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The World Freedom Alliance gathers in Copenhagen, Denmark to bring together the world's most prolific freedom-fighters. Centering around a political rally of JFK21, this documentary features the latest comments from Andrew Kaufman, Catherin Austin Fitts, Dolores Cahill and many other members of the WFA in 2021.

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Nicholson1968 explains the ways in which we're played and split by being co-erced into taking sides... when, in reality, we're fighting the same battle.

A Harvard study found "strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas."

Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author whose trailblazing research has tirelessly documented the fact that there is an epidemic of neurological disorders in the western world which are directly connected to toxins in our environment, and how this relates to the larger global eugenics program behind population reduction. In this fascinating interview, Blaylock reveals how depopulation programs forged by the Rockefeller foundation in association with the Nazis were the basis of modern day incarnations of eugenics like fluoride poisoning and vaccinations.

It's deadly - we are at a critical juncture in time for all of humanity!

An eye-opening documentary about the true cost of living in the wireless age.

The featured documentary, “Generation Zapped,” investigates the potential health consequences of today’s wireless world, noting microwave radiation “is a very real environmental pollutant.”

The film opens up with the late Martin Blank, Ph.D., who was an associate professor of physiology and cellular biophysics at Columbia University, who points out one of the most obvious reasons EMFs may cause physical harm, and that is because your body is bioelectrical. Many of your bodily processes involve the transmission of electric signals, and external interference can disrupt those signals.

As explained by Dr. Jonathan Samet, director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Southern California, radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation, the former having sufficiently high energy to break up molecules as it passes through your tissues.

EMFs have much lower energy, which is why the cellular industry has insisted cellphones and other wireless technologies have no biological effects. Alas, mounting science reveals this simply isn’t true.

For the globalists to implement Agenda 21, the general public must be tricked. Here are 6 lies that are necessary to be believed for the populous to go along with Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development. Everyone should understand how these lies spell the demise of freedom and usher in a subhuman life of sameness and ignorance.

Made in 2015, but possibly more pertinent for 2021.

Our media, education and power structure induces trances upon us to have us worry about our comforts and disregard our rights, even our personal security. In this trance, we forget the dangers of providing our identities and personal information to strangers, "authorities', marketers and public forums. This video provides some perspective on some of the overlooked issues of privacy in modern societies which now have massive surveillance infrastructures.

A very interesting video which documents the early days of 5g, EMFs, etc. How 36 years ago the military were formulating the weapons which are now targetting the populations of the World.


The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. The aim of this organization is power, power in its most despotic exercise, absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope - the Superior General of the Jesuits].

"Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses." - Napoleon Bonaparte

This film is based on one journalist's investigation into what has been going on under the guise of COVID-19 during the lockdown era.

A documentary about sexual abuse within the Catholic church

We are subjected to a huge ammount of propaganda to the point of distorting our perception of reality COMPLETELY. How far does it go Why is Flat Earth a hot topic If you're new to conspiracy research, still stuck in polarized topics or looking for solutions, this video was made for you.

In addition to being a depository of free download documents, this web site is a reminder of how important it is for every individual in society to "take", to actively claim, protect and defend the freedoms he or she values.

Rob Dew speaks with former Merck sales rep Brandy Vaughan about the plan for pushing mandatory vaccines, and how it starts with the HPV Shot. Brandy also discloses new information about the Vitamin K shot and the dangerous new additives that are being being pumped into “baby’s first shot.”

Brandy Vaughn was recently found dead in her home in early December 2020. (From Brandy was very clear that if anything happened to her it was most likely foul play a.k.a. homicide. Sadly, the majority of her close friends have said that they believe the same.

Narrated by Stuart Wilde

Speaks for itself...

In this interview Dr. Maurice Hilleman reveals some astounding revelations. He admits that Merck drug company vaccines (Polio) had been deliberately contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus from 1953 - 63.

For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of polio vaccine, contaminated with SV40, infected individuals which caused human tumors, and by 1999, molecular evidence of SV40 infections were showing up in children born after 1982. Some experts now suggest the virus may have remained in the polio vaccine until as late as 1999.

In 2002, the journal Lancet published compelling evidence that contaminated polio vaccine was responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cases that were occurring each year. And there is the likelihood that there was an importing and spreading of the AIDS virus in the same manner, as revealed in the video.

At first no one could fathom how the virus had been transmitted into the human population, but this shocking video proves that it was deliberately added to the vaccine by Dr. Maurice Hilleman, which was "good science" at that time.

G. Edward Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease - like scurvy or pellagra - aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man's diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle.

Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics - and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

With billions of dollars spent each year on research, with other billions taken in on the sale of cancer-related drugs, and with fund-raising at an all-time high, there are now more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the solution should be found in a simple vitamin, this gigantic industry could be wiped out over night. The result is that the politics of cancer therapy is more complicated than the science.

This is the Discovery Channel program they did not want you to see.

Homosexual prostitution inquiry Reagan/Bush, Lawrence King, Boys Town.

Lawrence E. King, was eventually convicted of embezzling thirty-eight million dollars as manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Nebraska.

"Conspiracy of Silence", a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada.

At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

Is the tetanus vaccine just a money-spinner?


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