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Please see other videos on this channel for full links and documentation to talking points in this vid. This was a FB live discussion archived here as I don't want to use that venue any longer.

Footage from media has proven this is a simulation presented as real. Here we examine more staged scenes. All publicly available footage from the news media itself, drone footage that was featured widely on national news. Here are your links:
WPLG near 3:50 minutes of raw footage documents this simulation, investigators this is must hard copy video that will debunk the whole thing. I am just pointing out a FRACTION of what this reveals.
WSVN tv link local miami drone footage:
On scene officer told responding police to STAY away from school:

Video that got me thrown off livestreaming last night - it is not complete because they logged me out and ended my stream. This is all publicly documented evidence. For all the links and sources, see my other Florida Parkland Shooting videos and their video descriptions, extensive links.

Sources and Links:
Parkland deputy heard shots inside school building, told cops to stay away, recordings show
Redacted Surveillance Footage of Parkland Surveillance Camera:
Footage of Sheriff Israel reporting the three shootings OUTSIDE school (two near building, one on street corner), this has been MEMORY HOLED and disappeared from timelines and news coverage. It is simply GONE:
Here is a FB summary with tons of links:
For MANY more links that were used in this video, please see these other videos on bitchute with full links and sources in vid description. Not reinventing the wheel:
And full discussion around rights grabs with links:

Look at what they SHOW you. People are being taken in by a cheap parlor trick. LINKS AND SOURCES: (I will add more but this is a good base)
Media story on Sam Fuentes talking documenting her injuries: (shrapnel behind right eye, direct gunshot wound to one leg, shrapnel wound to other leg)
Fuentes account where she uploads still photo of February 14 still footage onto an ambulance, thus confirming that the ambulance rescue shown numerous times in media was her:
Inside Edition Official Site Video including the Ambulance Rescue of Samantha Fuentes Uploaded on February 14, 2018:
If you would like another example, read the article where Ernest Rospierksi is reported hit in the cheek by a bullet and then watch his full interview with no sign of injury. His interview also contradicts official storyline and timeline of shooting as documented by police:
(btw, this article was archived with a date of origin of FEBRUARY 13, 2018):
Here is ANOTHER one; Teacher gives completely conflicting report again from official story and points to a gunshot wound on her arm with no gunshot wound:
This girl was reported to have 'some gunshot wounds, and hit by bullets' - this is her NEXT day interview - she apparently fought off the bullets with a TINY book which deflected the gun shots while she was running, hiding behind a bookshelf, and hiding to the side of the room out of the line of fire. Notice they don't ask about her wound, where she was hit:
Here is a video that gives the student interviews describing the drills and much more general information on timeline and overview of story:
Video on the power grabs with all the links I referred to in this video:
Here is Chris Hayes interviewing Sheriff Israel on preemptively detaining people on social media posts based on the SUBJECTIVE INTERPRETATION of POLICE OFFICERS and no evidence of threat to self or others will be required. People must watch this interview to understand where they are REALLY going with this:

This is a summary conversation I did on a live stream on FB. It reiterates a lot of the points I have made in my other videos on Bitchute but it was so popular over there, I wanted to archive it here.

Links and sources: CLICK SHOW MORE
Original Two Hour Video on Tulsi & Election Reform (who is really behind it - go to video description - MANY pertinent links HERE):
Senate Election Reform Bill: (same diversions, paper ballots, yada yada)
Text of Tulsi's House of Rep Bill:
Executive Director Brian Newby:
DHS Secretary who will be in charge of study/recommendations on new software:
She was deputy chief of staff to Donald Trump and John Kelly (Kelly scares me more):
She also founded a private corporation that the DHS gave a 500 million dollar contract to for technical writing:
Summary video of REAL story of fraud in 2016 that has MANY links:

Links and Sources - Click show more for FULL list:
Summary of the Election Fraud of 2016 - links to the evidence is in this vid's description - go here first for full library:
James Woolsey:
Brennan Institute:
James Woolsey Wife:
No website for her company - covert:
Jake Braun:
prior to joining Cambridge Global, Mr. Braun was the Director of White House and Public Liaison for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where he was instrumental in the passage of the unprecedented Passenger Name Record (PNR) Agreement, one of the largest big data agreements in history. The PNR agreement served to enhance data protection and address privacy concerns between the United States and the European Union. In addition, he worked on the development and implementation of the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Task Force on CyberSkills. During his tenure at DHS, he advised senior intelligence staff on public engagement with state and local law enforcement related to domestic terrorism policy and directed the Department’s global marketing efforts to promote the US Customs and Border Patrol’s Global Entry Program. Mr. Braun also oversaw community relations and stakeholder engagement for DHS and the White House during the 2010 Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.

Brian Fox:
Co-Founder Opus-Logica:
This links to here:

HALF the population will have a mental health issue diagnosis at some point in their lifetimes! This is NOT a partisan issue. It is one of basic civil rights. LISTEN to what is being pushed, it goes FAR outside the current media discussion. They do this with every tragedy, use events to argue why we need to give up our rights for security they never provide!!!! LINKS:
John Kelly states rescinding of rights, mass surveillance, preemptive wars hasn't made us more secure.
"In his own words: The threat to our nation and our American way of life has not diminished. In fact, the threat has metastasized and decentralized, and the risk is as threatening today as it was that September morning almost 16 years ago...This is all bad news, but it gets much worse"
FBI keeping medical records database of mentally ill:
Robert Mueller leading detention of Muslims post 9/11 & article about implications on that abuse:
Corbert Report & Media Monarchy Video:
Mental Illness is the BIG TENT for Civl Rights Power Grabs:
Mentally Ill do NOT have a higher rate of violence than general population. It is STUNNING that they can target a group for detainment and rights denial based on disinformation and some on the left/right UNITE on that premise:
While I do not agree with their arguments on guns based on my own finding around the shooting evetns, the citation of the studies and information on mental health is important:

Timeline notes. HUGE holes in timelines that contradict times and narrative given by students. MAJORITY of timelines give NO timeframe whatsover for police response (Fox News link does)
Time Magazine (they JUST update contacting Uber yesterday):
Multiple calls of shooting come in at 2:23 p.m. - timelines have response by police at 2:53 p.m
Video delay of 26 minutes, 911 call of shootings came in - 30 minutes before police respond. Radios are also not working:
Video Delays Misled Cops:
We know now that there were FOUR ARMED security personnel - three officers, one security guard AT THE TIME alleged shooting took place:
Additionally, media reports in MULTIPLE stories that Cruz pulled fire alarm as a means of drawing out students to maximize carnage and report a time of 2:30 p.m. and part of plan of someone who is aware of shooter drills (after official 2:28 timeline where he is GONE from scene). Media are CONSTRUCTING FALSE NARRATIVES here. This isn't just a timeline that could be explained as not exact, it is a story that is CONSTRUCTED around the alleged shooter picking this time for a specific end. PAY ATTENTION:

First, here is a CNN transcript documenting student's report. You will see this interview in the compilation of the second link which includes a compilation of these reports:

BALDWIN: And did you think instantly oh, my God, those are gun shots or did you think it was balloons popping as one student told me? And how would you even know what it would sound like?

DIETRICH: I thought it was a drill because they TOLD US you will have
police officers whoa re going to be firing blanks like scare us, get us like, you know, trained for this. So no one took it seriously until I heard like screaming, the worst screaming you will ever hear:

Video link that includes this clip & with other examples:


Part 1 & 2:

Girl reported she was walking down hall with an unarmed Cruz (after fire alarm reported by multiple media sources pulled at 2:30 after official timeline has Cruz gone):
(many of links are on twitter because youtube keeps taking them down)
Here is a person presenting as a teacher who reports that he thought it was blanks because he was told of Code Red Drill earlier in the day:

Here is the link to info of propaganda and psych ops being legalized in the 2012 NDAA:
Preemptive Detainment:

Here is link for proposed Biometric National ID introduced in January in Congressional Bill:

Here is the link to info of propaganda and psych ops being legalized in the 2012 NDAA:
David Hoggs:

Also footage from the news station on Facebook with the seemingly empty guerney:
Audio of 911 call of person knowing full death count before entering building to respond and two people had yet to die:

We don't just have crisis actors. We have an entire crisis industry. LINKS BELOW:
TONS of Links for video: Be sure to scroll all the way through!

Police use blanks - scare/training
"I thought it was a drill because they told us you will have
police officers whoa re going to be firing blanks like scare us, get us like, you know, trained for this. So no one took it seriously until I heard like screaming, the worst screaming you will ever hear. It was awful like major heart stop beating and...

'I assumed it was a code red drill, they told us earlier in the day in the day we were going to be having a code red drill, I assumed it was blanks: (THINK about that, they were setting up a simulated event, how did the kid waltz in with police on site staging an event):

Multiple students all report (in MAINSTREAM MEDIA interviews NOT Alex Jones) that they were told a drill was going to be conducted. One girl said she was told they would hear screams, another stated that they were going to use blanks. Got that. Students are reporting a SIMULATED event of this type was PLANNED and they were they were going to do things to make it seem real (screams, blank).

Part 1 & 2: (Girl talking about multiple shooters, army guys piling injured under mats):

Girl who said that she was walking down the hall next to Nicholas Cruz and he didn't have a gun:

Video banned multiple times from Youtube on graphic/violent content reposted, it won't last:

Great video on history of False Flags by Truth Stream for people who are willing to start to look objectively:

Legalization of propaganda in 2012 NDAA which rolled back law to stop the use of psychological operations and propaganda US uses in other countries on its own citizens:

Naomi Wolf (former Gore/Clinton Consultant):

Crisis Industry has sprung up in wake of this legislation:
Crowds on Demand:
Wikipedia page w many links to articles on MSM
Founder is a political operative who worked on Jerry Brown's California campaign:
Crisis Cast & Affiliates (NGOS, Security Agencies, Governments around the world):

ADS affiliate of crisis cast:

Photo of type of targeted branding they provide:

It was recently revealed that the world’s largest security firm G4S, who had employed the man named in the Orlando pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen – is a client of the mass casualty staging company called CrisisCast.
(this is Vanessa Beely's site)

This one is especially creepy. The Crisis Cloud. Ugh:

Pattern of ads from these companies occurring in locations before large scale tragedies:
Police seeking power to detain preemptively based on social media postings and allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons:

Video of police seeking power to preemptively detain on social media posts on MSNBC: (they ALREADY can detain if you threaten someone online):
Go to 20:59:

Links and sources:
2015, Investors Salivate Over New Cold War
John Brennan New NBC Analyst:
James Clapper:
Kissinger Calls First Strike Nuclear War Tempting:
Meanwhile, US war crimes continues as expanded under Obama
United States Dropped in 2016 (over 3,000 more than the year before, majority in Syria which we have NO declaration of war against):
Oh yeah, Trump didn't stop arming terrorists like he said he would last May:
Putin goes fishing with George W Bush:
Who is now leading Russia Fairy Tale about Election Intervention by Russia in 2016:
Caity Johnstone articles:
Meet New Owner of LA Times:
Yes, the US is arming terrorists:

Links: Scroll Down (See More) for Links/Sources:
Obama CIA Director Dismisses Trump Russia Collusion and Dismisses Steele Dossier:
Polito Shills A Criminal To Shield Corruption with 'Partisanship' B.S.
This is who Brennan IS:
Consortium News Ray McGovern Articles:
Aspen Security Group Memo (DHS think tank).
200,000 purged off Brooklyn Roles Alone
Russia Video with all The Election Sources:
Robert Mueller Lies on Iraq:
Jake Braun DHS Liason Under Obama Now Leading Campaign to Show How Easy it Is to Hack Machines (gave speeches for Clinton Campaign)
Now, Clinton Operatives are Pushing for Mass Reforms of Election System:\
James Woolsey, CIA Chief Under Bill Clinton Goes to Think Tank and Sells Need for Election Reform on Lies:


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