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2022: Black woman Ariel Robinson sentenced to life in prison for beating her young white FOSTER daughter to death

2023: Black women having a chicken fight

2023: Socialism rocks Sacramento, California

What happened to Roseanne? There was no hidden socialist agenda in the 90s

2023: Detonation of an ammunition depot in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

2023: Kamala Harris treating players of the Howard University Bison basketball team like children after massive loss (28-point defeat)

Jan. 2023: House committee hears HF146 to establish Minnesota as a "trans refuge" state. This trans guy is the mother of two trans children - wtf. Full hearing:

How to deal with college educated women

Southpark (S13E03): What banks do

Dec. 2021: Putin - The US is parking missiles on the porch of our house

2023: Just say NO to Bud Light

2023: Robert F. Kennedy wants to put climate change deniers in jail

2023: Air strike on a house in Gaza, Israel

2023: Blacks fighting at Walmart

Funny Joseph Biden / Nancy Pelosi clips. Satire

2023: Joe Joseph Biden acting weird while speaking in front of UNION STRONG

2023: Joe Biden is confusing them all

2023: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) joins "The Drag Race Judges Panel"

1972: Senator Joe Joseph Biden is not corrupt

2023: The Gay BC book for children. How can this have good reviews on amazon? I hope it is manipulated.

2023: Pronoun police in action

2023: Female police officers in Germany are completely useless

March 2022: Klaus Schwab at the World Government Summit about necessity of collaborative responses which means socialist responses

2023: Migrant flees the scene of accident (hit and run) in Germany

2023: Joe Joseph Biden gives away the US taxpayer money to Ukraine


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