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Osa 1 - Hitlerin lapsuus

Educational video with a speech by Mosley.
Every European should think seriously about these words from near 80 years ago!

Adolf's original speech with regards to the necessity of Operation Barbarossa
With English subtitles

Those same virtue signaling beings that cry environmental protection from the rooftops cannot get enough of their mask madness. These are the results.

Joel Immermann is in South Africa - situated 10 km outside De Rust on the Groot Swartberg Mountains - 43 km from Oudtshoorn and 110 km from George in the Western Cape .
Totally off the grid and self sustaining - Fresh spring mountain water - Food forests planted - Living in harmony with nature rather than against it - That's what I chose in life

The PCR test and, above all, its results determine pandemic policy worldwide. This raises a number of questions that are answered in this 26 minute video:

Was PCR really designed to diagnose infectious diseases?
Is PCR able to diagnose infectious diseases?
How can a test developed nearly 40 years ago be used to diagnose a brand new disease that was discovered less than a year ago?
This video features a number of clips from doctors speaking out on the subject, including biochemist Kary Mullis, who invented the method and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it. He says (from min 2:15):

“With the PCR process, you can find almost anything in everyone. ... PCR cannot be misused, but its results can. "

Why is it so important to understand the test? Because he is the driving force behind the fear campaign that is being promoted by the media and used by governments to justify the restrictions.

Some of the reasons he was hated by the Globalists

Video from Historia Prohibida:

Here is an excerpt from Adolf Hitler's speech:
"Germany against the New World Order (" (1:09:14)

"We will have a world government whether we like it or not. The only question is whether this world government will be achieved by conquest or by consent." - James Warburg February 17, 1950

“Because when the crisis gets bigger, the skills to implement changes get bigger!” - Wolfgang Schäuble 2011

( "The unforgivable crime of Germany before the Second World War was the attempt to separate its economic power from the world trade system and to create its own exchange system in which world finance no longer earns money." - Winston Churchill on Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in: Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War (preface to the 2nd edition 2001)

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus Adolf Hitlers Rede:
"Deutschland gegen die Neue Weltordnung (" (1:09:14)

"Wir werden eine Weltregierung haben, ob wir es mögen oder nicht. Die einzige Frage ist, ob diese Weltregierung durch Eroberung oder Einverständnis erreicht wird.“ - James Warburg 17. Februar 1950

„Weil, wenn die Krise größer wird, werden die Fähigkeiten, Veränderungen durchzusetzen größer!“ - Wolfgang Schäuble 2011

("Das unverzeihliche Verbrechen Deutschlands vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg war der Versuch, seine Wirtschaftskraft aus dem Welthandelssystem herauszulösen und ein eigenes Austauschsystem zu schaffen, bei dem die Weltfinanz nicht mehr mitverdienen konnte." - Winston Churchill zu Lord Robert Boothby, zit. in: Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War (Vorwort zur 2. Auflage 2001)

Historical lies that will continue to corrupt the people's minds into believing the same criminal cabal time and time again.

NWO in full view. Only the MSM end Education curriculum is not allowed to contain this information. Strange isn't it when a so called Democracy prohibits the populations from discussing facts.

The lies of history cannot continue for ever.

Our education systems were hijacked to teach the evils of the those that tried to oppose the real criminals. The history of these criminals has been hidden and the facts of that history would create the revolt that is needed to destruct the world governing bodies. What we are experiencing right now is the final stage of the plans in the book "The Spirit of Militarism".

When real medical professionals start to speak out, then there is hope that the psychopathic pharma control may be stopped after all.

Even more relevant today than 90 years ago. The Zionist mental and financial control of the US citizens.

He described the geo-political quagmire then and nothing has changed. It is even more true now than it was back then.
90 years later and everything he said has become clear for everyone to see. Only lies and deception and the same corrupt MSM kept the world population ignorant to the facts.

The Boer Project joined Afriforum for a neighborhood watch in the crime strife Johannesburg region.


SKLAVENVOLK - Joseph Goebbels [ENGLISH Sub Titles]

The 2020/21 rainy season was a true highlight. We experienced above-average rainfall that fell across the country and also resulted in the newly inaugurated Neckartal dam being filled in record time.

In this episode of Brandon Martinez's "MartinezPerspective", Brandon breaks down the hypocrisy of the Judeo-Marxist positions that Whites wanting to live, work, recreate, and raise their children among their own is "White supremacy" while being in favor of the Jewish state of Israel.

Paul Kruger, original name Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, byname Oom (“Uncle”) Paul, (born Oct. 10, 1825, Cradock district, Cape Colony—died July 14, 1904, Clarens, Switz.), farmer, soldier, and statesman, noted in South African history as the builder of the Afrikaner nation. He was president of the Transvaal, or South African Republic, from 1883 until his flight to Europe in 1900, after the outbreak of the South African (Boer) War.
Leader Of The Boers.
Upon the British annexation of the Transvaal in 1877, Kruger became the recognized champion of his people in the struggle to regain independence. With that purpose in mind, he visited England in 1877 and 1878, and, when he failed to persuade the government of Benjamin Disraeli to undo the annexation, he helped organize a movement of passive resistance to British administration in the Transvaal. In 1880 he pinned his hopes to the promises of William Gladstone, the Liberal leader. Disappointed when the new Liberal government failed to live up to his expectations, Kruger succeeded in gaining the sympathy and political support of the Cape Colony against the British attempt to force South Africa, including the Transvaal, into a general federation. In December he led his people into active opposition, and, after a series of military victories that culminated in the Battle of Majuba Hill (Feb. 27, 1881), with great diplomatic skill he succeeded in negotiating peace based on a limited independence. In 1883 he was elected president of the restored republic, and he held that office until 1902, when the Boers at last submitted to British authority.


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