Scam Toons

Scam Toons



Card service guy has no respect for Thanksgiving or cripples.
Telemarketer scammers

Scammers are back .
Jerry skidmarks. From skidmarks and sons.

Telemarketer calls Jonny Repo back for the 5th time this year.

Face mask enforcement
Telemarketer scammers

I can't afford Thanksgiving because Trump needs $200
Telemarketer scammers

Telemarketer says my joke is a good one.

Telemarketer call

Credit card scammers called back and he tells me he's a cougar

Telemarketer scammers calling again for pain medicine but I tell him I'm out servicing my service cow's

Old lady gets away from Jonny L Repo with baby oil.
Telemarketer scammers

Telemarketer call
Nervous about 2020

Medicare scammer wants your grandmas #

Telemarketer wants me to stick my thumb up my butt.

mooey the cow on the loose from the kids from the hospital
Telemarketer calls

Used spud gun service get a Trump call.

Car warranty scammers call
So ask if they can cover my chair

Student loan scammers calling. But I didn't went to school.

Scammer from two weeks ago calls back

Scammer wants to come over to help me out .

800-867-5309 is the phone number to Bank of America this phone scammer is idiot

Last night's presidential debate turn into pro wrestling almost so me and the scammer talk about it

Publishing Clearing House scam
Said I won 2.5 million dollars
Only if I send them 500

Pain cream phone call.

A day's worth of scam calls from a couple months ago kept calling asking for Jeremy spoken

Jack Daniels insulin pump with doctor Jack.


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I got sick of all those scam robocalls. So I troll them all day for speech therapy for my cerebellum ataxia. Ataxia is a progressive neurological disorder that's like Ms and Parkinson's rolled into one cousins of Lou Gehrig's disease.
Hopefully I made you laugh your ass off today