Clifford finds a bag near the railroad tracks.

A reading of Nuclear Dahrma following an offering to the earth . Proceedings held at the fields from behind time .

A dinner scene hand drawn in ballpoint pen on a flack vest featuring many famous faces of the extremist scene. Art and video created by Stealthy Steve high in the hills of Lake Elsinore , Southern Commiefornia .

Our man on the street tells us some holiday survival life hacks.

The ScoopStaffel visit local Ice Creamers for a few photographs . Featured are Mr Macha in Alhambra Ca. , SomiSomi in Santa Anita, Afters in Pasadena , A random Ice Cream parlor in Lake Elsinore ca. And It's-It Ice Cream Cookie Bar taken in an Albertsons in Lake Elsinore. #scoopstaffel

Stationed in Guatemala followed by growth into El Salvador, The Black Shadow was a paramilitary death squad who's objective was to wipe out MS 13 gang members as well as attacks on 18 at gang membership. This drawing is a pen dedication to all those heroes who take the law into their own hands .

We are currently working on a -Drawing With Steve -series . This may take longer than the norm , please bear with us. We at ScarOrderTV value you and your viewership.

Random quick vids that did not necessarily fit anywhere else. All Changing channels episodes are meant to be watched on a saturday at about 11 pm .

ScarOrderTV pops in on Stealthy Steve as he puts the finishing touches on his Ride The Tiger commission project. He gives us some pointers .

I tore Jason away from his solo artshow at The Alley Gallery in Pomona ca. for a quick interview regarding his newest creation.

Changing Channels is a series collection of my random video clips that sought out a home . This one includes a yelling trist with a man on the freeway as well as my sales pitch for public showers for the homeless.

I sought a ūüö™ doorway out . Almost

A quite elaborate hovel complete with shower.
We tore it down . "Your The Disease , and I'm The Cure "

Code violations , place looks fine to me . Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.

The power of Discipline and Determination is displayed in the performance by professional athletes.

From Star Wars to Wrestling , this anonymous collector is into it all.

A tranquil jaunt across the hills to plant a Scar Order Bobby flag atop the uppermost mound.

The rolling hills above Norco California are irresistible after receiving a substantial rainfall.

A marker Drawing inspired by the Los Angeles Typhus epidemic which was caused by inefficiency on City Hall's part in fighting the homeless drug addict scourge.

My toothy friend landed on the wrong side of the wall. I gave him a hand. Apologies for the sideways worldstarrrr footage.

Nychole Owens Solo Artshow at The Alley Gallery in Downtown Pomona . Her attention to detail is only rivaled by her eye for meaning in the esoteric .

The crucifix fish is the top part of a catfish skull that on has the semblance of christ on it's underside .

Retrocity Festival was held in Jan 2019 at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California. Brought to you my the mighty warriors at Lost Levels Arcade Fullerton/Claremont .

Performing live at Retrocity Festival Pomona California ūüáļūüáł.

Stealthy Steve talks the meaning of his most recent and final Drawing of 2018 .


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