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Tried to upload this earlier but for some unknown reason it vanished and was replaced by a previous upload.

The burner's fitted and smoke tested.
Everything has been completed to regulation.
Now everyone can enjoy the new burner just as sub zero temperatures hit and gas prices soar.

My three Jack Russell terriers love the fire but Lilly is completely mesmerized by the flames.
Who would have guessed that she'd be so spiritual.

Flue liner installed and now it's time to fit the multi fuel burner.

Building the fireplace and hearth in readiness for fitting the steel liner and wood burner.

On my usual morning walk up the mountain to be greeted by the most impressive low lying cloud covering the valley below.

Four day's into the reslate of a hipped roof during a heat wave.

Last re slating job.

A quick tour around my organic home vegetable garden.


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