Late Viking Era & Early Norman Swords

Training Bayonets for HEMA Sparring - Problems getting them made and some challenges with using them.

Cutoe, cutlass, hangers and short swords in the 17th-18th centuries, with a brief consideration of the swords used by pirates around the year 1700.

Game of Thrones Final Season Predictions - What will happen to Arya, The Hound, Sansa, Jon, Jaime, Brienne?

The Sound of Sword Ringing - let's see what different 1845 pattern cutlasses sound like!!

Medieval Hand Guns - A Demonstration with the Pastons @ Weald & Downland

Email: [email protected]
Example text:
"Dear Home Secretary,
Reading the text of the new UK Offensive Weapons Bill, I welcome the legal 'defences' for the postage of bladed items to residential addresses, which are legally used in sports and historical re-enactment.
However, I was shocked to see not a single mention of antiques!
The antique arms and armour trade, including through auction houses such as Christies, is worth tens of millions of pounds a year and is of immense historical and cultural significance.
Traditionally, in UK law, antique weapons have been explicitly and specifically exempted from nearly all Offensive Weapon legislation since 1988.
Please reassure the antiques trade that you will be including exemptions/defences for antiques?
​The antique trade is dependent upon home delivery and many businesses are at stake.

Police Weapons - The Victorians - Part 1
Here we look at truncheons and in particular, a larger, heavier type of Victorian truncheon.
The UK's Home Office is soon to prohibit the postage of ALL 'bladed objects' to private residential addresses. Potentially that includes everything from nail clippers to fencing foils. In order to make the Home Office aware of the wide-sweeping effect that this might have on UK hobbies, sports and businesses, please sign this petition, in the hope that we can lever the Home Office into including either 1) suitable exemptions, and/or 2) postal/collection options which will actually work for lawful adults.

Jousting, Mounted Combat & Armaments - The jousting group Destrier and a little view into mounted combat.


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