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Chris is back with a weekly HBC show, very interesting discussion here about fakery, alex yones and sandyjoax

Hollywood was mind control in it's inception, see how the Manchurian Candidate (1962) was predictive programming for the fake JFK assassination and with revelation of the method brags about how homosexuality was engineered and to deliberately cause conflict. Pause to read the text.

Here John And Chris detail the dirty secrets of mainstream personalities who were born billionaire elites. Such as Elaine from Seinfeld who is a Russian princess.

Clips from when Dave was interviewed on Hoaxbusterscall

The wolf in sheep's clothing, The open conspiracy was written by HG wells...along with the predictive programming for: the first man on the moon, time as a dimension, nuclear bombs, to name a few social engineering projects. These are front men for the secret society (Illuminati)

Take a half hour and watch this with a critical eye, when I did this 4 years ago I became absolutely certain of the moon hoax. This is the real unedited video televised in 1972. I have mirrored it from the "International Astronautical Federation" channel.

Would the CIA (Illuminati) need to kill JFK in this manner? Risking blowing away Jackie in some botched attempt? Knowing 9/11 is fake...why do you think it is impossible that this event was also scripted for public mythology? Note how the event is conspicuously manufactured for public perception. Here you will see some smoking gun evidence such as NBC filming a Jackie double in a different Limo at Parkland can they have her double ready to go? a second limo?

How significant were these druid priests and are these the people developing the language?

This is a 3 hours discussion about some of the content on my channel and similar topics including Mk-Ultra, Charles Manson, fake moon landings, Illuminati, etc..
Interviewed by Stephen of the "MK-Ultra60-present" channel on BITCHUTE

links to the original:

part 1
part 2
part 3

Excellent enjoyable monologue from Chris and then the first call-in from SMJ

This is mirrored from Richard Groves TragedandHope channel. 2013 called :
History... Connected- Research Discussion on MKULTRA, Cybernetics, and Social Control

This is a collection of podcast excepts from Joe Atwill detailing the connections from communism to Jerry Garcia.
Edited for concise information with documentary evidence. The audio only without video and music can be found on youtube at /watch?v=k2gB_T5mbJ8

There are no contradictions in nature. We were all born into the CULT of the pyramid scheme.

Antony Cyril Sutton (February 14, 1925 – June 17, 2002) was a British and American economist, historian, professor, and writer. Beginning in the late 60's Antony exposed, with documentary evidence: America's Secret Establishment, and the subterfuge behind the scripted wars

A short but very interesting excerpt from a Eustace Mullins discussion

This show first appeared on Mae Brussell in 1981. Bill Kaysing wrote the first book on the moon hoax. "We Never Went To The Moon". Edited for concise content and redundancy.

Aldous Huxley was the agent of the Illuminati/Rhodes Roundtable Group implementing cultural Marxism. Along with his brother Julian who was president of the Eugenics society and helped create the United Nations and UNESCO. Fabian Socialism was engineering by the secret society. Brave New World was not a prohibitive tale.

Quigley was a historian at Georgetown who wrote Tragedy and Hope (1966). I have edited down this 1974 interview to it's most important points. There is many points for research here, especially his work to expose the All-Souls College at Oxford. The full interview can be heard here:

Video portion consists of hundreds of screenshots from Myron's FBI file.(in no particular order)

In 1931, he started giving conferences in different Canadian clubs on the topic of "International conspiracy," which was subdivided in two main subjects: "International communism" and "International capitalism," In Pawns in the Game, Carr claimed that World War I had been fought to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Russian tsar and to turn Russia into the stronghold of atheistic communism.

In the fall of 1919, he enrolled in Harvard Law School to learn the free enterprise system. By 1922, he had had enough of the school and Marxist Professor (and later Supreme Court Justice) Felix Frankfurter. He left Harvard and launched the Oxford Candy Company. In 1926, he invented the Sugar Daddy candy and sales skyrocketed. He left the company he worked so hard to build after a dispute with management and started again. Eventually, he ended up working for his brother at the James O. Welch Company from 1935 until he “retired” in 1956. Two years later he founded The John Birch Society.

Mirrored from Swamp Yankee on YT: /watch?v=jmISzg8sjHM

Myron exposes how "The melting Pot" was play written by a Fabian Socialist with the agenda to use Black Americans to undermine the social order for the Zionist agenda.

Chris expalins the situation with rare direct clariity it is not a wonder as to why his channels was closed and his webiste wiped. Fortunately you can find his old podcasts on under chriskendall1 account

Some of the smoking gun evidence that the counter culture was engineered by the CIA. Gordon Wasson (banker) discovering "the magic mushroom" on the cover of LIFE...proven to be mk-ultra sub-project 58.
I have edited some important research and evidence on how the social engineering of the 60's was executed. You can see from this cover how deliberately disturbing they wanted LSD to be. Trying to freak people out. These audio clips are from a formally great website/researcher gnosticmedia/jan Irvin, which is now total nonsense and I cannot recommend anything there from 2017 onward. The 180 degree collapse of Jan and his research is now damaging to the truth movement. But this research checks out and is well referenced.

Here I have put together the work of 3 unrelated scholars presenting evidence on how Einstein and Quantum Mechanics are not real. Rather this is social engineering and part of the agenda associated with Cultural Marxism and "The Destruction of Reason". State of the art gaslighting at the turn of the 20th century. Lecturers are Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Stephen Crothers, and David Harriman in order of appearance.


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Defy Subterfuge with Testicular Fortitude!
Exposing "the big lie". Look what happened to the US after WW2, with Mk-ultra cultural Marxist demoralization as implemented by the secret freeemasonic society (Illuminati). This agenda is British/Jewish in origin and barbecue of it's enormity it's best described as "The cult of the pyramid scheme" which has caused irrationality throughout my entire life right down to everyday details. The content of discussion is controlled everywhere, through fear, it is a science of conspiracy beginning long before Machiavelli. How many good people are doing nothing to resist this agenda, look ahead there are icebergs, the ship is going the wrong direction and the internet is quickly becoming more of a burden than a convenience.