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Face Mask Nonsense - Aerosol explosion out of all sides

Relevant in 2020.

Australian Covid Lies

Mask use for viral transmission

Mask Efficacy in Mitigating Coronavirus Transmission

Nobel Prize Winners Discuss Corona Debacle

Belarus Presidential Address on Coronavirus "Psychosis"

Short but very clear interview with Sweden's viral issue leader Anders Tegnell - well worth a watch to understand how these things are managed. Note that Sweden never came near their ICU capacity, and the loading has been falling down since mid April. Also that ~75% of Sweden's deaths were in care home scenarios (~50% in their very large capacity care homes, ~25% in "care at home"). Also they got hit hard in Somali/BAME community (vitamin D questions to be answered there).

Basically with no lockdown, their overall population fatality rate is 0.046% - similar to Europe's average and lower than many countries including the UK. Note that cultures like the USA may be different in nature, with lower tendency to jump and follow government advice - so not necessarily applicable to all regions...

Importantly their curve peaked and fell exactly like all the countries with lockdown policies - lockdowns did not change the peak and fall or shape/behavior of the spread.

Currently it appears that Sweden will end up at maybe 0.05% - 0.06% population fatality rate as the season closes - they are falling steadily similar to UK at the moment.

Note: this clip is from a recent documentary which can be viewed here:

Dr. Wolfgang Woburg explains that Coronavirus's only need around 20% in population for effective herd immunity...

Full discussion from high credentials immunology expert on Coronavirus and lockdown


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