Original Video Credits: CRP Archive [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Do Not Go To College | CRP"
Original Video Description:
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Original Video Credits: AaronClarey [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Millennials: The Worst Failure in American History"
Original Video Description:
A mathematical break down of how the Millennials have suffered.

Original Video Credits: Jack Donovan [from youtube]
Original Video Title: ""What is masculinity?" - An Introduction to The Way of Men"
Original Video Description:
What is masculinity? This short video introduces author Jack Donovan's "gang theory of masculinity" and the four "tactical virtues." For more in-depth definitions of strength, courage, mastery and honor and the challenges facing men today read The Way of Men -- which has now sold over 12,000 copies.

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Original Video Credits: @sylvia_yssei_vaitiare (Sylvia Yssei) [from instagram]

Original Video Credits: @lurdianabellydancer (Lurdiana لورديانة) (full name: Maria Lurdiana Alves Tejas) [from instagram]

Original Video Credits: @nashwabellydancer_official (Nolita نشوى 🧿) [from instagram]

Original Video Credits: @bellydancerkamillah (Kamillah) [from instagram]

Original Video Credits: Ero Hime [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Rubbing oil on my stuffed belly!"
Original Video Description:
My belly is super achy after a stuffing, so I give it a nice rub with some coconut oil!

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Hi hi it's Ginger (or just Gin) everyone's favorite nerdy chubby dork next door! Help support my gain by checking out ~ Follow me on Instagram @ero_hime_official ~ Subscribe to my subreddit r/erohime and check out for more!

Original Video Credits: bellylicious1 [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "grace's 'Pregnant' belly, alien b-rolls, etc. (closer up)"
Original Video Description:
Pregnant belly, alien belly rolls up and down, and other weirdness. Then Shimmies added.

Hehe, you can hear my belly talking back during the belly rolls : )

Song: Up
Artist/Band: Cardi B
Album: Up
Year: 2021
Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop
Source: FutureHype [from youtube]

Song: Tidal
Artist/Band: Protest The Hero
Album: Pacific Myth
Year: 2015
Genre: Progressive Metal
Source: Zack Erak [from youtube]

Song: Unknown Soldier
Artist/Band: The Casualties
Album: Made In N.Y.C.
Year: 2007
Genre: Punk Rock
Source: spencer m [from youtube]

Song: Rise
Artist/Band: Sixx:A.M.
Album: Prayers For The Damned
Year: 2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Source: Better Noise Music [from youtube]

Song: In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
Artist/Band: Powerwolf
Album: Preachers Of The Night
Year: 2013
Genre: Power Metal
Source: Asuka-kun [from youtube]

Original Video Credits: Truckfighter [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "1 Hour Of Melancholic Sovietwave"
Original Video Description:
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0:00 - Буран - Воскрешение
2:28 - Буран – Возвращение

5:37 - Маяк – Река
9:50 - Маяк – Иллюзии

13:19 - Артек Электроника – Новый Человек
17:17 - Артек Электроника – Шагая Сквозь Эпоху

22:20 - Гербарий – Колесо Обозрения
26:26 - Гербарий – Синхронность Волн

30:35 - Протон 4 – Опережая Время
34:57 - Протон 4 – Время Жить

38:41 - Ev3nmorn - End

42:47 - Удары Синтезаторов – Предчувствие Космоса

46:26 - Polska Radio One – Волга

51:35 - Весна Весна – Море Комет
54:46 - Весна Весна – Перемены Настроения
58:51 - Весна Весна – Шторм

1:02:49 - Анна Ворфоломеева - Как Мне Тебя Назвать

1:06:40 - Весна на улице Карла Юхана - Камамбер
1:11:13 - Весна на улице Карла Юхана - Надежда

1:16:10 - Be Smooth - Rocket Race to the Future

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Original Video Credits: CRP Archive [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "🔴 WHY THIRD WORLD WOMEN ARE MORE FEMININE | A Coach Red Pill video"
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Original Video Credits: Jordan B Peterson [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege"
Original Video Description:
I was in Vancouver Friday November 3rd talking at an event sponsored by the very active University of British Columbia Free Speech Club (start one on your campus -- if you're a student, that is :)).

I wanted to delve more deeply into the ideology on the radical side of the leftist spectrum, and to specifically address the idea of white privilege. Hopefully that's what I did.


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Original Video Credits: Wade Wojcik [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Tony Stark's Workshop | Iron Man Music (One Hour)"
Original Video Description:
For studying, working, relaxing, or just being awesome:)

Welcome to the workshop, Mr. Stark has just stepped away. You may hear things buzzing and whirring about, pay them no mind. You're welcome to craft your own creations here, or study up on the latest theories of quantum entanglement.

Now go make something, and change the world.
Mr. Stark loves you 3000.


Original Video Credits: MusicMagnificence [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix 2016 / Melodic Dubstep Mix 2016"
Original Video Description:
Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix 2016 / Melodic Dubstep Mix 2016 ♫ Annotations must be enabled to use the "previous" and "next" buttons.
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The Magnificence All Uploads
Afterlife Melodic Sounds
Summer Memories Deep/Tropical House
Spring Flower Feel Good | Chillstep
Frozen Heart Chill | Emotional
Experimental Wave Future | Trap


00:00:00 The Blizzard & Yuri Kane - Everything About You Ft. Relyk (Sauniks Remix)
00:04:52 Carbin x SirMark - Sorry ft. Sevener
00:08:48 More Kords - Fragmentize (Ft. Miyoki)
00:13:05 The Paragon Axis - Eye Of The Storm (ft. Laura Hahn)
00:17:26 Ryan Exley - Bleeding (Ft. Cassandra Kay)
00:20:55 SirensCeol - Coming Home
00:25:23 Speo - Reminiscent
00:28:34 EazyDo - Fall Down Together Ft. Mona Moua
00:33:22 Speo - Make A Stand (Ft. Budobo)
00:37:16 ILLENIUM - Drop Our Hearts (Ft. Sirma) Pt I
00:41:44 Illenium - Only One (Ft. Nina Sung)
00:45:43 Venemy - Rescue Me (ft. Car)
00:50:17 ALMA - Avalanches (ft. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris)
00:54:42 Mindbugs feat. Yuki - Waves
00:59:35 Symmetrik - Rainfall
01:05:37 Echos - Dont Let Me Go (Echos Remix)
01:09:34 FutureFox - Colors (ft. Mona Moua)
01:12:53 Neutralize Ft. Veela - Crayen
01:17:07 Venemy Ft. Emily Jane - Heartbeat
01:20:34 The Eden Project - Changes ft. Laura Brehm
01:24:17 Dezolent Ft. Mona Moua - Gone
01:28:25 Leviathan ft. Sophie Herivel - Alive
01:32:48 Tetrix Bass
01:35:48 Ziu - Guardian (Ft. Shivaughn)
01:40:35 Electro-Light ft. Kathryn MacLean - The Edge
01:43:49 Umpire - Gravity (ft. Liz Kretschmer)
01:47:30 Myriad - Ruptured Ft. Thallie Ann Seenyen
01:52:04 Merce ft. Farisha - Rain City
01:56:28 Monroe ft. Tessa der Kinderen - Frostbite
02:03:21 Electromagnetic Blaze - Other Worlds (ft. Foster)
02:08:22 Prima Volta - All I Ever Wanted Ft. Stazz
02:13:21 Sizzlebird - Close Your Eyes (ft. Laura Hahn)
02:16:19 Azedia - Something (Rameses B Remix)
02:20:30 Rameses B - Bae Bae
02:24:40 Xeuphoria - Another World (ft. Charlotte Haining)
02:28:55 Xeuphoria - Sky City
02:33:02 Dualistic - The One (ft. Meron Ryan)
02:36:42 Andreas B - I Need Your Love
02:40:33 WHYZDM - Like you
02:45:23 Spaarkey - Emotion
02:48:30 BXDN - Glow
02:51:35 The Nyte - Moondust
02:55:47 Electus - Running Blind
02:59:01 Zero Venture - Always

Original Video Credits: Aim To Head Official [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "2 HOURS Dark Cyberpunk / EBM / Industrial Bass Mix 'SYNTHETICA'"
Original Videeo Description:
"SYNTHETICA" is a Dark Techno / Industrial / Cyberpunk / Darksynth Mix by Aim To Head.

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🎨Background Art: Xie Boli

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00:00 | Aim To Head - Malitia
08:58 | Aim To Head - Champion
17:31 | Aim To Head - Nocturne
26:35 | Aim To Head - Nudrak
34:30 | Aim To Head - Ooze
42:40 | Aim To Head - Delver
50:52 | Aim To Head - Refract
59:08 | Aim To Head - Dathon
1:07:25 | Aim To Head - Condense
1:15:29 | Aim To Head - Outerspace
1:23:22 | Aim To Head - NoxoN
1:31:07 | Aim To Head - Black Paper
1:39:13 | Aim To Head - Synthesis
1:47:56 | Aim To Head - Grasp
1:56:07 | Aim To Head - Aderon

♻️ All the music in this video is copyright free.

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Original Video Credits: Melle Baby Music [from youtube]

Song: Drugs
Artist/Band: OBESØN
Album: Beyond A Billion Stars
Year: 2016
Genre: Chillwave, Lo-Fi
Source: Guroshonia96 [from youtube]

Original Video Credits: John Stossel [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "The FULL Snowden Interview"
Original Video Description:
Here's my full interview with NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden — it’s the longest interview I've ever posted.
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I once was unsure if Edward Snowden -- who leaked documents showing that the NSA spied on Americans -- was a hero, or a traitor who made us all less safe.

Now I've done my research, and I think he's a hero. What do you think? Our full interview, above, will help you decide.

Song: Dionysus
Artist/Band: Death SS
Album: Resurrection
Year: 2013
Genre: Glam Metal
Source: Death SS official [from youtube]

Original Video Credits: CRP Archive [from youtube]
Original Video Title: "🔴 Real Terrorists | A Coach Red Pill video"
Original Video Description:
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