Reuploaded here as this was false flagged twice on Youtube.

As Kraut got false flagged, here's a mirror of our video!
In this video we do our first response and uncover not only a lack of knowledge, but also some glearing dishonesty.

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Video by Science Man:
James Watson start of downfall:
James Watson Sunday Times Interview:
Lawrence Summers:
Bruce Lahn's paper:
Bruce Lahn's weird paper:,%20Bruce%20&%20Lanny%20Ebenstein.%20%22Let%27s%20celebrate%20human%20genetic%20diversity.%22%20Nature%20461,%20no.%2035%20(2009).pdf
Papers debunking Bruce Lahn:
Comment by Evans:
Comment by Mathias Currat:
The ongoing adaptive evolution of ASPM and Microcephalin is not explained by increased intelligence:
Establishment of a Mouse Model with Misregulated Chromosome Condensation due to Defective Mcph1 Function:
Reconstrcting the evolutionary history of microcephalin, a gene controlling human brain size:
Population Genomics and the Statistical Value of Race:
Why is it hard to find traits Associated with Social Science Traits:
Evidence for Recent Polygenic Selection on Educational Attainment and Intelligence Inferred from GWAS Hits: Replication of Previous Findings Using Recent Data:
Davide Piffers funny blog:
Davide Piffer on ResearchGate:
Dissociable Effects of Lesions to Orbifrontal Cortex Subregions on Impulsive Choice in Rat:
Case Report: Acquired Antisocial Personality Disorder Associated with Unilateral Left Orbital Frontal Lobe:
Variability in Frontotemporal Braint Structure: The Importance of Recruitment of African Americans in Neuroscience Research:
Latitudinal variation in light levels drives human visual system size:
Northern humans had bigger brains, to cope with low light levels, study find:
Neanderthal brains focused on vision and movement leaving less room for social networking:
Brain Degeneration and Dementia in Sub-Saharan Africa:
Early under-nutrition and mental performance:
Race and IQ releated Genes:
Genetic Variation Associated with Differential Educational Attainment in Adults Has Anticipated Associations with School Performance in Children:
GWAS of 126,559 Individuals Identifies Genetic Variants Associated with Educational Attainment:

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3:03 Hello and welcome.3:40 Mainstream media and technical difficulties.4:52 What is a meme?14:47 My Grandfather was an indian too.16:21 Youtube becoming screwtube? (feat. Devil's Advocate).31:17 Proof youtube is removing views and throttling videos.37:45 A "Lovesong" for youtube (Remix by RealRaven2000).39:15 Free speech and conservative hypocrites.55:17 Cinco de Milo.1:05:50 Why Mykeru usually takes the Bicycle.1:06:21 The thin Southern line.1:34:58 Even you Breitbart?1:41:54 CNN is the real nothing-burger.1:49:47 Use your brain! (New video).1:55:03 You can't hurry Sandre.Devil's Advocate: discord: