Brad Johnson is a retired CIA senior operations officer and has served as chief of station in different parts of the world. He is the president of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

“I have lived and worked in other countries and have seen what it is like where the government has unchecked power and it must be stopped.
Please help us speak out on this with an aggressive media campaign and organized effort to keep the US Constitution the supreme law of the land.”

Mr. Johnson has been featured on television, on-line media, radio broadcasts and in print including Fox News, One American News Network, The Epoch Times.

This is Brad Johnson's website:

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This is a partially mirrored video from 'Learn Something New Today'. I mirrored only the parts about Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset which tells how this man and his organization, the World Economic Forum, is controlling the world.

The Battle Cry of Schwab is, 'You Will Own Nothing and You Will be Happy!' But they fail to tell you that they will own everything and THEY will be HAPPIER.

You can see the video in its entirety here: It's called, YOUR MONEY WILL BE WORTH NOTHING WELCOME TO HYPERINFLATION 0% COMING EXPLAINED and worth the watch. It isn't long.

I covered this from twitter posted by Dr David Samadi.
Who would ever want to go to China?

Dr Michio Kaku is a respected physicist and talks about laser technology the military used and is using to control the weather. This interview is an older one so you can imagine where this technology is now with 5G.
Here's more:

Nikki followed all of the rules, She tested Negative in TX before arriving in Calgary, but that wasn't good enough for Trudeau and his henchmen. She was whisked away in a white van without telling her where she was going or for how long. She wasn't allowed to talk to anyone.

Similar situations have happened in New Zealand and Australia. How long before it comes to the US?

Update: The Canadian Gov't attempted to deny this ever happened. To the Canadian citizens, the gov't has lost all credibility.

Prophetic Scenarios of the Future, Rockefeller Report from 2014, Explains 2021 Lockdowns and Tracing
Video from Investigative journalist, Harry Vox, from 2014 revealing how lockdowns, depopulation and tracing were planned.

Apologies for a ring now and then, when recorded, I had notifications on for other apps.

Nobel Professor, Michael Levitt, Stanford University, Slams Disgraceful Scientific Reaction to Pandemic
No one should have listened to the Epidemiologists. They have ruined the younger generation.
The WHO, et al, has been hiding the real science and have not shared any data. Coronavirus is no worse than a bad flu.

Question where the mainstream media is in all of this.

A Dire Warning from Dr Mercola and NVIC President - Wake Up!
This is a dire warning from Dr Mercola and the president of the NVIC, National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher. Please join both Dr Mercola and the NVIC for the latest information.

In depth interview by former Assistant Secretary of HUD Commissioner during the Bush 41 Presidency. Also the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. She also served as a managing director and board member for Dillon, Read & Co, Inc on Wall St.

In this interview she explains how Economic Warfare is bringing in the Great Reset, aka NWO, and exposes the threat of Covid-19 and how it is being used against the population. She explains why riots occurred only in certain cities and why they stopped where they did, also why businesses are being destroyed by them. But, she has a plan that will help, and it has to do with banking. They are a major part of this lockdown.

Canadian Gestapo - Neighbour Snitch - Only 6 People in the Home
Viral video on twitter of Canadian police breaking into a home caused by a neighbour snitching that he had one too many people visiting. Do NOT be a SNITCH.

The now-viral footage from Gatineau, Quebec on New Year’s Eve shows several masked police forcibly removing a man from the home after a COVID snitch reported the gathering of six people.

The police are then seen subduing the man outside, pinning his face against the asphalt and snow.

Aluminum in Vaccines - Public Health Committee Hearing
A researcher, whose name I can't recall, told on the Vaccine Revealed series how when he dissected monkey brains, the aluminum had accumulated and stayed there. Since they put Polysorbate 80 in vaccines, it allows the ingredients, or adjuvants and preservatives, to cross the blood/brain barrier as Polysorbate 80 was a drug made to help chemo drugs get into the brain. Please do your research.

This is what we all need to do. She is spot on!

PCR Test Creator, Dr Kary Mullis, Talks Frankly about Dr Fauci
See what he thinks of him and how he has been asked to debate his views many times, yet will not.

Can you see the similarities of then and what they are doing now?

60 Minutes Segment: Swine Flu Investigation Vaccine Fraud

Swine Flu, (H1N1), was a pandemic no different than this one. Like COVID, people were scared into getting the vaccine which had horrid side effects. The pharma industry knew it was extremely harmful but said they were safe. From this investigation you can clearly see it started in a US military base, the same as the Spanish flu. Consider soldiers are mandated to be vaccinated for service. Is it possible some of the vaccines were tainted with flu strains?

This was a test to see how people would react and how to manipulate them to take vaccines. It is no different today only they are wiser and 'own the media' through sponsorship.
I long for the days of this type of journalism, but it is censored at every turn. Yet people still believe the government agencies and public health officials are protecting us. How much money can they make from selling vaccines to each person globally?

Greg Anderson is a courageous, responsible and conscious police officer from the US urging his colleagues NOT TO ENFORCE 'TYRANNIC' ORDERS concerning COVID-19. They are not laws and are clearly unconstitutional. You will keep losing your businesses if you don't stand up. Share this with every sheriff and officer you know.
The original video on youtube with the translations is here:
It was re-recorded and placed here to prevent censorship.
I found out he was finally fired even tho his commander agreed with him, but his message is still strong:

Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof.
Gates and his minions insist the billionaire never said we’d need digital vaccine passports. But in a June 2020 TED Talk, Gates said exactly that. Someone edited out the statement, but CHD, Children's Health Defense, tracked down the original. This is a copy of RFK, Jr's video. The original will be censored.

ChickenPox Vaccine Found to be Causing an Increase in Shingles
An excerpt from the Series, Vaccines Revealed.
Dr Goldman worked for the CDC and discovered that the Chickenpox vaccine caused an increase in Shingles. The CDC tried to block him from publishing this information, but he won in court that his research belonged to him and not the CDC.
What he explained at length in the Series of Vaccines Revealed, is when you're exposed to or around kids with chickenpox, you're automatically inoculated against shingles. Basically, a free vaccine for shingles.

You can search and purchase the Vaccines Revealed Series. It's worthwhile to own.
Always use duckduckgo to search, NEVER use google as they censor.

"I am a Dr of Integrity, we have a pandemic of false positives - PCR Test wasn't meant to be diagnostic, it's a DNA grab. I mean no disrespect."

Dr Yeadon explains in simple terms about immunology and PCR Testing.
He speaks softly so turn up your volume.
Biography below:

Mike Yeadon discusses the bad science SAGE is using to justify Government response to Covid in UK in a calm and reasonable manner. He is obviously then banned from youtube.

Dr. Michael Yeadon is an Allergy & Respiratory Therapeutic Area expert with 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He trained as a biochemist and pharmacologist, obtaining his PhD from the University of Surrey (UK) in 1988.

Dr. Yeadon then worked at the Wellcome Research Labs with Salvador Moncada with a research focus on airway hyper-responsiveness and effects of pollutants including ozone and working in drug discovery of 5-LO, COX, PAF, NO and lung inflammation. With colleagues, he was the first to detect exhaled NO in animals and later to induce NOS in lung via allergic triggers.

Joining Pfizer in 1995, he was responsible for the growth and portfolio delivery of the Allergy & Respiratory pipeline within the company. He was responsible for target selection and the progress into humans of new molecules, leading teams of up to 200 staff across all disciplines and won an Achievement Award for productivity in 2008.

Under his leadership the research unit invented oral and inhaled NCEs which delivered multiple positive clinical proofs of concept in asthma, allergic rhinitis and COPD. He led productive collaborations such as with Rigel Pharmaceuticals (SYK inhibitors) and was involved in the licensing of Spiriva and acquisition of the Meridica (inhaler device) company.

Dr. Yeadon has published over 40 original research articles and now consults and partners with a number of biotechnology companies. Before working with Apellis, Dr. Yeadon was VP and Chief Scientific Officer (Allergy & Respiratory Research) with Pfizer.

Dr Hodkinson, Pathologist, Virologist Speaks out Against Hysteria of COVID 19

“It’s just another bad flu, and you have to get your minds around that. You’re being led down the garden path by the chief medical officer of health (Dr. Deena Hinshaw) in this province.,” he said.

Only 1 in 300,000 over 65 are at risk of dying of COVID.

“I am absolutely outraged that it has reached this level.”

How we are complying without noticing. In a few months we've been told what we can and cannot attend. Small businesses were closed, but big box stores are OK. Public Schools gone, church services gone in spite of independent pathologists and virologists saying COVID is no worse than the flu. Now vaccines will be mandated, but it's 'for your own good'. No, it's for THEIR own good.


A FEMA Insider’s Report on What’s Ahead -
(Give it a second to load) Nano particles, Nano dust, nano cubes, synthetic particles and how they will be transmitted. Also, how they will try to force you to accept them.
Quantom Dot, Hydrogel will give you a slow and painful death and make you transhuman, depopulation is the goal. Scientists are genetically modifying tomatoes to include nanogel. They will tell you that they will keep you healthy, but do not trust them. They are very dangerous. 23 different classifications of Robots in your body. They are now almost the size of an atom. You can see what the older ones from Hitachi look like here:
Here is another:


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