Savage Audits

Illegals are destroying California

After seeing that the illegal had defecated in a walkway, the mercy that had been previously shown was replaced with outrage.



Pancho's Boys (illegals and their ilk) have stabbed at least two people in this park in recent years.

One victim was killed.

And this is a beautiful park surrounded by one-million dollar condos!

Open-borders Libscum must be fiercely opposed!

Covid 1984 Street Sign Attack!

I wasn expecting to see six of them, so I kept walking.


Trolling 4 Trump San Francisco Peninsula - Kara Young 2


Virtually all of the cursing has been bleep-censored. Suitable for sharing with people who are not hardcore.


We meet again...

I have seen this sort of thing more and more lately; Pancho Villas' invasion force is here, spreading their vibrant cultural enrichment on every sidewalk and wall!

A few weeks ago I was out on a Dawn Patrol and I walked right up on a filthy illegal who was trying to crap on the sidewalk right in that vicinity.

The disgusting defecators should receive a boot party and a catapult ride over the wall.

Viva La Mexico!

Refuting Lib lies on the San Francisco Peninsula.

I decided to deliver a White Lives Matter truth bomb to crowds of San Francisco suburban libs who were dining on the sidewalks of a trendy avenue.

I made it two blocks before the teens attacked. A handy baseball sized ***** put fear into them when they tried to run up and jump me from behind. I picked-up the ***** when I heard them running up from behind like the cowardly leftist trash that they are. I didn't brandish the ****; I simply held it down with my arm extend along my leg. The attacking scum wisely broke-off their failed-attack.

The police respected our Constitution and they were great! They exhibited outstanding, professionalism, courtesy, intelligence and de-escalation-skills and respect for the Constitution of the United States!


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Aggressively confronting libtards and other enemies of the Constitution of the United States on the San Francisco peninsula.