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This is testing how easy it is to make a decent looking Sonic Rainboom effect in After Effects without external plugins. This was accomplished by applying a displacement map to an expanding ellipse, which was then masked out to make an outer edge. Then a simple color wheel image was applied underneath and boom, Sonic Rainboom!

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From the 4Chan Cup viewing at Bronycon 2019!!!

liquid cancer


Hey guys! For a while, I was scared to make this :P
My friends pressured me into watching Doctor Who, and you know me, little tsundere, I never wanted to admit I liked it.
So, here you go, my cover of the doctor who theme(s). I hope you all like it! Feel free to use it any way you wish, just give some credit will ya? :P
(Oh, and its so short because it is intended to be used as a theme if anyone wants to :3)

Original Written by: Ron Grainer

Animations fully created by yours truly!

Tardis model graciously modeled by: TomJayy94

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*sad meow*

Are you prepared?

Hello peoples! This took a LONG time to make. Well, longer than usual. About 4 Days.
This is based on the game I am working on for a team called "Valiant Studios".
Remember when I said I will be making Realspace Reimagined? Welp, I figured there are a couple ways I could do this:
Make it on my own as a one-time thing, only working off of the skill I have and never being able to make another, or
Join/Co-create a game team that can make the game.

You can obviously see which choice I made. However, since making games with teams mean I will have to pay them, we have to make games that people buy, and as I said Realspace Reimagined will be completely free. So, TL;DR, to raise the funds to make Realspace Reimagined, I will first be producing a series called "Dimensional Shift" with the wonderful team over at Valiant Studios!

Go check them out and give them a subscribe! I am sure you will enjoy what is to come...

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My name is Saphire Systrine, you either know me already or will know me soon if you stick around. I am an easy going, strong willed gal determined to carve her mark into this planet, and to give a bit of heavenly love while doing it!

I do 2 things, it's simple:
Memes and Music.
Here you will find only the JUCIEST of self-made memes, usually thought up during stupid voice calls or in dumb texts.
You will also find music, which I put hundreds of hours in.

Behind the curtain I do much more, including but not limited to:
Game design, art, 3D design, Sound design, and animation

As a fair warning though, if you wish to be my friend, be prepared for a lot of honest, tough love, because God has been so gracious to me that I have to extend that love to you too, and mmm is it as hard as beef jerky!

Anyway, back to work!