From Star Wars to Wrestling , this anonymous collector is into it all.

A tranquil jaunt across the hills to plant a Scar Order Bobby flag atop the uppermost mound.

The rolling hills above Norco California are irresistible after receiving a substantial rainfall.

A marker Drawing inspired by the Los Angeles Typhus epidemic which was caused by inefficiency on City Hall's part in fighting the homeless drug addict scourge.

My toothy friend landed on the wrong side of the wall. I gave him a hand. Apologies for the sideways worldstarrrr footage.

Nychole Owens Solo Artshow at The Alley Gallery in Downtown Pomona . Her attention to detail is only rivaled by her eye for meaning in the esoteric .

The crucifix fish is the top part of a catfish skull that on has the semblance of christ on it's underside .

Retrocity Festival was held in Jan 2019 at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California. Brought to you my the mighty warriors at Lost Levels Arcade Fullerton/Claremont .

Performing live at Retrocity Festival Pomona California ūüáļūüáł.

Stealthy Steve talks the meaning of his most recent and final Drawing of 2018 .

Santa fights back against Consumerism on the Target parking lot in Rancho Cucamonga California. Merry Christmas or else .

Pikachu was in his 79' Isuzu box truck stuck in traffic . He was on his way to Rowland Heights to install window shutters , when just as jigglypuff was reaching for his Okinawa style milk tea with boba CRASH ! fender bender ! A heated fist fight ensues right there in 10 freeway traffic .

California ravaged by brush fires caused by energy directed weaponry depicted in Robocop .

Naked Asian man was running up and down the 10 fwy. He would hide and duck as police arrived before making a mad dash for freedom. He started on the center dicider prior to filming of this vid.

Steve Drew the fish man from the Sega Dreamcast game Seaman . This version has Seaman funding his Golden Bat cigarette addiction by whoring out his body to the Nestle corporation for advertising. Stealthy used Montana 94 markers /papermate ballpoint pens as well as Bombay India Ink on paper .

Christmas feels from the end of memory .

We visit Artist Joe Ded in his front yard . He discusses his large scale E Honda painting .

Jamie Turner is a famous Glass Harpist who now performs for the joy of it in downtown Alexandria Virginia near the river . The video was taken as my battery was near spent .

An Abandoned Native American trinket shop in Arizona .

Stealthy Steve stops in for some Big League Chew and Fry Bread .

A 7 year long project created on random scraps of paper with ballpoint pens to help cope with my everyday interactions in southern calidornia. Degeneracy 88 is set in an alternate timeline where events of the 80s thru today occurred all within a decade . Supernatural beings are partially visible and interact within the physical realm although they are no less degenerate than ever one else . Gods feed on benevolent human souls as devils enjoy the taste of perverts and murderers . Available via email or phone message at:
[email protected]

From Corn mazes to Pumpkin cannons , this place has all of your spoopy needs . Bonus crafts at the end of the video .

We visit the Scar occult themed art show at Geo's The Alley Gallery in Pomona .ca.

We came across a random Cemetary inside of a van .

Part 2 of our foray into What the artists of SCAR have to offer . At Geo's The Alley Gallery in Pomona .ca
Featuring Joe Ded , Stealthy Steve and Jason Baldrige/Gore .
This show focused on Spiritualism and Conspiracy Theory .


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S.C.A.R. Order is a family of Men who do not fit the criteria of a workable human being . We here at S.C.A.R. are looking for a van as well as new recruits in the fields of the Arts. Inductees to qualify, must be open minded yet not inclined to shy away from :
Inductees must treat their artistic passions with the addiction of an extremist, not willing to cower and bend to the pressures of society.
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