Condensation trails or chemtrails

2021: Slavery in China

Condensation trails or chemtrails

2021: Flood in China

2021: Cuba vaccination program for toddlers

2021 China: Toddlers at work

2022: People in Iran against Muslim tyranny

2022 Nov. 23: Igor Korotchenko on Russian TV about aggressive socialist women in Europe

2021: Another Chinese wall

Taliban whip women for listening to music

2021: Forced vaccination in China

2021: Corona police in China

2021: Chinese quarantine camps

2021: Corona madness in Chinese schools

2021: Chinese police robbing the people

2021 China: Who needs a mobile crematorium?

2021 China: Mobile Corona testing

Condensation trails or chemtrails

2021: Why do Chinese people don't help each other?

Democracy vs. Constitutional Republic

WEF about geoEngineering in China

What happens when you click on "I am not a robot"

2022: Goodbye Nancy Pelosi video compilation

Cowboy police

Nobody wants to shake hands with Justin Trudeau


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