I'm not sure what context I could provide to make this sane.


French protestors start chanting "We Want Trump".
12/02/2018 or thereabouts.

'The Democrats Apology and Promise'

Jair goes on to outline the cowardly government and its goals, including 'the deconstruction of heteronormativity'. 'Cowards who ambush children at school', citing they had a '9th Kids LGBT Seminar' on May 15 (2007).
He goes on to state he doesn't care what you do behind closed doors just "Don't push in children! Your children!

Anxious Woman asks Dillahunty & Murray if Oprah's idea that "a bunch of old white people have to die out" until racism is gone, while a eugenic solution, the right one.

An Evening With Matt Dillahunty & Douglas Murray

Alt Hype breaks down why he longer believes his current conception WN is viable and discusses alternative possibilities moving forward.

If lazy, 2nd half:

Sam Harris & Coleman Hughes analyze the current state of racial politics and how to move forward.

Sam Harris #134 - Beyond the Politics of Race

JF vs. CV | Race, Gender and Biology

CV makes a pathetic attempt for JF to feel guilty or responsible for the plight of African Americans and other minorities.
Even an offer of all of his possessions isn't enough to free himself of any perceived obligation in order to part ways.

JF explains he has no interest in Golem or its Precious, he just wants to go home to his Shire.

Warning: Most of the stream is a slog.
JF vs. CV | Race, Gender and Biology


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