down for eternity because the WHO treaty gave them authority over 126 countries health. The monkey pox has already gotten A-status because of 84 SUSPECTED cases. It's the same players all over of coarse. Molly did a vid on that
The screenshots at the end of this video are found here:
their "excercise" event (just like the rona)
That's where to vid from Gates comes from also.
The antiviral which they just scrubbed from the web TECOVIRIMAT
Source first part:

Thomas Renz on the official numbers of the DOD database for adverse reactions to the kill jab. The DOD system is accurate because the military has the obligation to report.

That's why you need to be controlled, brainwashed, dumbed-down and constantly distracted.
Even church denies you are created in the image of God/Creator by teaching this is from the devil.
CIA docs:

This video is very well done again. The "war" (special mil. op) in Ukraine is about pandemics, deep state proxy country, de-nazification, CIA coups and the ongoing war against Russia .
Link to doc on bio-terrorism:
This war is a great learning curve for what happened in WW1 & 2, pertaining to Russia, Nazies and the Zionists. Who started and funded both wars
The orig. source has many more links to other must watch video's
Revealing Ukraine by Oliver Stone:

Documentary on rootcanals performed on many and what it causes for the overall health.
Rootcause paper:

Energy from ether. Those pesky Russians again....
doing research kinda like Tesla and connection to ancient buildings (Tartaria anyone? )
Imagine doing research wich actually helps mankind....can't have that, Russia is the enemy.........

Ardis says testing the water with PCR, which test for anything ! So not valid !! Deaths not exceeding flu !! This doesn't take away other findings he showed but no danger direct from water.
I'm not saying drinking venom is something you should do, But there's a push to fear and thatś not necesarry. Ardis also said in a later video it's not to worry about because if it's in the water basins it's very much diluted.

Everything is being provided for...
They invented every crisis and the scarcity hoax to make us pay and create the Climate hoax, with rising sea levels, hole in the ozon, melting ice caps etc. All to make them rich

Crispr 9 has been used for over a while
The DOD through DARPA has it's hands in it

Safe and effective......where did we hear that before....

I removed the Phil Schneider clip, I guess I fell for it. Did not research properly. I want to share that what I researched to be true.
When he's still up on YT, been on the news, and is on Amazon it's most likely false aka controlled oppsosition.

It's part of corrupting many from a young age. Pedo's run the place
The young "stars" are victims themselves and put up on stage to pervert our kids even more.
They even had a "cruise" to Epstein Island

This has been rumored about, putting grafene on your food, clothes and other material

Nothing is like it seems...
Biolabs, money laundering, Human trafficking, the playing field of the Deep state. Here's a thread by Clandestine:
Another very good take on it by Patel patriot and devolution.
This whole thing distracts from the fact that countries aligned with the WEF are signing their constitution over to them in case of a emergency in May

Georgie Soros aka Geörgy Schwarz is the prime financier of Color revolutions (overthrowing of anti-globalists countries), Antifa sponsor, sponsors of countless NGO's helping to further the NWO's goals
A nazi symphatizer etc
When he recently on twitter wrote a thread pro Ukraine that's all you need to know.

Money laundering, Bio-labs, profits by corruption, gas (Burisma) etc
Besides Ukraine and Belarus belonged to Russia before, but by Coup détat's being stolen from them and being used to harass and creep up to Russia's borders by Nato and US

Because the court are all infiltrated with puppets this trial became a trial of public opinion. It's up to us to get as many eyes on this as possible. The website can be found here:
There you can find all of their testimonies, and where you can find them.


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