One week closer to Celebration! We're so looking forward to it, because then Mack gets to see all the exclusive stuff!

This week:

+ Episode IX rumors
+ LEGO fun
+ Romance blooms?
+ Who dies?
+ New Merchandise!
+ Celebration Panel Hints
+ Dave Filoni tweets
+ How to balance the Force...again?
+ STAR WARS at sea
+ Lightsabers an Official Sport in France

This week, we discuss our experience co-hosting with the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Kansas City: the double feature, THE FP and its sequel FP2: BEATS OF RAGE.

[Original live broadcast March 9, 2019]

This week, with all of the talk swirling around the Marvel announcements, we take a look at what's been happening with the Distinguished Competition: DC Comics and their movie universe -- which doesn't look like it's going to be a shared universe anymore.

And is THE FLASH in trouble...again?

[Original live broadcast March 17, 2019]

This week, a little lighter fare.
Starting with feedback from a member of the distinguished audience, the discussion finally meanders to the subject of our upcoming events. We have plans, oh yes we do. And we let you in on a few with this hour.

[Original live broadcast March 2, 2019]

Strap in!
It's time to talk about the swatting of Edwin Boyette, the swatting of Peter Simeti, the accusations against Vic Mignogna, and the gestalt of the "outrage mob" mentality that is the internet.

[Original live broadcast February 23, 2019]

This week, we adopt a slightly lighter tone compared to last week...

Talking about the ending of shows, and what a difference it makes for a series to have an official finale vs. early and unexpected cancellations.

Do you have a favorite show that got the axe before it was over?

[Original live broadcast February 9, 2019]

We've got STAR WARS news and we've got Celebration news!

This week:

+ Episode IX officially wraps
+ New TV series shooting in the UK?
+ Luke's X-Wing to be in IX?
+ Luke and Leia: how much are they in IX?
+ Threats from The Beyond
+ Knights of Ren
+ Review Bombing
+ J.J.'s plan
+ Alan Horn's thoughts
+ SOLO sequel unlikely
+ Ludwig Göransson's music
+ Topher Grace's "Always" trailer:
+ New Amidala book
+ Marvel introduces a new Jedi
+ New Merchandise!

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So... Bill Maher made some rude comments about fandom back when Stan Lee died, and then he doubled down, and then he tripled down.

And a lot of people think that he's being a troll.

But it leads us to an even bigger conversation about disagreeing without being disagreeable. Is that even possible in this day and age of the internet and the anonymity it gives some people?

(and yes, the title card on the open is wrong...)

[Original live broadcast Februar 2, 2019]

This week, we take a look at superhero films that you might not have noticed, might not have watched when they were a thing. Back before superhero movies were a thing.

And that includes WATCHMEN, which is getting a new adaptation over at HBO.

You should check these out:
early ZORRO
BATMAN serials

[Original live broadcast January 26, 2019]

Mackenna is back with the latest STAR WARS news, rumor, and speculation.

This week:

+ Adam Driver still filming?
+ leaked concept art
+ Knights of Ren?
+ ROGUE ONE prequel news
+ new video games?
+ new board game
+ new trilogies still happening
+ new trading cards

This week, we take a look at the storied career of William Goldman, who wrote a LOT more than just "The Princess Bride".
"Heat", "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" -- and there's even a project or two on the list that never got completed.

[Original live broadcast: January 26, 2019]

We're back!
Jason Hunt and Timothy Harvey are back in studio with more discussion (and digression) on our longest-running podcast.

This week: we discuss the legacy and influence of Stan Lee. Not only was he involved in creating some of the most beloved Marvel Comics characters, but he also was a beloved character himself -- from cameos, to being one of the comics industry's most enthusiastic champions.

Excelsior, Stan. You'll be missed.

[Original live broadcast: January 5, 2019]

It's here! A brand new season with the latest STAR WARS news, rumor, and speculation.

This week:

+ EPISODE IX wraps filming?
+ leaked set photos?
+ Elon Musk cameo?
+ Valentine's Day gifts
+ new books & comics
+ Celebration guests
+ Galaxy's Edge details

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This week: Tim, Glenn, and Keith discuss the 6th episode in Jodie Whittaker's inaugural run as The Doctor, "Demons of the Punjab" and the story it tells within another historical context, very much like "Rosa" did.

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It's the debut of our new show discussing DOCTOR WHO!

This week, we're joined by special guest Andrew Cartmel, who was the script editor for the show from 1987 to 1989, the final Sylvester McCoy years.

We talk about what it was like back then compared to the show now, and examine the famous "Cartmel MasterPlan".

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After beating back the gremlins....

It's our 1,000th video!
Tonight: Discussing the copyright strikes that Disney threw against the YouTubers that had a thing or two to say about that deleted extended clip from CAPTAIN MARVEL...

#SciFi4MeTV #ChillinWithPineapple #censorship


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