Scam Toons

Scam Toons



Richard spanks is his name.
Scam call
I get 100s of these calls a month and sometimes a week.

The Adventures of Michael long Richard.
Scam call
I get hundreds of these a month and sometimes a week
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Life insurance scammers are back again. Scam toons

Telemarketing calls me on pay phone
Phone scammers

Casino attacked for the repo man

Scammer sings happy birthday too me

Big beaver on the platte River

Telemarketer Amazon Scammers
Scam toons

Trump wants your 300. Scammers

Same phone scammer calls me.

Telemarketer calls my mom a whore.
Scam telemarketer phone call

AL BUNDY gets a phone call.
Scamm phone call

100% real phone call from a pos scammer. This guy is a low life .
Fuck this guy

I think the scammers flirting with me
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Dumbest telemarketer
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I won 250000 from a phone scammer

Stripping at 70
Working hard for that money
Scam call

Cuomo is on the do not call list
Scam telemarketer

I bank at the local chucky chesse
Scam call
Telemarketer phone call

The telemarketer said hes going to f my mom

Bathtub farts smell the worst
Another scam caller

Cheeseburger the phone call
Scam toons

Scammers call lenny diarrhea

Scammers call Jeffrey Dahmer at supper time
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Want to go camping


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I got sick of all those scam robocalls. So I troll them all day for speech therapy for my cerebellum ataxia. Ataxia is a progressive neurological disorder that's like Ms and Parkinson's rolled into one cousins of Lou Gehrig's disease.
Hopefully I made you laugh your ass off today