Did you know that it actually takes energy… to relax and sleep?
It's true. Even a normal amount of stress, can compromise your ability to relax, making it virtually impossible to ever get that deep sleep you REQUIRE to feel REAL energy.
Here's why: Your nervous system is being constantly bombarded with stress; things like work, kids, grandkids, the media, and even paying the bills, take their toll on your health. And the more stress you’re under, the more your body is begging for bioavailable Magnesium. Yes, Magnesium. You see, your nervous system is powered by electricity. Just think of Magnesium as "the switch" that turns your energy production... into the "on" position. What's scary is, without ample Magnesium, "the energy switch" CAN'T turn on, meanwhile... your body continues to release stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, to get you through the day...
Burning even MORE of your magnesium reserves. That's why you CAN'T relax or sleep; You're being inundated with stress hormones.
In other words, your body is exhausted! But you just don't have enough of this special mineral that your body NEEDS... to sleep and relax. However, there's a brand new, scientifically-proven, topical solution that’s taking the health industry by storm.

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