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Information on 5G and all other avenues of destruction controlled by those who do not have our best interest in mind!
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Terri Schiavo’s stay of execution was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court with arguments by Terri’s husbands’ attorney and co-council from the ACLU. In the courts' decision in 2005. Terry was condemned to die by dehydration and starvation. She died a painful agonizing death, March 31, 2005.
If this was a case concerning a murderer and not an innocent victim. The case would otherwise be argued that the mechanism to cause death would be cruel and unusual punishment.

After fifteen years you can see just how far society has fallen, based on this one Godless decision by those who do not have our best interest in mind!

Great Deception Unveiled show - Show three - Hostile Takeover of our minds, our bodies and sadly our children. Find out what is going on out there! Host Trish and cohost Scott Hensler

Great Deception Unveiled show. Show two - The Divided States of America. Host Trish and cohost Scott Hensler

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First published almost two years ago. Titled "Trump is a Zionist puppet". Facts that cannot be denied. The Christian Church and the conservative patriots of America where once again handed a bill of goods that where nothing more than another bait and switch. Trump is here to hand America over to the Zionist in a final transfer. Nothing more… nothing less.

For full audio-book of all chapters. Go to:
This video was originally released 2015/2016
The updated second addiction will soon be released for 2020

Original version still available on Amazon Kindle:

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Great Deception Unveiled Show - First show. You have freedom of choice how you’re going to operate in the last days. The Great Deception is an Old Game that needs Unveiling!
Hosted by Trish. The show includes guest Scott Hensler. Visit the website for future show information.

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Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit
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The Electrical Conspiracy on America with guest Eric P. Dollard of EPD Laboratory, Inc.
Now you will understand what is really going on with PG & E California and our nation’s electrical grid system!
Based on writings and seminar from Eric Dollard “History Theory and Practice of the Electric Utility System” and “The Electrical Utility in a Digital Age” ENGINEERING REPORT NVE-1.
Host Scott Hensler of Scott Hensler Network.
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Published by The Corbett Report (James Corbett) - The 5G Dragnet. One of the best documentary on 5G today!
The future of 5G is a Train Wreck

Music from the eath before an earthquake. Earthquake (Seismic) early warning system.
Eric P. Dollard - EPD Laboratory, Inc:
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Mind altering and life changing information from "The Cancer Answer" seminar, 1990 with Albert E. Carter - Oldie but goody!

Mind altering and life changing information from "The Cancer Answer" seminar, 1990 with Albert E. Carter - Oldie but goody!

Starting in January 2020 a new show titled “Great Deception Unveiled” will premiere hosted by Trish. Subjects will range from spirits to Jews to Government conspiracies. Bit Chute will be the main media hosting the prerecorded shows. Participation with listeners and guests will make for a more than interesting program while live. The first show will be announced on the website:
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Dr. Maurice Hilleman is considered by many to be the father of modern vaccines. Over the course of his career, he developed many of the vaccines that are routinely recommended for children today. However, in this interview, you will discover shocking knowledge that vaccines carry life-threating viruses first hand and little was done to stop it!
Sorry for the poor quality. This is an old video and I cleaned up the audio is best I could.

This interview sparked by Rosenthal’s Insights into the minds of the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists called "The Hidden Tyranny" confirms once again the demonic takeover of the world. "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal.

The dangers and the lies all explained in this award-winning documentary concerning Smart Meters. 5G Technology will pick up where Smart Meters leave off!

This video is a rebroadcasts of TruNews (first 60 min) with Rick Wiles titled “Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching” that aired November 22, 2019. With a short commentary by Scott Hensler. This is a must-see video for all who wish to stay free! We do not have much time left in America if something does not change…
See full version 1.5 hrs at -

On November 22, 1963, America was altered permanently by the public killing of John F. Kennedy. Are we going to see the same thing with President Trump? Dates and circumstances match today with the past to show the possibility. We shall see…
Youtube link - JKF to 911:
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Look around you and what do you see? Answer. Insanity, evil and deception that will lead to destruction. Who and what is responsible for this!

Amateur (HAM) radio operators told to disassemble and move out of California state-owned facilities on mountaintop sites by CAL-FIRE! What is going on?


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V2K and Psychotronics a quick overview. Ever wonder what those voices in your head are and where are they coming from?
What is 5G really all about? What are energy weapons and are they real?

If you think this will not happen to you or someone you love.
It is only a matter of time when society changes to the point it is common in the New World Order.
Two short news documentaries back to back on forced live organ harvesting of Chinese, Palestinians and Syrian refugees.
Please listen to this show with guest Mitchell Gerber. Mitchell has been fighting this fight to expose the crimes against humanity.
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I address demon possession both public and political. Today we are seeing demonized people in all aspects of society. No matter what your belief system is. You haft to see evil all around you.

This controversial 2006 interview with Rabbi Finkelstein hosted by Dr. James P. Wickstrom's show subjects some may find offensive needs to be heard. I am posting this video so each listener can draw their own conclusion to whom or what the Jews really are! Even if only 10% of what Finkelstein said is true... It explains the condition of the world today!


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Returning back to Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends. Why? Because the truth will set you free!

Scott Hensler is a deliverance practitioner (exorcist) and talk show host as well as an author and researcher. Scott has been going outside the box when it comes to subject matters that no one else will touch and bring it to the forefront for public awareness. For twenty years he has been publicly promoting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the realm of deliverance. In this venture has also been revealing the hidden truths of the secret societies true agenda.

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