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3 unrelated scholars present evidence on how Einstein and Quantum Mechanics are not real. Rather this is social engineering and part of the agenda associated with Cultural Marxism and "The Destruction of Reason". Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Stephen Crothers, and David Harriman

Helter Skelter in the summer swelter....the day the music died....

Too much freedom causes the Beach Boys, Malibu Barbie, and the Brady Bunch to join a hippie commune, fall in with satanist bikers, and psuedo-secretly spawn rosemary's baby behind murderous sex parties on acid. Bye Bye American Pie.

Hypothesis of this video:

The staged murders were a lesson to the world: this is what happens to back-to-nature hippie drops outs. The psychedelic 60's were part of the MK-ULTRA CIA program and on a larger scale under the agenda of cultural marxism by groups like Skull & Bones, the Fabian Society, and the Frankfurt school. This was the engineered and managed de-moralization of culture which became the world that we live in now. As the newly fabricated counter-culture was really taking off these murders were used to stem the tide and set up a system of rewards and punishments.

I have carefully selected clips of Mae Brussell and chosen important images showing the outrageous facts. It may be necessary to pause the video to take in the mass of evidence I have crammed into this video. The only disturbing content is this video is the diabolical lie about horrific murders. There is only the original images released to the press, which are shown to be manufactured.

Consider this...would the CIA (or the Illuminati or the Mafia) need to kill JFK in this manner? Risking blowing away Jackie in some botched attempt? Do you think it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE that the entire event were scripted and choreographed? Including the controlled opposition of conspiracy theorist shills like Mark lane? See some of the evidence here.

Get grip on the perspective that our fake history is managed by an army of secret societies all organized by Freemasony. (university fraternities, civic groups, lawmakers, legal system, mafia and organized crime, intelligence agencies,..

This was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Chris Kendall had his show going for about 7 years until they wiped his website off the internet and shutdown his youtube channel for "hate speech" which there is ZERO irrational speech on any of his shows. You can find the old shows on archiveDOTorg under the account chriskendall1. The new podcasts are run by shills IMO, only stuff 2017 and earlier are any good. Post in the comments if you are a fan or want to knwo more about the psyop they ran on John and how they killed this show.

Some important clips from Pallywood and Corbett Report

Estimated wealth in 1835: at least $520 Billion
Estimated wealth today: unknown

100 Atom Smashing Brain Blistering Nerve Scalding Volcanically Visceral Megalithic Masterpieces of Hard Rock Cryptic Classics........that you never heard:

The Forbidden Playlist is found @

The script for the OK bombing in 1995 was written years earlier by the brother of the Governor of Oklahoma, and it was published in the book "The Final Jihad", the terrorist having the same name: "Tim McVey"

This is a highlight reel of Steve Outtrim's series on Burning Man which can be found at his website: ( on YT at his channel: Cryptobeast

A collection of irrefutable evidence proving that the moon landings were faked 100%

Jason Colavito on Hoaxbusters Call to debunk ancient aliens.

His hypothesis: HP Blavasky and theosophy are behind the agenda.

Then a very interesting debate on evolution. edited for duration and redundancy.

Until about 2008 all famous astronauts maintained that the stars were not visible in space. Not in orbit, not on the way to the moon, and not on the surface of the moon. This is not about about camera exposure times, As you will see, Armstrong and others say you can't see the stars WITH THEIR EYES!

Critical episodic adventure of breaking news emergency events, ITS REAL!!!

This is an audio compilation from Hoaxbustercall.

Audio narration by Myron Fagan. Despite being filmed LIVE on TV in 1947 you will not find the original McCarthy trials anywhere on the internet. Only the Army-McCarthy kangaroo court where I take the final scene of this video, The method used here is best understood as "sensitivity training" developed by Kurt Lewin of Tavistock/Frankfurt School.

download the online version here

or listen to it read by "the freedom ministry" or by "redline aviator" both on YT

Some of the people who engineered what we believe. The photo is of prime minister Tony Blair at the London School of Economics Library, posing in front of the wolf in sheeps clothing, the Fabian Society occult logo.

Hollywood was mind control for it's inception, see how the Manchurian Candidate was predictive programming and weaponized entertainment. MK-ULTRA, SKULL & BONES

Brussell published several articles on conspiracies including Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped? (August, 1972), Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-Up? (July, 1973), Operation Chaos (November, 1976), The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination (November, 1983) and Who Killed Congressman Larry McDonald? (February 1984)

Proof the script was written years before the event.

clips from gnosticmedia, evidence of social engineering of the 60's

Clips from hoaxbusterscall

Short clips from Pallywood and James Corbett

You can't see the stars in space


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