How were spears used in ancient and medieval times? In the first part, we look at plausible ways to change the side and method of gripping the spear.
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We've seen time and again that in the most accurate tests (Tod's test: ), longbow arrows cannot penetrate breastplates. Does that matter? We know that longbows won wars - this video explains HOW!
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Lots of people describe weapons like axes, maces or hammers as 'easier to use' than swords. But is that correct? What does that even mean?
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Some clarifications and additions to my previous video ( ) about whether some modern knife and sword makers are doing their tangs wrong.

In HEMA we primarily focus on sword fighting in regular clothes, but we have to recognise that this mostly applies to civilian duels. Not to say that the skills are not fundamentally related, but armor changes so much about combat.

Historical sword and knife makers spent hundreds of years perfecting their art, but often now we ignore their lessons. Here we look at one particular aspect of knife making that often gets ignored by modern makers.

Some military swords were given hilt liners, for a variety of reasons. Here we look at the added protection factor and a little project I am working on.

A wonderful antique Seaforth Highlanders Field Officer's sword, from Easton Antique Arms Ltd. And a new website!

An unusual and historically interesting antique sword - a French 1822 sabre with Egyptian and British connections.
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Short swords were sometimes carried by infantry soldiers during the 18th and 19th centuries, but one particular type of sidearm - the pioneer sword - is the focus here. Why did pioneers carry such swords?

FightCamp 2019 Report 6 - Medieval Armoured Combat with Daggers

FightCamp 2019 Report 5 - Longsword Tournament Pools

FightCamp 2019 Report 4 - Traders Tod Cutler Paul Binns Knight Shop etc

FightCamp 2019 Report 2 - Nylon Sabre/Backsword Jerzy Vs Harry

FightCamp 2019 Report 3 Longsworders & Polearmers

FightCamp 2019 Report 1

I've looked at antique cutlasses lots on my channel, but this is a sword with a difference.
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I happen to have 3 important models on French military sword from the 1820s in hand at the moment, so I thought I'd do a little comparison for you.
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There is a connection between WW1 era British bayonets and Japanese samurai swords and knives that most people don't know about. Here we look at the 1907 pattern British bayonet and its inspiration the Type 30 Arisaka.
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One of the ways that I restore antique leather items, such as sword scabbards, belts, binocular cases, straps, boots, etc.
Chelsea Dubbin:
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Looking at an antique Bowie knife made by Indian maker Arnachellum, and considering where these fit in their historical context.
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Did the Romans ever dual-wield their gladius swords, as seen in movies like Gladiator or TV shows like Spartacus?
Looking at Roman weapons of war, as well as the equipment of the dimachaerus.
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A brief look at the famous Roman armour known as lorica segmentata, in this case replicated by Fabrica Cacti:


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