do i have to explain everything?

anti abortion preacher vs Haters, NPCs compilation

Matthew's channel:

Matthew wiersema's videos

Movie footage: Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Burger King Feminist:

Asalieri - Completely muted her:

background music:

Police in Oregon suck!! this is the second time they harass her. FUCKING PIGS!! I H8 COPS!!!

here is another video of her:

racist black karen and her daughter, the white was not a karen in this video. this is no sarcasm this time, this video is so bad it's not even funny to joke around with. the black karen and her daughter got mad at the white pregnant woman for accidentally bumping into the daughter.

this guy is a hero.

at 02:00 he talks about the fapping incident

skating is for losers!

I lost 50% of my brain cells watching this

music: Jonathan Coulton - Don't feed the trolls

fight the power!

no uterus, no opinion.

the first cop got fired? there is no justice!

i got nothing. they seem to be very good friends.

niggas being niggas

"it's not meant to be comfortable". wow this cop is a sick fuck!

cops being bullies as usual

innocent trespasser kicked out for not wearing a mask.

"TurdStar? i didn beat yo ass so why would it go on TurdStar"

innocent queer:“It is the most rational thing I’ve done all day!”

i just fired my editor

music: george baker - little green bag chipmunk version

Innocent man threatened for ripping Ted Cruz Signs. "that's my neighbours property he's a gun owner"

first The Karens ruined YouTube, and then Disqus was trying to ruin BitChute by disabling the comment section, thankfully that did not last long. Thank you BitChute.

Disqus: Freedom of Expression are core values of the sercvice.....

Music: Raffi - banana phone

Gamaplay footage: Dark Souls Remastered


Laughing clown: The It Crowd - Fifty-Fifty (thanks to E:R)

Avgn bit wars:

i also used some Hanna Barbera Sound Effects

Innocent Pita Pit Employee rightfully spits in food.... the customer told her to do it. you know what they say, "the customer is always right"

good thing that he recorded everything, hope he gets fired. PIGS!!! A.C.A.B. oh and Black Lives Matter Bitches!!!

they even call the cops on her? is it illegal to be upset now?


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