This is the first time I've ever tried to specifically make a theme for a time of day, and it won't be the last. as I get into game making, I will be making more and more theme-specific music.

And yes, that IS Iron Kat... look at that cute robotic cat sleep~

This is a remix of an old song of mine. if enough people care about it, I'll rip it from youtube and post it here, but until then, enjoy a song using SNES soundfonts.

another song of mine. this one was finished a month ago. I would've uploaded this yesterday along with my youtube release, but I forgot... at least it's here now -shrug-

This is a song I made and uploaded a year ago to YouTube, that I'm publishing here as a foot in the door for this site.

If you wanna use this song, make sure to credit me, then you can do whatever you want with it.


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I see that by checking my "about me" page, that you have some interest as to who I am. Well, I'm afraid not much info will be told here... yet. For now, just listen and enjoy the music I produce.