A Catholic priest was stabbed during mass in front of his congregation at Canada's largest church.

Father Claude Grou, 77, received minor injuries in the altercation during a morning service at Montreal's St Joseph's Oratory.

Authorities arrested a 26-year-old suspect who they say is known to police and will be questioned on Friday afternoon.

There is no clear motive for the assault.

Garbage truck bursts into flames, rolls down hill in Monterey Park, California neighborhood; no injuries.
Will update if I get more info.


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.— SpaceX is counting down toward a historic test flight early Saturday of its first spaceship designed to carry astronauts, and you can watch the action live online.

The spacecraft, called Crew Dragon, will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center here in the wee hours of Saturday, March 2, to help show the space agency that it's ready to launch astronauts. Liftoff is set for 2:49 a.m. EST (0749 GMT) from Pad 39A — the exact same site used by NASA's Apollo moon shots and where, nearly eight years ago, the agency launched its final space shuttle mission.

"We are on the precipice of launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a Twitter statement. Tonight's test, he added is a "critical piece" in the path to that goal.

2.1 billion for bad loans.

"That's what I was off doing, is just trying to figure out how to... For a few dollars in my pocket so I could eat that night."

Jesse Lee Peterson [1.16.19]
"Liberal Gamer DESTINY on Beta Males, Attack on Whites, & Adult Gamers."

Anti-Defamation League National Leadership Summit.
Washington, D.C. May 8, 2017
Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, James B. Comey
3:30 Remarks prepared for delivery.
I first met with you in the spring of 2014, when I was relatively new on the job—just seven months in.
I sang your praises as an organization that fights for inclusivity and diversity, equality and justice. An organization that works with us to fight hate crime and terrorism, to educate law enforcement, and to build bridges with underrepresented communities.
I labeled that last speech a love letter to the ADL.
Three years later I can say, from the perspective of the FBI, we’re still in love with you.

Christopher Cantwell talks briefly on Michael Malice, the JQ, the Culture of Critique, and modern Religion.
Luke Ford Interview 1.12.19

Turn Your Volume Down.
Ralph, Gator, SPCC, and Alex from DanishPolice on in an alcohol-fueled screaming match.
Clipped by dispatch on the danishpolice stream•me channel:

Clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces in "Ramallah" in Israel happening now fires and cars are being vandalized and stones thrown. After Israel attacked the Gaza yesterday night. Going to be a long night for them.

The state’s attorney for Fairfield has issued a report that found officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man in New Britain in December, 2017 were justified in using deadly force. The report concludes that officers who fired upon the driver of the car, Zoe Dowdell, and killed him were justified in the actions they took. On December 14, 2017, police officials attempted to stop a teal Toyota Paseo suspected in a string of violent carjackings and armed robberies that occurred throughout New Britain and the surrounding areas. When they failed to stop, officers exited their cruisers with their weapons drawn and ordered the driver and passengers out of the vehicle. The suspects allegedly refused to comply and instead drove towards the officers at high speed, prompting them to open fire on the vehicle to make it stop.

Officers closed in on the vehicle and detained three individuals, all of whom had sustained gunshot wounds. Ambulances arrived on the scene a short time later and the suspects received medical care. Zoe Dowdell, 20, of Bloomfield was identified as the driver. He was shot in the neck and later died in the hospital from his injuries. Noah Young, 18, of Bloomfield was transported to New Britain General Hospital for treatment of graze wounds and minor lacerations to his arm before being released to State Police custody. The parents of Caleb Tisdol, who was wounded had called on officials to release the dashcam videos.

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