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This video “I Told You So Back in January 2017” was originally published as a weekly show at that time!
I am a conservative. However, I also know that whoever is in office was put there by the power to be and not the people of America. So I call it as I see it. Now we have seen an alliance with Trump and Israel that is not covered in this past video that greatly tells us who Trump really is and what their game plan is!
If you would like to listen to part 2 and 3 called “Knights of Malta and the Trump connection” go to:
David Carrico show mentioned is also available at that same link.

Project Montauk The Philadelphia Experiment w David Carrico & Scott Hensler 3-18-2017 - Tonight on the Midnight Ride the "Scott Hensler Show" The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel. Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment.

FOJC Radio - David Carrico & Donna Carrico

The Midnight Ride on NYSTV w/ David Carrico
Live Hub:
Area 51, Underground mysteries and the Alien Agenda w/ Scott Hensler

Armageddon and the New 5G Network Technology with guest Scott Hensler on FOJC/NYSTV David Carrico host.
Is the microwave frequency of 5G weaponized? Is this mind control? How is it going to play out in the last days...

The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico on NYSTV
Armageddon and the New 5G Network Technology: w/ guest Scott Hensler

What is the end-times connection with cloning, hybrids, demons, and Nephilim? Is this the army that comes against Jesus Christ in the Valley of Armageddon? Are they already among us? Tonight guest Pastor Douglas Riggs joins TFHC in an interesting conversation that connects the supernatural, UFO's and earthy things compared to spiritual things.
Video by Scott Hensler Network, LLC Production

What is a Musical Seismograph? It is an early seismic warning system. The earth speaks to us before and during an earthquake. The question is... is any buddy listening!
This video is a detailed interview by Scott Hensler with Eric Dollard on the history, conception and current and past test sites leading to the Musical Seismograph.
Eric P. Dollard - EPD Laboratory, Inc:
Also, visit the Seismic CQ website dedicated to broadcasting the audio of the earth when the project is complete.

Biblical teaching on spiritual issues - This show episode addresses the lack of men in the deliverance ministry - From Scott Hensler Network Update on BlogTalk Radio - Author and Host Scott Hensler - Music Artist: n-Track Studio Software -

The term Flying Monkeys was coined to describe narcissist and their behaviors. It also has been used to describe Gang Stalkers. Tonight these definitions are explored and insight on the demonic connect between the two. Whether one is possessed or demonized, accountability should always be exorcised. To allow ill-behavioral to violate the innocent is allowing evil to prevail.

Are You Ready for what is coming... Let my people go said, God! So why is the Church keeping you in bondage?

Truth or fiction? This video is based on WHAT IF! The movie titled "The Phoenix Incident” does bring to question the truth about the Phoenix Lights event in 1997. So after reviewing the movie one does need to ask ones self. What does Hale-Bopp comet, Heavens Gate suicides and the Phoenix Lights have in common? Answer. Death, murder, suicide, missing young men and one of the largest conspiracy the federal government has ever pull over the eyes of the American people! The movie titled "The Phoenix Incident" may be overly theatrical concerning this incident. However, after surveying the factual information one halves to admit they may be on to something! Plus my own encounter of missing people seemingly plucked right off of this planet. Pictures are screenshots from the movie plus from internet sources. Movie link:

Topics: Voice to Skull Technology in the Churches called Psychotronics - Scott Hensler Network Show on KFNX 1100 AM Radio Phoenix, AZ. - Show two - 04/09/2016 - Host Scott Hensler

Stay in worldwide communication while hiking, camping or hunting with a portable Man-Pack two-way radio HF and VHF transceiver. Disaster communication capable complete with supporting batteries.
By Scott Hensler - Scott Hensler Network - KF7ZDT Extra Class Amateur radio operator. Shortwave HF receiver and transmitter for long-range. VHF transceiver for local communication. Video at the end shows components used. Man-Pack fully loaded with batteries @ 40 lb.

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Is there a ringing in your ears or white noise in your mind? Is it so loud you can't think sometimes? Could it be intentionally induced to slowly drive you crazy? Tonight I go over these issues that are now becoming pandemic across the nations and across the world! Also, since the elite tells us what they are doing is there a connection with the new DVD release of the movie “CELL” and what is the real endgame before the roundup of US citizens to FEMA camps.

Possibly the last interview with Preston Nichols on 03/23/2018 before his death. The Montauk Project both Mind Control and Time Travel has been the forefront of today's technology used in MK Ultra Monarch experiments and Time Travel leading to CERN opening up Portals/Stargates. Tonight's guest Preston Nichols was the assistant of engineering at the Montauk Air Force Base called Camp Hero, located on the tip of Long Island, New York. Now called Montauk State Park. Only some items remain that still draws people to investigate the site. From the Philadelphia experiment also known as the Rainbow project to recent projects will be the focus of tonight's show. A Scott Hensler Network, LLC Production

Eric P. Dollard allowed me to visit his laboratory in the Nevada desert for an interview on 04/03/2018 just north of Area 51. Below is a list of the subjects in the order we discussed. Everything from Nikola Tesla to the hazards of today's electromagnetic debacle that has an evil intent by those who do not have our best interest in mind!
A Scott Hensler Network, LLC Production.
List of subjects:
Advanced Systematic Warning System (earthquakes)
Aether and Electricity
Cosmic Induction Generator
Nikola Tesla
Electromagnetic Spectrum Danger
Electrical Power Dangers
The Science of Music
Sun Spot Cycles
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Biological Effects from Electromagnetism
Free Energy
Conclusion of Our Electrical World

Spirits and Orbs video captured while running down a street in Spokane, Washington. This video includes the capturing of the audio as well!

Time is running out.

Scott Hensler Network continues its fight against the ungodly...


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