this is a perfect description of what is going on right now in the US and even across the globe...
as evil has been seeping into and taking over every country (except for poland so far) and turning every single one of those countries in 3rd world countries that are completely dependent on their gov. and those behind the scenes that control them.

as i have been saying: You Cannot WIN a Fight without actually FIGHTING...
(at no point in history, since the beginning of time, has this not been true)

the original song/video was created and performed by Genesis

[this video is being uploaded here from youtube, i am not the original uploader of the video, but this is common/public information being shared for the purpose of showing the truth of what happened instead of the lies the MSM will try to spread about this]

this is the body-cam video/footage (sort of) of a nigger being a nigger and receiving the consequences of acting like the nigger he is....
(this is my opinion if you do not like too bad)

this does not show the actual shooting since the body cam ended up on the ground after the struggle/fight with the drunken sub-ape who was doing some seriously stupid shit.

weird al
virus alert

all rights etc. go to weird al etc. (obviously)

uploading here because its funny, i like it, i feel like it, and i wanted to.

China IS Asshole!

i am not the original creator...
uploading this because i am bored, and this is pretty funny...

my sister tells me the guy trying to do the voice of Sean Connery is 'nastalgia critics' brother or something.

tell any/all creators that are any good to move to bitchute.

love weird al stuff...
uploaded because i am bored again...
nothing better than music and funny together.

remember, tell all of the good creators to move to bitchute.

i guess this is supposed to be funny....
if it was not so senile and stupid.

the stupid is kind of funny...
enjoy the cringe.

"he's a jolly good fellow" parody

uploaded so that people (specially me) do not have to use jewtube watch this.
do not know the creator, i am not responsible for this work.

full title:
Anti-Semitism Explodes as Jewish Lawyers & Congressmen destroy Trump
(pretentious isnt it)

uploaded from jewtube link, so i do not have to watch this hilarious rubbish on jewtube...
enjoy watching the stupid disease shill the stupid disease.

video show voice/method acting and deepfake side by side...
want to mess around with this software myself.

not responsible for the content, only loading here on bitchute so i and others do not have to use jewtube.

if anyone knows who the creator is at CoolHardLogic channel or whatever, tell them to get the fuck off of jewtube and move to bitchute.

(stuttering obama remix featuring president trump)
no idea who created it, they did an excellent job.

i hate myself, and want to pull out my own eyes, after putting myself through watching this shit trailer...

welcome to the wonders of bitch liarson...

Red Skelton gives the Pledge of Allegiance and a short (very brief) explanation of what it means.

the additions to the red skelton video where not made by me, credit goes to the original creator of that part of the content...
i agree with those statements in addition to red skelton's own.

may god bless the United States of America again and give us the power/fortitude/drive to take back our country and reinstate the full pledge of allegiance.
Make America Great Again!

this country is sadly due for a revolution, not a revolution in defiance of the country and what it was but in defiance of what it is being twisted into by those who fallow satan and his evil minions...
sadly this would also require a cleansing of ALL of the terrorists, this includes EVERYONE who practices islam / all of the niggers (not the Americans who happen to have brown skin) / all of the illegals...
this cleansing would most likely be by war, start out with capturing as many as possible and escorting them across the borders...
this would also require that all commercial air traffic be halted for a year or so probably.

civil war, Armageddon itself is already here... act accordingly, anyone who does not already see this are doomed.

re-upload from susantube video that Mr. Reagan did about Oregon state politics...
someone please contact this guy and get him onto bitchute ASAP.

good video goes into a lot of detail and shows video of what is happening, this is a complete breach of the constitution and state officials 'power'.

good information for the most part...
i do not agree with, at or towards the end, her opinions...

she talks about how the public schools have been used in the last 60-70 years to try to destroy peoples will and make them subserviant.

Agenda 21
control/enslavement of non-globalist elitists
the bundies (touches on a couple of times)
!Declaration of Independence!

shows proof of the globalist agenda, dumbing down citizens etc.

sounds a lot like islam does it not?!

this was coppied and uploaded to Studio Brule (just lucky they abbreviated to SB) by whoever runs that channel on the shitty SOCIALjusticewarriorMedia site.
Bettina Arndt talks about australian stats in regards to male/female domestic violence.
(people should see if she will or has started posting her stuff on bitchute, and if possible for her to switch to bitchute over youtube)

Links: (SB youtube channel)

18 views of plane impacts into the twin trade towers.
i did not put this together, too lazy for that, just thought i would upload it here so that people can see as many angles as possible.

personally i do not think this was a 'inside job' as the saying goes, this does not mean that this was not planned out and carried out to start a war bla bla bla.
people have said look at the bomb going off 0.1 second before the plane actually hits, i say this is bs because they are not taking into account the physics of pushing a super heated wave of air a head of the plane as it flies around.

they have also stated that there is no way that the beams could not be melted by the jet fuel or the heat created by the crash itself, again ignoring physics here.
- magnesium cutters setup to cut the girders etc., sure you could do this on a horizonal I-Beam but you would not be able to do this on a vertical I-Beam/pylon.
- this type of setup to presicely cut beams using bombs/exposives takes months to setup, there where no persons working on those levels at any time before the planes hit.
- when conditions are right, liquidized metals and flaming jet fuel can easily reach 2k plus degrees F to melt steal and concrete with EASE!
- construction cut corners in original construction with extremely limited burn resistant concrete or shotcrete, less than what was called for.
- claims of bombs on the bottom of these 'drone planes' (which you can easily and clearly see is not a drone plane) and seeing shadows as so called bombs...
- the supposed safety shotcrete that was supposed to be fire resistant had chemicals in it that accelerated the burning being mixed with jet fuel.
- you can clearly see that there is NOTHING on the bottom of the plane from side views.
- also, if it was a setup, why where officials dieing inside the two buildings?
- why where the police and firefighters not scrambled right after the planes hit?
- where did the people disappear to that where on these planes sending out messages to their family and friends? (why where these even allowed to be transmitted at all?)
- why did some of the planes crash into the ground when people took a stand against the hijackers in the middle of the flight, these would have ALL made it to their destinations to destroy other gov. buildings.
- im sure that passenger plane that hit the side of the pentagon was fake too, including the texts and calls from it before it hit?
- is it impossible for shredded bits of plane metal (aluminum and steal plus other materials) not shred concrete and metal when these pieces are being thrown around like a hurricane or even moving faster and braking up into more shards and bits as it chews through more material? (you know since its impossible for wheat stalks and other soft materials such as cloth, be embedded into concrete/metal/trees during a hurricane).
- if this was planned why where both democrats and republicans and other high ranking officials killed in the pentagon?
- if this was planned why did they have to demolish the rest of the towers from the plane crashes.

try to use your brain, the conspiracy theorists have not answered even half of the questions that should be answered for this to have been planned to start a war.

I noticed that there was little to no good artistic and asthetic videos on bitchute, so i decided to upload this as a change from the horrible things that are happening around the world...
if you like this PLEASE go to Heath Knuckle's youtube channel to tell him to get onto bitchute so people who like artsy-fartsy stuff can watch it on a different platform other than youtube where they are being demonetized still.

ill put up some more of these from different youtubers every so often, when i get around to it.


this is a short and incomplete explanation of abortion process, this information is only a small part of the full explanation because the full explanation is VERY graphic.
the other video upload is marked NSFL because of the graphics used and the full explanation...
^ link for the full explanation of abortion, you should watch it.

this is a documentary uploaded on youtube...
shows documentation showing corruption, does some comparisons as well.

uplaoding this on bitchute as an aside to show further evidence of global 'underground' corruption that is rampant throughout the world within governments complicit with the elitists such as george soros, rockefellers, rothschilds, etc.

sadly it would appear that the illuminati are still around, we know that the free masons are involved in this stuff as well (alister crowley, being the most notorious), the knights templar sadly have been involved in this as well since that is where the rockefellers and the rothschilds go their start from, then there are the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of business' used as fronts for these operations.

ask questions, find your own answers by doing your own research, make up your own mind...
ALWAYS question everything, keep what stands up as truth while discarding that witch does not withstand questioning, and even question what you have learned to make sure it still stands up as truth, and never stop gathering information and testing it.

remember this:
"the only way for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing" - Edward Burke (attributed to him, may or may not be a quote from him).
"the truth will set you free" - bible "what you do with that truth MAY set you free" - SBSeed

i was going to try to edit this, but i am lazy.
pay close attention to what she says and how she says it (wording, grammar, etc.)
the evilest person in history, responsible for over 8 Million child deaths.
total number of abortions since margeret sanger started planned parenthood over 60 Million in the US (Approximations)

graphic explanation of what exactly an abortion consists of:

10 people connected to wistleblowing and uncovering the small part of pizzagate in washington, DC.

there are many more who are NOT listed and are forgotten because their deaths have been suppressed or outright made non-existence through media and 'official' channels.

(obviously not BBC, but it works for this video as well)
this is an old news clip, i wish i could find the full piece or a more in-depth one...

take special note of known signs/code for specific types of pedophilia activities.
the host is trying to distance himself and the station from acknowledgement of the evidence and covering up the massive amount of murders and coincidental deaths surrounding private investigators and the wistleblowers...

again you can make up your own mind about this, no amount of evidence will make you believe or disbelieve any of this is real...
i will be upload another video that talks about a few of the deaths.

i did not create this video i am only presenting it as potential evidence for and against pizzagate/pedogate.


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trying to find truth in todays censorship and 'wrong think' bullcrap.

try to bring some things out into the open, at least as much as i can with things being scrubbed off of the internet since 2 years ago...
will be trying to gather as much info. on the fallowing:
(i am pretty lazy, so do not expect consistent uploads)
- pedo/pizzagate
- podesta emails
- clinton connections
- obama connections
- george soros connections
- rothchilds (not much information to be found)
- rockefellars (again not much information to be found)
- planned parent hood
- margaret sanger
- islam the cult of death, hate and destruction
- subverted catholicism and connections
- other stuff that might or is connected.

will leave you to make your own conclusions, but make my thoughts/opinions known in descriptions maybe.

people might be interested in looking at these videos, more information: