JF vs. CV | Race, Gender and Biology

CV makes a pathetic attempt for JF to feel guilty or responsible for the plight of African Americans and other minorities.
Even an offer of all of his possessions isn't enough to free himself of any perceived obligation in order to part ways.

JF explains he has no interest in Golem or its Precious, he just wants to go home to his Shire.

Warning: Most of the stream is a slog.
JF vs. CV | Race, Gender and Biology

Sargon of Akkad interviews Janusz Korwin-Mikke

Source: Luke Ford

It's incumbent upon Christians to support Israel because - bulldozer insurance.

The Red Elephants hosted this debate, check it out in full at:

Alt-Right Vs. Zionist Neocon

The Red Elephants hosted this debate, I highly recommend you check it out in full at:

Halsey English vs Patrick Little | The Bunker #1

At a Lexington SPLC conference their speaker admits (about 2:00) that the demographic displacement of whites in America through immigration was planned "for a while".

JF & Frame Game Vs Halsey & John Macintyre

JF is listening to Andy and the gang on the Morning Kumite talking about the potential breakup of him and JF on the Warski Live.

Morning Kumite:
Source - JFG Livestreams:

Andy & JF's Reunion on Warski Live is soured when they hear what the Honey Badgers have been saying.

Count Dankula found guilty of distributing grossly offensive material under the Offensive Communications Scotland Act 2003.

Source in Limited State Three Hours After Upload:

A new video has surfaced of Dwayne Dixon repeating his claim about encountering James Fields with a gun (00:30)
This time he clarifies that it happened WHILE JAMES FIELDS WAS IN THE CAR! Why would you be pointing a gun at a random car?

Frame Games Radio:
'I was asked to do a reaction video to this 1791L channel that has like 250K subs. When you meet people like this, tell them this: demographics, demographics, demographics.'

1791L Video:
Frame Games Channel:

Tucker with Deidre Griswold an editor of communist newspaper 'Workers World'.
Published on Feb 12, 2018
'Tucker's Thoughts: Progressives have a long history of supporting the world's most repressive regimes. Kim Jong un and his sister Kim Yo Jong just seem to be the latest in a leftist tradition.'


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